70 Cool Haircut Designs for Stylish Men – 2019 Ideas

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Haircut designs for men have been one of the top hairdos of the modern world. From young boys to adults, people are going for the haircuts that make them look incredible. Every man is anticipating to pull off a unique hairstyle that will grab the attention of the ladies. With a top-class hairstylist, you can be sure of having a hairdo that is worth checking out. It doesn’t matter, whether your hair is too short, medium size, or shoulder-length. Also, whichever color the hair is, you can be sure of pulling off a unique hairstyle. Here is a list of top haircut designs that are trending in 2017:

# 1 The Wave

This haircut design for men is one of the unique that features sides that are shaved off in waves. The top part is longer and somewhat spike. The sides have about three lines that form three parts. Each section is slightly longer than the following section, but it increases or reduces towards the end. For instance, if the wave of one section is longer near the eye, it will keep on reducing towards the back of the head. Nonetheless, the opposite side is a plain faded undercut.

# 2 Three-Stripe Spiky Top

With this design, the sides are almost similar to the waves, but they come from each side and meet at the back of the neck. The upper section of the nape features three lines that resemble a symbol. This style is perfect for a square face.

# 3 The Leopard

Here, the top part is left long, and the sides are designed with little cuts to resemble the spots of a leopard. This is perfect for a young boy since it looks boyish and might not go well for an official occasion.

# 4 The Dark Knight

If you are a fan of Batman, then you would most definitely love this style. The entire head is shaved to a shorter size; then some sections are left with long hair and shaped into bats. The bats can be placed on one side of the head, and one at the back. Though they can also be designed to cover the sides and the back. Some yellow dye can be applied on the eyes of the bats to complete the design.

# 5 Face at the Back

Another design that can grab the attention of many people is a well-shaved head, with someone’s portrait at the back. Since the face needs to be visible, the head should have a square shape, and the nape should be wider, so as to design the face perfectly.

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