25 Eye-Catching Bowl Cut Designs – For Stylish Men

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Do you see music and acting stars with the bowl cut and you wish it was you? It is something that happens with every other great hairstyle and it is such a creation that has never lost its popularity since its inception many years back. If you are craving to have the bowl look, here are 25 styles to choose from. There is something for your type of face and head so make yourself comfortable with your preference;

# 1 Medium Size Bowl

With the top bowl falling over the sides undercut, you look ready to rock any event you are attending. Sides are shaved to almost half inch and brushed to form a flat and smooth appearance. Top is trimmed to medium size and cropped to fall by the sides. It is a look for the stars and the closely shaved sideburns and mustache add the mastery in the cut.

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