50 Incredible Zayn Malik Haircut Styles – All His Favorite

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# 6 Shaggy Look

Shaggy Look


The partying look is one of the Malik’s specialities. In this one, the hair is let to do its rolls and curls. The sides drop downwards to cover the ears while the top is swept slightly to one side and touching the eyebrows. It is a black and white event and this is a befitting hairstyle to go with it.

# 7 Marine Short Shave

Marine Short Shave


To know that someone is an icon in hairstyles, they can have long, medium and short styles. Here singer proves that he is a master of all designs by getting a close shave with a slightly longer top than the sides. It is a weekend where you just want to go for games or when you just want to take it easy with entertainment.

# 8 Brown Scattered

Brown Scattered


In one interview, Malik walks in with a brown scattered style with the sides drawn to the front while the top is left in free forms with curls and waves. From all the other styles you will ever see him in, this one that will leave a great impression on you due to its genius styling.

# 9 Long Back Pull

Long Backpull


Getting ready for a performance tour is not an easy task and having a great hairstyle can be a big plus. This star knows it better with a long back pull and you will be left in admiration. The entire chunk is drawn backwards but the front is exaggerated with the clear cut hairline. It is no doubt that just like Malik, you will be an eye-catcher in this style.

# 10 Hair Band

This famous person also tries the backward waves and secure them with a hair band. This style never disappoints his looks. His entire usually thick mop is drawn towards the back forming slender waves. This is a casual night-out look that you can also borrow and be at your top charm. 

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