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In the 1950’s no style could be considered rockabilly without the pompadour haircut. Although evidence of the existence of this style points to it being worn in the 1700’s it is in the 50’s that it spread to all parts of the world. The pompadour is back in style, but it has been given some modern variations to make sure that it can keep up with the changing times. Nowadays there are more variations of this traditional style that there has ever been. And as more and more people continue to experiment with the pompadour it is soon going to be one of the most popular if not the most popular haircut style. If you are thinking of trying out this eye-catching haircut below are 75 variations of this cut that you can try out.

# 1 Razor Faded Pompadour

Although this is a very common pompadour style, it takes a skilled barber and a lot of patience to cut it correctly. Razor faded pompadour is created by first wetting the hair and creating a horizontal side part from tempo to the crown. The side hairs are then faded in three layers with the lower layer being shaved very closely with the Clippers at grade zero to expose the scalp. The other layers are then blended in with the scalp exposed layer to finish the razor faded pompadour.

# 2 Tall Pompadour and Blended Sides

Height is the main idea behind this cut, and so you have to give the top hairs a good length to wear this cut. Besides from this you have to shave the sides and back in such a way that they will blend in with the top by gradually reducing in size from the top as you move towards the back of the head and the ears. In other words, this cut should have a graduated top.

# 3 Angular/Modern

The angular pomp brings this traditional haircut into the twenty-first century with the short and back sides shaved very short (Clippers on grade one). If you are feeling brave or experimental, you should ask the barber to shave far up your crown for a more interesting look. The top hairs are then styled in an angular manner to complete the look.

# 4 Rockabilly Style Pompadour

If you have some skills in wearing pompadours, then you can get this style without visiting a barber as all you will need is a comb and some good styling product. However, for a permanent and well-defined rockabilly pompadour the barber has to cut the back hair in layers and bangs. It is a simple style to cut, and so most barbers can cut it correctly.

# 5 Pompadour and Undercuts

Undercuts can make even the dullest of haircuts look outstanding and so if you combine it with an incredible style like this then you will look splendid. In this cut, the traditional or classic pompadour cut is made on the top hairs while the sides and back are closely shaved almost exposing the scalp. This cut is suitable for men with round faces as it can draw attention from the face width by adding some height to the face.

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