What Is The Perfect Method And Time To Cut Your Body Hair?

The rate at which your hair grows across the body is determined by a number of factors.

Whether its nutrition or weather condition, there are times when you really don’t know the right method and time to cut your hair.

Apparently, your body hair will grow differently across different body parts. The rate at which your chest hair grows isn’t the same rate your beard will grow. Also, the tools you use for the chest hairs are not ideal to cut the hair down there.

The question of when and what to use is perfectly a matter of personal preference. If you have hair that needs to go in your nose, you can choose a nose hair trimmer.

There are individuals who will prefer a tweezers for the eyebrows instead of a dedicated eyebrow trimmer. Whatever the option, you want to be sure that the end result is perfectly finished and looking clean.

Perfect Method To Cut Your Body Hair


Experimentation Will Go a Long Way

When it comes to the tools you need to use, experimentation will go a long way. You cannot pick and stick with a razor for the rest of your shaving day. You need to try out trimmers or clippers.

Your hair cut needs to look sharp and you can tryout hair edgers to see how the cut goes. Remember, there are hairs that may need basic trimming while others will require a close shave.


Master Trimmer Usage

The good thing with managing body hair is that you have the prerogative to DIY instead of going down to the salon.

It’s actually odd to ask your barber to shave your chest or hands. If you have found the right tool, you can do it from the comfort of your home.

Such tasks require different tools. There is need to take time and master how to use such tools. This way you won’t have a hard time shaving your neck or back.

Timing your hair for a cut is important. You don’t want to keep some nasty looking hair longer than necessary. Even if hairs are a symbol of sorts for men and women, keeping it unchecked can mean something else.

For instance, you can’t keep your pits or nose choking with overgrown strand to appear manly, don’t accept to live with such a mess. As soon as the hair comes of age, consider an appropriate tool to trim or shave it back to position.

With time, learning to trim hair in different lengths and intervals help to hone your hair management skill. If you are just beginning, you need to check the best method that works for you.

You can chose to shave, trim or obliterate the hair completely. Check whether you are the best candidate for a wax job. Remember, you have a variety of techniques and products to choose from.


Find Your Ideal Length

Individuals have different thoughts and purposes for their body hairs. Some love to keep it in check while others are fascinated by hair that grows wildly all over their bodies.

If you want to keep the chest are well manicured, you can use a hair clipper, make sure you have the right guiding comb unless you are as experienced as a hair cutting sage.


Cut according to Body Part

Body hair grows differently in different parts of the body, if you have set the trimmer with a given guide comb to cut your chest hair; you can only use it for the chest area.

Every other part you want to tame needs to be handled with a different comb or trimmer. Use particular settings for your stomach, back, arm or head hairs.


More than One Pass

If a given area has substantial growth, you need to cover it with more than one pass. When trimming long hair, you can do back and forth moves.

Adjust to the lay of the hair after shortening the hair less than one inch where you are too close to the roots.


Soothe the Ensuing Itch

After you are done, check whether you need to look for irritation and itch calming product. The shorter you cut the more you will need them.