85 Trendy Short Haircuts for Men – Be Yourself

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# 6 Simple Casual

The simple Casual look is a classic haircut, and this is for good reason. This style is often compared to the slicked back look, and you can get it using a styling cream or a little gel and a simple brush through. When getting the cut get you should keep the hair short on the sides and longer top hairs for easy maintenance.

# 7 Undercut Variations

Undercuts have been in trend for many years now, and all indication points to their continued liking by many men. Besides from the fact that undercuts work well for almost all face shapes and hair densities another reason men like them is that they come in many variations, and you can even come up with your unique undercut variation.

# 8 The Side Part

This is a sexy style that can work well for any man, but he should have hair that is long enough to sweep on the sides. Side Part is an ideal cut for the man who is always in a hurry and does not have time to make his hair look nice. For the side part, you can choose either a left part or a right part depending on what works best for you.

# 9 Short Back and Sides

Short and back sides are normally part of other men haircuts and more focus is given to the top hairs that are usually longer. However, in this cut, the center of attraction is the sides and back, and so this is where the barber focuses more of his attention. What sets up this cut from the rest is that it sweeps over your head and tapers gradually to a tip from the front of the top hair.

# 10 Slicked Back

Slicked back keeps the hairs at the top long and the sides and back short, and it is perfect for the man who does not6 want a lot of fuss with his hair. It works well with all hair types and face shape, but men with round faces seem to look better in this cut. Another advantage with slicked back is that you can play around with your look when you feel like it.

# 11 Induction Cut

Induction cut is a military cut and one of the shortest half cuts currently available. Although most people prefer this cut when they are enlisting it can still be a fashionable cut if done correctly. It is very easy to maintain, but most men seem to prefer it because of its no-nonsense look and it is suitable for all face shapes and hair types.

# 12 Taper Cut

This cut is for people with thick hair as it involves thick hair at the top that decreases in length at the back and on the sides. Although this is one of the most requested styles due to its versatility, it is also one of the most demanding because it can easily go wild if not properly maintained.

# 13 Buzz Cut

Young men prefer cuts that make them look cool and fresh and so this is the reasons why the Buzz Cut is popular with younger men. This style is cut with electric clippers, and it gives the wearer a short easy to maintain hair without going too close to the scalp.

# 14 Fade Haircut

In this cut, only the lower half of the head is shaped while the top part is slightly trimmed and shaped but the hair is kept longer than the sides and back. There are many types of fade to choose from, and all but a few look great for all hair types and face shapes. The most common types are regular, high and mid-tier fade.

# 15 The Ivy League Haircut

With the top side-parted and the sides slicked down this style is a classic polished look that almost every man tries at some point. In this style, the barber uses scissors to cut the hair and includes a simple taper on the sides to give the hair a formal look without too much fuss. This cut is more suited for men with medium thick hair and any face shape.

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