75 Charming Shoulder Length Hairstyles for Men 2019

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The shoulder length hairstyles are common and work best to men who have good natural hair. There are different hairstyles that one can choose to have on his long hair. These hairstyles differ in the manner in which the hair is layered, twisted or tucked behind the ears. Some styles are good for formal occasions while others are good for partying events. Long hair care practices are important always to ensure your hair is tidy and maintains the shiny look. These practices include washing, using hydrated products and conditioning the hair. Below are some of the 75 men’s shoulder length hairstyles that one can consider while choosing the hairstyle to adopt. However, it is important to understand each hairstyle into details so that you can choose the one that fits you best.

# 1 Long Luscious locks hairstyle

This hairstyle involves having luscious locks. The hair is tucked behind the ears but falls on both sides of the shoulder and the back. This style requires the hair to be maintained thoroughly. It is better done by a person with a mustache and full beards. One of the celebs who does this type of style on his hair is the actor Christian Bale.

# 2 Chin Length Waves

This style is done by having waves of the hair which are then tucked behind the ears. The hair is split into two sections whereby one section falls on one side and the other section on the other side of the head. The brows should always be groomed to have the best look. It is also an ideal hair style for men with full beard.

# 3 Wheat Blonde Hairstyle

The wheat blonde hairstyle involves having the hair in the color of the wheat. In this case, the hair is casually done falling all over the head. It requires little effort to come up with this style. However, it looks cool, and many girls love the hair style.

# 4 Racy Waves

This involves having rough waves. However, the waves should have the manly character so that you do not look like a girl. The hair is styled to fall on the shoulders while at the front side, it is swept to cover one eye. It is a good style for the men with a rounded head.

# 5 Beach Waves Hairstyle

Beach waves hairstyle is mainly associated with vacations. However, this can be done to become a formal style. The hair with waves is made to fall backwards covering the ears in a tidy way. It works best when done on the natural hair.

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