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120+ Most Popular Hairstyles For Trendy Men – Find Your Unique Style

Some popular hairstyles have been around for a couple of years and men still prefer to have them.

These traditional styles range from undercuts and Mohawks to long hairdos such as man buns and dreadlocks.

There are also new designs or variations of some older cuts that are steadily gaining popularity. And as you try to keep up with the times here are 122 favorite looks from which you can choose a couple that will be good on you.

# 1 Neat Side Designs

The difference between a great hairstyle and an average one is the tools used and the skills of the barber.

This style is a simple long top that is front swept and with skin faded sides but the introduction of the neat side designs makes it unique.


# 2 Slick Back Faux Hawk & Undercut

Hairdo brings several things together to give a man a look that will be envied by many.

First, it starts with extra-long bangs at the top that are given some beautiful highlights and then slicked back to form a unique faux hawk. Sides and back are then given a decent undercut to finish the look.


# 3 Front Sweep Waves

A few years ago you would hardly see a man bringing his hair forward as most preferred to style it up or push it back.

However, modern men are less conservative, and so they experiment with new designs to create a gorgeous look like these front-swept waves. Waves should be long enough to cover the forehead, and the sides should be tapered short or faded.


# 4 Messy Top

After scissor trimming your hair, you do not have to do a fancy style to look good.

In this haircut, sides are cut shorter and the longer top made messy to complete the look. However, you still need to use some products, especially at the top.


# 5 Medium Top Curls & Faded Sides

Men with curly hair know that sometimes it can be challenging to style them, but this is only so for those who are not creative enough.

This stylish curly hairdo is a perfect example of how you can make your curls look good. For it, the curls are neatly trimmed and only kept at the top. Sides are bald shaved or given a nice fade.


# 6 Modern Push Back

You can give a modern touch to any style that you want with a little creativity. In this cut, for example, long hair is maintained at the top with some undercut on the sides.

Long mane is pushed back and some more detail added to the cut by a hard part line on the side.


# 7 High & Wavy

Some extra height at the top always makes a good haircut, but it looks even more amazing when the hairs are made wavy. For a finish you should have sides buzzed, or razor shaved to the same size as the sideburns.


# 8 Textured & Spiked

Textured and spiked hair looks fantastic especially when paired with a sculptured beard and moustache. You can keep the short textured spikes in uniform length throughout or give the sides a neat and level zero fade.


# 9 The Classic Pompadour

The classic pompadour has been in trend for several decades, and it will probably still be popular many years to come.

However, even if you cannot make yours unique, you should ensure that you get it right by blow drying it well and using quality pomade.


# 10 V-Back & Textured Top

V back hair designs are now very common, and this is because they can bring out the best of any hair.

In this particular cut, hair is given some lovely texture then skin shaved on the sides while the V design is created at the back. To finish the perfect look, the front is swept to the side.


# 11 Graduated Top

The Graduated Top is designed by keeping a long, voluminous crown while the sides are clipped short.

Longer crown hairs are then blow dried to give them the extra height. You should use pomade or gel to give the hair some hold and finish with a grooming spray.


# 12 Loose Slick Back

In this hairdo, the back and sides are kept at one and a half inches while the top is left longer so that it can be loosely slicked back.

Some pomade should be used to give it a firm hold and the facial hairs also trimmed and shaped.


# 13 Fade to Step Up

The step up from the skin fade to the longer top is one of the things that make this cut amazing.

Apart from it, the top is slightly textured so that it can maintain some height. Some blow drying and styling are also necessary to perfect the cut.


# 14 Crown Braid Bun

If you keep a long hair, then this is a creative style that you can wear. It involves leaving long hairs at the crown and smooth shaving the rest of the head. The long hairs should then be braided, and the braids pulled into a top bun.


# 15 Skin Fade Pompadour

Skin fading your short pompadour is a splendid idea and you will look fabulous, but this haircut takes things further with a hard side part line.

Apart from this, the only other thing you need is quality hair products such as pomade and grooming spray.


# 16 Textured Crop

Crop cuts are more popular with ladies, but men can also look outstanding with them. Here the short crop cut is made more fantastic by texturing the longer crown hairs and skin fading sides and back.


