The Best Fade Haircut Variations to Choose Right Now

Fade haircut styles are among the most common and timeless haircut trends for men. You can find them anywhere since a fade can be incorporated in any length, type, and style of hair. Besides, fade haircuts are beautiful, hassle-free to maintain and saves you the valuable time you spent visiting your barber now and then.

What a fade does to your hair is that it takes it from being short to even shorter. We have three main fade cuts; high, medium and low fades. They are differentiated by how low or high the fade goes on your head. Take a look at these classic fade haircuts, and they will help you come up with your customised look.

1. Low Fade.

  • Low Fade and Hair Design.

It is characterised by one inch-hairline fade around the head. Including a pair of slashes near the ear makes the blurry fade unique and draws attention.

The fade and a buzz cut is no doubt that it is a common combination that can be sported in myriad ways. Style a subtle fade at the back for a clear contrast with the line up at the front.

The low fade haircut is a perfect inclusion to long hairstyles for men. This fade is low as far as it goes just a few inches above the ears.

2. Medium Fade.

  • Side Part Cut.

The side part cut is an elegant and common haircut that features either faded or tapered sides. As the name suggests, the mid-fade exists somewhere between high and low fade. Most medium fade haircuts are drop fades that adheres to the hairline behind your ear.

  • Crop Cut and Medium Fade.

This trendiest cut with a mid-fade is effortless to wear and chic for men with wavy and thick hair.

3. High Fade.

A high fade is a beautiful and neat cut addition to any haircut. It can also be used as a canvas for complex or complicated hair designs.

  • High Bald Fade Haircut.

If you opt for this short buzz haircut, you agree that the fade should go down to the clean skin. The fade extends hairline.

If you like long hair and still need to enjoy the magic of fade, this is the best style for you. Keep the hair longer at the top, and the fade will create a dramatic dishevel haircut with a high comb-over.

  • High Fade Haircut.

High fades go beyond the crown for the best style. Fades come in different graduations since they are styled differently to adapt to your head and hair.

4. Burst Fade.

  • Burst Haircut.

It appears as a sunburst at the back of your ear. Including a pair of clean shaved lines gives you effect.

  • Pomp Fade,

Including a burst fade at the back of your ear gives this pomp fade a unique look and sets it apart from the rest.

  • Burst Fade Mohawk.

By opting for burst sides, you can come up with classic Mohawk silhouettes for curly, long, short or long hair.

5. Drop Fade.

  • Bald Drop Fade.

This classic and neat fade haircut features short sides and go down behind the ear and follows the hairline at the nape.

  • Drape Fade Cut.

This one gives you a dramatic and elegant side view, even without ink.

6. Temple Fade.

  • Buzz And Quick Fade.

This features sideburns and a nice buzz.

7. Bald Fade/Skin Fade.

This mid-length side part cut incorporates three varying lengths of manes coming up with visible layers.

  • Bald Fade Cut.

The bald fade haircut is a kind of fade that drops to your skin. Any fade can be bald fade including burst, high, medium, low, temple, and drop.

  • Skin Fade.

Skin fade haircut appears stunning almost on every guy but looks unique with dark hair against light skin.