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80 Greatest Haircut Designs for Men in 2024

Haircut designs for men have been one of the top hairdos of the modern world. From young boys to adults, people are going for the haircuts that make them look incredible.

Every man is anticipating to pull off a unique hairstyle that will grab the attention of the ladies. With a top-class hairstylist, you can be sure of having a hairdo that is worth checking out.

It doesn’t matter, whether your hair is too short, medium size, or shoulder-length. Also, whichever color the hair is, you can be sure of pulling off a unique hairstyle. Here is a list of top haircut designs that are trending in 2024:

# 1 The Wave

This haircut design for men is one of the unique that features sides that are shaved off in waves. The top part is longer and somewhat spike.

The sides have about three lines that form three parts. Each section is slightly longer than the following section, but it increases or reduces towards the end.

For instance, if the wave of one section is longer near the eye, it will keep on reducing towards the back of the head. Nonetheless, the opposite side is a plain faded undercut.


# 2 Three-Stripe Spiky Top

With this design, the sides are almost similar to the waves, but they come from each side and meet at the back of the neck.

The upper section of the nape features three lines that resemble a symbol. This style is perfect for a square face.


# 3 The Leopard

Here, the top part is left long, and the sides are designed with little cuts to resemble the spots of a leopard. This is perfect for a young boy since it looks boyish and might not go well for an official occasion.


# 4 The Dark Knight

If you are a fan of Batman, then you would most definitely love this style. The entire head is shaved to a shorter size; then some sections are left with long hair and shaped into bats.

The bats can be placed on one side of the head, and one at the back. Though they can also be designed to cover the sides and the back. Some yellow dye can be applied on the eyes of the bats to complete the design.


# 5 Face at the Back

Another design that can grab the attention of many people is a well-shaved head, with someone’s portrait at the back.

Since the face needs to be visible, the head should have a square shape, and the nape should be wider, so as to design the face perfectly.


# 6 A Top Knot with a Design

When you want to pull off a different and unique haircut design, this is one design that will drag many people’s attention.

The top part should be longer and be tied with a knot. The sides have the faded waves towards the back of the head on one side. The other side has a portrait of some hero. It could be a religious image or something of the sort.


# 7 Lotus Flower

If you are not a major fan of tattoos, and you want to try some unique design on you, then this is what you will want to try. It is one of a unique haircut designs that entails shaved part that fades towards the back.

A line section is shaved to the scalp to allow the Lotus flower be designed at the back of the head and cover some section of the top part. The top section is then left with a Fauxhawk.


# 8 The Egyptian Style

You can have a shaved head with a faded undercut on the right. Two lines are then shaved from the tip of the forehead, and then they split and expand towards the left side near the back.

Between then two lines are some Egyptian symbols. You should understand the meaning of those signs before you apply them.


# 9 Radio Waves

This one entails a faded undercut, with a longer topside and the top section. Only one side will have the faded undercut.

Some radio waves are then designed on the side towards the back and a small section of the opposite side.


#10 Spider on the Web

This design entails a detailed styling, whereby, the sides and the back part are shaved to the scalp, with a short top section.

A spider is then designed at the back of the head, and the legs stretch towards the top part. It is suitable for a person with a wider nape of the head.


# 11 White Rose

Another design can feature a shaved side with a Mohawk, and then it is highlighted with a white rose on either side of the head. The size of the hair should not be too short, to allow the white rose to be designed.


# 12 The US Pride

You can also have some stars to be designed with a short, thick and black hair. There is no any undercut in this design. The stars can be designed on the top of the head, towards the forehead.


# 13 The V-design

Another way of pulling off an elegant and unique haircut is by shaving off the sides and making it bald towards the ear line.

A ‘V’ is then designed at the back of the head. That means that the sides will form a V shape towards the back of the head.


# 14 ATL

This one is a design that is most definitely designed to show the home state of the person with it.

The sides are partly shaved off, with the top having longer hair. The back is then shaved with a faded undercut, and then the styled A is designed elegantly.


# 15 Mohawk with Heartbeat

You can take your Mohawk to another level by having heartbeat designed on either side. You will want to keep your hair short and dark to pull off a perfect look.


# 16 Spiky Top with Three Lines

Another way of enjoying the haircut is by having the top thick and somewhat spiky, and then have three lines designed on the left or right side.

A great example of this look is that one of Arturo Vidal when he was playing for Juventus.


# 17 Mohawk with Shapes on Sides

This one entails shaved sides, and then a part of the sides are split with a shaved line after that shaved to a shorter size. The Mohawk is then left standing at a medium length.


# 18 Arc on a Shaved Head

Instead of having a simple straight line on a clean-shaved head, you can have an arc that curves from the section of the cut on your forehead all the way to the top of the right side of the head. This style goes well with curly hair.


# 19 Multi-Level Top

This is one of the top haircut designs for the African-Americans since it needs a thick black hair. The sides are faded undercut, then the top section is left long enough, but a shaved line splits the levels.

The top of the head is long, and then the next level is trimmed to be shorter and curved towards the back. The last level is kept shorter than the two and finishes down towards the undercut.


# 20 The Shooting Star

Even though stars are common designs of haircuts, this one tends to be somewhat different. It entails a short top part, with a faded undercut.

A line is then shaved from the tip of the forehead and extends in waves to meet a bigger star at the top of the head. Two tiny stars are designed besides the big star.


# 21 The Lightning Bolt

When you want to come up with an extremely different haircut, but still maintain the trendy look, this is one of the designs you will want to have.