# 17 Neat Comb Back

A comb can do some nice work on your hair like in this style where it creates a subtle pompadour like shape at the top.

Hair is given a side part before the comb back, and the back and sides are shaved with clippers set on number one.


# 18 Long Waves & Curly Tips

This is all natural hair without any cuts at all, and it shows that some men have breathtaking hairs. Mane is long and wavy, and tips are slightly curly.

For these locks, all that is needed is a comb and some products, or you can let the locks flow naturally.


# 19 Smart Hipster Look

Smart Hipster Look

Hipster does not always have to be too fancy or exaggerated to look good. This style proves it since it maintains a medium length that is shallowly side parted and swept to the side. There are also some cool undercuts on the sides.


# 20 Long Side Bangs

Men that prefer to keep long bangs at the top should try out this style as it will look fantastic on them especially those that keep a long beard.

The long wavy bangs should be gelled, or some pomade used on them before they are styled up and swept to the side.


# 21 Slick Back & Tapered Sides

Slick Back & Tapered Sides

Slick back is one of the most popular hairstyles for the modern man, and there are many ways to wear it. Here the smooth top is complemented by some nice tapering on the sides.

Shorter hairs created on the sides are also slicked back. A French mustache that is paired with the cut also helps to spice up the look.


# 22 Quiff & Hard Part Designs

Hard part lines will always make any cut look more fabulous. Lines also offer a lot of versatility to the hairdo as there are many ways to shave them.

This particular style pairs a neat short quiff with two fantastic hard part lines on the side that create a disconnection between the quiff and skin shaved sides.


# 23 Skin Shave Side Pomp

A pompadour is a classic cut, but it is still very versatile as demonstrated in this cut. Pomp here is very simple and is about two inches in height but what makes it different is that it is swept to the side, and the sides are smooth.


# 24 Textured Fringe

The textured fringe is a fabulous idea for men who like to keep shorter bangs.

It is created by trimming the three inches or longer edge to give it some texture then it is swept across. Sides are also given a high fade for an incredible finish.


# 25 Neat Spikes

Spikes make a good everyday look, and they are also easy to wear and maintain. However, the best thing about spiky hair is that there are so many ways to style it.

You can choose to go with a simple and neat spiky top like in this cut and use some gel to give an excellent hold.


# 26 Curly & Messy

This hairdo is very natural and it appears like almost no effort has been made to style the top that is the center of attraction for the cut.

The curly top is left messy, but the sides get a sharp high fade that is complemented by the well trimmed and shaped facial hairs.


# 27 Messy Front Sweep Bangs

Creating perfect bangs will require a lot of skills, but if that barber gets things right, you can be assured of a perfect hairdo.

It can be made a little bit messy and styled forward for a distinct look. This style is then finished with a mid skin fade.


# 28 Smart Formal Look

Most men prefer short haircuts such as buzz and crew cuts for a formal look, but there are many other ways to wear the look. This hairdo is an example of it, and here relaxed hair is kept with a longer top that has a side part.


# 29 Elegant Man Bun

Elegant Man Bun

Man buns are simple to wear as they only involve pulling the hair together and tying it with a band, but the real work is getting the right length.

However, with some patience and good choice of hair products gaining the right length should be easier. For a fabulous look, long hair should be paired with full facial hairs.


# 30 Short & Clean

This short and neat haircut is very straightforward with a longer top that is about two inches long and a mid fade on the sides.

Razor shaved angles on the hairline are also perfect, and overall the style is clean and formal enough for a formal look.


# 31 Grown Out Top & Side Patterns

Barbers are very creative, and this is one of the main things that make them good at what they do.

A cut demonstrates it, and it involves a grown out top that is complemented by fantastic razor shaved designs on the sides.


# 32 High & Rugged

The high and rugged look requires that you maintain a couple of inches at the top and cut the sides close.

To get a rough look, you should style up the longer top and then make it look unkempt using your hands. A neatly designed short beard can also add a nice twist to this cut.


# 33 V-Back Top Curls

This is arguably one of the best hairdos for men with curly hair, and it can make a man stand out if he can get it right.

The V shape at the back is quite cute, and it should be easy for a skilled barber to create. Other than this, longer curls should be maintained at the top while the hair below is tapered.


