Hair Removal Light and Laser Therapy Choices

If you are tired of unwanted body hair, you may think you are stuck in an endless cycle of waxing or shaving.

However, other options are available. Among those options are intense pulsed light (IPL) procedures and laser hair removal therapy.

In some cases, at-home light treatments are available, but many such procedures are performed by technicians in clinics. Before trying any of those options, you have to understand the nuances of each choice.

Laser Light and IPL are Quite Different

The first thing to understand is IPL treatment is not the same as laser therapy. Laser therapy uses a concentrated light beam, which is aimed at your skin in short bursts.

An IPL procedure uses a wider light burst and a completely different type of light. IPL treatment is typically considered milder than laser therapy. It is also easier to do by yourself at home than a laser procedure, which is typically best performed in a clinic.


IPL and Laser Procedures Work in Similar Ways

It is true that IPL devices are not always as strong as lasers. However, they are similar in terms of the goals of the treatments.

Both at-home devices and professional devices for hair-removal used in clinics use light to damage hairs. However, they do not destroy the hairs instantly. Weakening over time eventually makes the hairs fall out.


Why Laser and IPL Treatments Cause Long-Term Hair Removal

Laser and IPL treatments cause long-term hair removal partially because them make hairs fall all the way out.

Since hairs are damaged down to the follicles (roots) regrowth takes a long time. It can even take months, in some cases.

When you use a procedure like shaving to remove unwanted hair you must expect almost immediate regrowth. That is because you leave a lot of hair behind. You just cannot see it.

You see, hair consists of above-skin strands you see and shafts and bulb-like roots called follicles. Both of those exist under your skin.

When you only chop the part of each hair off you can see with your eyes, you leave a lot of hairs still growing right under your skin. Therefore, they become visible again almost right away. That is why techniques like IPL and laser treatment are so much more efficient in terms of long-term hair growth control.


Location Freedom is Another Reason to Explore Light Treatments for Unwanted Hair

Some hair removal treatments are difficult to perform on yourself simply due to where the hair is located.

However, IPL and laser treatments can be performed on almost any area you want. There are no major limitations. Therefore, they can take the place of treatments that are hard to perform on certain areas.

They can also help you remove hair from areas you cannot access by yourself, such as your back.


Treating Large and Small Areas with Laser Procedures or IPL

Another reason to have laser or IPL treatment is there is no limit to the size of the area you can treat, especially with lasers.

However, for practical reasons, it usually is not reasonable to treat one or two hairs in a clinic with laser procedures. Plucking or shaving small areas is faster and more convenient.

Therefore, even though you can have such procedures performed anywhere on your body, you may prefer to treat sections of skin with thicker hair growth or larger surface areas at a time.