The design entails a shaved off side, with a Mohawk, or a shorter top. A slanted lighting bolt is then designed from the front of the right or left side, all the way to the back of the head.


# 22 Star on the Sideburns

While many people are going for the star design on the top, the side and the back of the head, you can have yours on the sideburns. The head is shaved on the same level, but not too short.

After that, a line is designed from the back of the head, through the sides and extended to give room for the star. The star is then designed with the hair covering the section of the star and the five sides.


# 23 Tribal Artwork

This style is most suitable for short hair that is naturally silky. The head is kept short, with tribal artwork along the sides and the back of the head. You might want to ensure that you understand the artwork before you apply it.


# 24 The Two-Level Top

Rather than having the regular boxed-afro for the African-Americans, you can make it different by having a line run from the forehead towards the back.

A section is then shaved to make the two parts different in size. The style will look great for a long face.


# 25 The Movie Star

If you are a fan of some famous movie star, you can make things a lot different by having a faded undercut, with a longer top.

Nonetheless, you can have a shape designed on the sides, with some your favorite movie star.


# 26 A Spiral Wave

This is another type of the unique haircut designs. With a light brown-dyed hair, this goes well with the African-American hair that is thick enough.

The sides are maintained with a faded undercut. A line is the shaved from the sideburns and goes all the way up, and then it curves into a spiral towards the center of the head.


# 27 Maze on the Head

Another design entails a low-level hair that features a maze created on the top. The maze is not uniform, so you can choose it as you prefer.

If the wave is on the side of the head, you will want to ensure that you do not shave the hair to the scalp.


# 28 The Chicago Bulls

The basketball fans are showing their full support by pulling off super unique designs on their head. You can have a clean shaved head, with short hair.

The back of the head with they have the design of the Chicago Bull logo. There is no need for applying dye to the logo design, but you can apply it for uniqueness.


# 29 Logo on the Back

When people go for signs and different names to design on their head, you can choose to go for a customized logo on the back of your head.

You will need to keep the hair short enough, but not too short. This design goes well with a thick, black hair and it will look good on the head with a wider back of the neck.


# 30 The LA Lakers

Basketball is one of the sports that is enjoying full support from the fans. This design entails customized shapes to symbolize the LA Lakers. It can be designed for a customized basketball, or it can be designed individually.


# 31 Flames

This is another design that entails a lot of styling. Here, the sides are kept in a short size, and then flames of fires are designed, and yellow and orange dye is applied to complement the look. You can keep your beards and groom them to look incredible.


# 32 Cartoons

The iconic cartoon heroes can be designed on the back of the head, along with episodes from the cartoons. The sides are kept at a shorter size, with the top part also short enough.


# 33 The Hornets

The basketball on flames through a rim can be designed either at the back of the neck or on the sides. Nonetheless, the sides are kept short and you can either choose to dye the ball and the rim or leave it that way.


# 34 Multiple Stars on the Back and Sides

This is another style that can look amazing on your head if you keep it short enough. The star is big, and they are formed on the side and the back of the head. Three lines are then shaved along the sides of the stars.


# 35 The Eye

This is another symbolic design that entails the Eye of Horus applied on the back of the head. You will want to know the exact meaning of this eye before you apply it on your head.



# 36

men's haircut design

If you want to look cool then, this haircut is just for you. It features an undercut on the aides with custom design cut into the hair. The middle hair form a spiked mohawk with neatly trimmed front hair to complete the look.

# 37

haircut design for men

This haircut features neatly shaved hair on the sides with custom designs that make you look really amazing. The middle hair are turned into a mohawk with the fringes on the forehead.

# 38

hair design ideas for men

If you have got long hair then, you can easily sport this haircut. It features long hair that have been raised upwards and pushed to the side to add some style to your haircut. The sides are completely shaved except for custom design trimmed into hair.

# 39

funky hair design for guys

This haircut is the ultimate definition of style with front hair raised up. The roots of the middle hair are kept dark with rest of the hair colored golden and tips colored red for some fiery style. The side hair are trimmed to include cool designs.

# 40

nape hair design for men


This haircut is ideal for the ones who have dark hair. The front hair are slicked forward with the back hair trimmed neatly. The back hair also include stylish lines and dots design.

# 41

men's haircut design

For a wonderfully astonishing style, go with this haircut. It includes long hair in the middle that are slicked backwards, and the tips are pushed upwards to imitate flame. The rest of the hair are trimmed to add fire flames in the style. The color of the top hair compliments the style.

# 42

men's haircut design

This haircut really suits the ones with long hair. For this haircut, the middle hair are kept long and the front fringes fall over the forehead. The back hair are trimmed nicely with cool waves and dots incorporated in the style.

# 43


This haircut is ideal for those who like short hair. The hair are trimmed short and slicked backwards. The side and back hair are shaved to include thin lines and stars to add style to your look.

# 44


This haircut is wonderful with its bright color and amazing trim. The middle hair are long and the tips are colored bright yellow to compliment the final look. The side hair include clean lines and the edges of the back hair are also colored.


For a really stylish look, you can go with this haircut. The front hair are kept long and form fringes that fall on the forehead. The side hair are trimmed for a middle fade and cut nicely to add lines design.

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Whichever the haircut designs for men you might want to apply, you will need to ensure that it fits perfectly on your head.

If the design needs to be dyed, ensure that you use the suitable dye. You can go through photos of the designs and have a picture of how it will look on you.