# 34 Super Clean Blond Perfection

Few other hair colors come before blond regarding favorite ones. Blonde is an attractive natural color, and it is very useful in showcasing different haircuts like this super clean side swept pompadour with a sleek side part.


# 35 All Blue

It takes a bold man to dye the hair in such a bright color like blue but with the right cut it can be amazing as in this lovely hair.

Hair is a long messy top with tapered sides that are finished with a level zero fade and dyed blue. A natural black full beard is also kept, and it creates a pleasant contrast with the hair.


# 36 Side Quiff

If you have excellent texture and volume, you will have no limitation on what you can do with your hair.

And you can even create a unique variation of a traditional hairdo like this side quiff. It looks impeccable thanks to the comb over to the side and the nicely done side part.


# 37 Long Fringe Comb Over

Men with long wavy hair are best suited for this hairstyle because they will not have to shave it short to wear it.

A style keeps an extra long fringe but instead of styling it forward like in the traditional cuts the locks are combed over to the side. Tapered sides go well with it, but you can also choose to have a simple high fade.


# 38 Unique Parting

Hair parting is a technique, and although it might look simple, it requires some creativity. A beautiful part can transform a simple hairdo like this pompadour into something more splendid.

The unique L-shape part is what makes all the difference for in this cut.


# 39 Long Wavy & Undercut

This long style creates the right balance between the long wavy hair and the undercut.

Wavy locks are left in the middle of the head to create a faux hawk inspired design and the undercut used to give it a perfect finish. It will be necessary to blow dry the long hairs to get this look right.


# 40 Curly Flat Top

It takes considerable effort to create a high and flat top, and this is especially so for curly hair.

However, with right length and some quality hair products, an experienced barber should easily give you the cut. This will look much better when worn by young boys.


# 41 Modern Caesar & Skin Fade

This modern Caesar haircut breaks away from the norm of keeping a uniform short length as it instead has a skin fade on the sides.

A cut also has a curvy side part line that makes it a classic short haircut suitable for an everyday look.


# 42 Elegant Boy Haircut

Boys like to try different things with their hairs and in most cases they opt for arbitrary cuts but sometimes keeping it simple is all that is needed to stand out.

This cut is a perfect example of it, as it has a longer top and high fade sides. The longer and wavy top has a great texture, and it is styled up for an elegant hairdo.


# 43 Dark Textured Front Sweep

Some famous hairdos like this dark and textured front sweep may look complicated, but they are very simple to wear if you use the services of a skilled barber.

Here the three inches tall crown is textured to create a sharp look and finished with a front sweep. Sides are bald faded and given some elegant razor lines patterns.


# 44 Fringe Trim Perfection

Creating the perfect fringe is a skill that takes many years to master. But it produces a very sharp if done by an experienced stylist or barber.

Here the edge is neatly trimmed to form a beautiful crown that covers an inch of the forehead. Apart from this, hair is made slightly messy then finished with a razor fade.


# 45 The Classic Man

Facial tattoos are probably what will catch your attention when looking at this original cut but the look couldn’t be this good without a perfect hairdo.

The cut is a simple longer top that has been elongated at the front and then slicked back. For a classic man look, hair color and a round or oval face shape are also crucial.


# 46 Side Brushed & Shallow Part

This cut is simple but still looks beautiful and is ideal when worn as a formal look.

The longer crown hairs are given a side part and then neatly brushed sideways with sides being tapered short. A disconnection with facial hairs is also created.


# 47 Natural Crown Curls

Natural Crown Curls

Natural Crown curls will look best on African Americans as they have some thick and textured strands.

In this cut, sides are scissor trimmed short while the crown curly hairs are left at slightly over three inches high. Apart from this, some curly hair product is also important, and you can pair it with long full facial hairs.


# 48 Clean Classy Cut

Most men would agree that sometimes the best cuts are those that are not overdone like this sexy short haircut.

Here hair is shaved with clippers to less than half an inch and then given a low fade with facial hairs being left very crisp. It’s a gorgeous look for a business man and for every man that likes to keep short haircuts.


# 49 Incredible Scissor Cut

Although styling of this cut makes it more attractive, the clean scissor cut plays the most significant part because a style wouldn’t be possible without it.

