How to Be a Great Groomsman

The Role of the Groomsman

Weddings are wonderful events and being the groom’s best man is an honor. Your goal as the groomsman is to make the whole experience — every important activity up to and including the day — as delightful, memorable, and stress-free as possible.

Leaving bachelorhood behind and entering into marriage signals the end of an era and provides you with an opportunity to gift the groom with cherished memories of all of the activities and events leading up to his wedding ceremony. That’s a pretty tall order.

Even if you doubt your ability to fill that order, we’re here to guide and support you and stamp out any doubts you may have.

You’re a champ and this will be a very memorable experience for you too, so don’t be afraid to go all in.


Plan The Bachelor Party

Planning the bachelor party will be fun but challenging as well. You want the groom to have one of the best nights of his life without him waking up on his wedding day to one of the worst hangovers of his life!

You can always opt for the traditional stag with bars, booze and broads but to make the event that much more outstanding and meaningful, what about heading to the country for a weekend getaway with the guys?

Engage in your shared favorite sports and leisure activities, prepare a lavish feast together, reminisce, laugh, talk until the sun comes up — basically, have a wonderful time and create a lasting memory that commemorates not only the groom’s upcoming nuptials but the beauty of friendship and brotherhood you share.


Help with the Suits

It is important that the entire group of groomsmen be present at the fitting for the wedding suits to ensure that the color, hairstyle, shoes, and accessories match are to everyone’s liking.

To add a unique touch to the fitting, you can ask that the groomsmen turn up for the event wearing the same thing, i.e., a favorite team’s logo, silly socks, ridiculous sunglasses.

You could have a playlist tailored to the groom’s musical tastes on the sound system, serve some finger food and beer. Take a routine wedding task and turn it into a fun day and a treasured memory.


The Day Of The Wedding

Your best buddy is about to get married to the love of his life. He’s about to venture out into a new and wonderful life with her and you’re there to help him navigate this leg of that journey.

You have to be his rock, the problem-solver. Keep an eye on him and meet his needs and keep an eye on everything to make sure all goes as scheduled. See the problem before it happens and correct it without anyone being the wiser.

It is your big day, too. The groom chose you because he knew he wouldn’t have to worry about a thing if you were his helmsman. You will prove him right.



The knot has been tied so you can loosen your tie, too. Not completely. You’ve earned the right to boogie down but not before you speak up: Oh yes, the toast and speech.

This is your last requirement as groomsman and you want to nail it and the most effective way to do that is to speak straight from the heart.

It’s the perfect opportunity to express what the married couple mean to you and to offer them your best wishes for a wonderful life together.

Throw in some humorous anecdotes about the couple as well. They are always a big hit and a good note on which to end a speech.


Celebrating and a Proper Send-Off

Dancing, eating, drinking, and following traditional customs are what a wedding day is comprised of.

Throwing the bouquet, removing the garter belt, and the farewell to the bride and groom as they drive off to their honeymoon adventure are all wedding standards.

To shake up the ceremony some, why not throw birdseed instead of rice or blow bubbles instead of releasing balloons? Think up some other ways to shake up tradition and make the celebration as personal as you can.

At the end of the day, however you choose to send off the new marrieds, they’ll know they’re being wished nothing but love.