45 Ideas for Low and High Skin Fade – Redefine Elegance and Masculinity

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Any man looking for a haircut that is trendy and up to date should go for a skin fade. It is a fashionable hairdo, and it stands out from the traditional haircuts, and it helps a man keep up with the times. The contrast that the faded sides create with the sleek strands on the crown is attention-grabbing, and it is the real definition of what a stylish and contemporary man should look.

And so if you are looking for something that will make you look elegant below is a gallery of 45 styles with different variations of the classy bald fade.

# 1 Slick Back with Beard

The slick back at the top is amazing, and it will make a man look very fashionable. It also has a smooth taper, but the highlight of the cut is the fading that creates a disconnection with massive facial strands.

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