55 Incredible Zac Efron Hairstyles – You’ll Want To Try Them All

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# 6 Super Slick

Here we can see that his hair was grown to a medium length and cut to have the most volume on top. On the side, there is a disconnected parting and on top, the locks were styled in loose wet look.

# 7 On Trend

In this shot, Zac is wearing his hair in a lighter shade with a brushed up fringe, short sides, and a high side parting.

# 8 High Expectations

Zac Efron favors hairstyles that provide lift in front. In this style the sides are short and the upper locks have been brushed together to form a neat peak.

# 9 School Boy Charm

In this look, he is wearing his hair short and brushed down on the sides while the upper locks are slightly longer and have been brushed to fall forward.

# 10 Zac’s Comb Over

In this picture, Zac has a low disconnected side parting on the left and he has combed over the longer locks to fall to the right. The hair was not slicked down so it has a natural looking lift. 

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