The hairstyle maintains some inches at the top with the sides tapered and the longer hairs are designed into a short slicked quiff. A long beard and a moustache also go well with it.


# 50 Disconnected Crew Cut

crew cut is a very popular military haircut, and men love it because it looks very decent and goes well with most face shapes.

In this particular do, the neat crew cut maintains about an inch at the top while the sides are faded. However, the fade creates a disconnect with the facial hairs.


# 51 Chop & Undercut

A chop creates some versatile bangs that can be styled in many different ways and in this particular style they are left rugged and swept to the side.

Since they are only at the top, sides are given some detailed undercut and a fade to finish the look.


# 52 Messy Top Bun

Messy Top Bun

Edgy patterns on the face are probably the only cuts in this hairdo since the rest is just styling. A long hair is kept and then pulled together into a top bun without combing or straightening, and this creates the messy look.

Angles on the face are very attractive, and they complement the messy top bun.


# 53 Creatively Designed Crown Bun

Creatively Designed Crown Bun

Creativity always results in some surprising and unique cuts like this one. It starts with a long hair that is cut short and faded on the sides while the length is maintained at the crown.

The long locks are then pulled into a top bun while some exquisite designs are created on the faded sides.


# 54 Curly Brown Fade

Curly Brown Fade

Men with curls also have many options when it comes to styling their hairs, and they only need to try new things to find out what suits them best.

The brown curls in this hairdo are shaped into a Mohawk by intelligently fading the sides and connecting them to the facial hairs.


# 55 Side Designed Hawk

Side Designed Hawk

Mohawks come in different shapes and sizes, and any haircut that leaves longer hairs in the middle and with short sides can be rightfully called a Mohawk.

Here a Caesar-like middle is maintained but what makes it a unique hawk is the designs on the sides.


# 56 Thick Wavy Hair

Thick Wavy Hair

If you have long thick hair, this is a good idea that you should try out as it looks great with this hair type.

It is also very simple as it only involves razor fading the sides and back with an undercut and leaving the thick wavy hairs at the crown.


# 57 The Smooth Transition

The Smooth Transition

A razor shaved line may look very simple, but it makes a big difference in a hairdo. For example, in this cut it helps to create a smooth transition from the longer spiky top to the tapered sides and back.

The line starts as a side part and flows all the way to the back and around the crown hairs.


# 58 Smart Blowout

Smart Blowout

Blowouts are traditional styles that women have worn for ages but in the last couple of decades, men have also adopted them.

The blowout in this cut is as simple as they get but still very smart and it is complemented by the minor zero fading.


# 59 Overgrown Buzz

Overgrown Buzz

buzz cut is a traditional short military cut, but in this hairdo it is given a modern touch with a thick top and fading.

Overgrowing the top creates a sharp look, but the best thing is that it still maintains neat appearance of the traditional military hairdo.


# 60 Sleek Dreadlocks

Sleek Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks are exceptionally beautiful especially when kept elegant and high. And contrary to what some people think there are many unique ways to style the locks.

For example, in this hairdo they are retouched and pulled together and given an exquisite fade on the lower sides and some patterns for a fresh look.


# 61 Fresh & Unique Waves

Fresh & Unique Waves

Sharp waves in this cut are created in a very short hair (about an inch), and so it takes some proper styling to make them visible.

However, this is very simple for a skilled barber, and he makes things more interesting with the edgy cuts on the hairline.


# 62 Drop Fade

Drop Fade

This is another great idea for men who like to keep short haircuts as it is very stylish if done by a skilled hand.

The drop fade is a very short hairdo, but it still has three distinct levels of hair with the lowest one being a smooth shave that help to disconnect the sideburns so that their shape is also visible.


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The modern man is stylish, neat and elegant as he is very keen on what he wears and most importantly the type of hair he keeps.

And as men continue to get more creative and experimental with their mane there are now many hairstyles than ever before, and hundreds more are coming up now and then.

The 122 popular hairstyles above are just a drop in the ocean as there are many others. However, popularity varies from one place to the other as tastes vary between cultures, but there is definitely something that will make you stand out.

It is also important to keep in mind that what is popular will not always look good on you and so you should also consider personal preferences and tastes and your hair type even as you try to keep up with the trend.