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75 Charming Shoulder Length Hairstyles for Men in 2024

The shoulder length hairstyles are common and work best to men who have good natural hair. There are different hairstyles that one can choose to have on his long hair.

These hairstyles differ in the manner in which the hair is layered, twisted or tucked behind the ears. Some styles are good for formal occasions while others are good for partying events.

Long hair care practices are important always to ensure your hair is tidy and maintains the shiny look. These practices include washing, using hydrated products and conditioning the hair.


How to Pick The Right Shoulder Length Hairstyle for Men?

shoulder length hairstyle for men

Determining the best men’s shoulder-length haircut isn’t always an easy task. There are many web pages dedicated to guys with shoulder-length hair, but few explain how to pick the right shoulder-length hairstyle.

When choosing a hairstyle, you should consider your facial features, lifestyle, career, and the time you can dedicate to styling your hair.

If you are among the men with long tresses, choosing the right shoulder length hairstyle will enhance your style. There are many men’s shoulder length hairstyles that require little maintenance. Whatever your style, there’s a hairstyle to fit it. This article will explain how to pick the right shoulder length for you.


Determine the Look You Need

If you work in a corporate office, the right shoulder length haircut for you will be much different from a professional skater. Knowing your lifestyle requirements will go a long way in helping you pick the right shoulder-length hairstyle.

If you’re an office professional, a conservative shoulder-length hair cut will be your best option. Appropriate professional men’s styles include a swept-back look that is short on the sides. Using a bit of gel on shoulder-length hair can help achieve a professional-looking textured look.

Guys with shoulder-length hair who spend most of their time outdoors or are self-employed have more flexibility when choosing shoulder length hairstyles. Punk inspired hairstyles look great on straight hair or a haircut with light layering for a less bold approach.


Facial Features

Before choosing a shoulder-length hairstyle, consider your facial features and the shape of your face. The primary facial shapes in men include the following:

  • Oval: Most flexible of all facial types, works well with most hairstyles
  • Diamond: A shoulder-length hairstyle with short front layers to add width to the forehead
  • Square: Most shoulder length hairstyles are suitable for this facial type, especially haircuts with sharp edges
  • Round: Shoulder length or longer works well with this facial type, making it look more slender
  • Oblong: Shoulder length hair with layers that fall along the cheekbones are flattering for this facial type
  • Triangular: Medium length hairstyles that fall right below the chin work well for this facial type


Your Hair Type

medium length hairstyle for men

The best men’s mid-length hairstyles for you will complement the natural texture of your hair. You probably don’t want to spend time flat-ironing or blow-drying your hair to achieve a shoulder-length look. The best shoulder-length styles for men enhance their hair’s best qualities.

If you have fine curly hair, a layered cut probably won’t be your best option because this type of hair tends to easily frizz when layered. If you have coarse hair, a shoulder-length braided hairstyle would be an excellent option. For men with medium texture hair, a men’s shoulder-length haircut with light feathering works well.


Choosing the Right Hairstyle

Shoulder length haircuts for men have become more common in recent years as offices have relaxed dress codes, and male celebrities have embraced longer locks. When determining the right men’s shoulder-length hairstyle for you, it’s essential to consider your lifestyle, facial features, and career.

Choosing the right hairstyle will ensure you look your best, whatever you’re doing or wherever you go. Following the advice in this article, you’ll have no problem choosing a flattering men’s mid-length hairstyle.


Best Shoulder Length Hairstyles for Men

Below are some of the 75 men’s shoulder length hairstyles that one can consider while choosing the hairstyle to adopt. However, it is important to understand each hairstyle into details so that you can choose the one that fits you best.

# 1 Long Luscious locks hairstyle

This hairstyle involves having luscious locks. The hair is tucked behind the ears but falls on both sides of the shoulder and the back.

This style requires the hair to be maintained thoroughly. It is better done by a person with a mustache and full beards. One of the celebs who does this type of style on his hair is the actor Christian Bale.


# 2 Chin Length Waves

This style is done by having waves of the hair which are then tucked behind the ears. The hair is split into two sections whereby one section falls on one side and the other section on the other side of the head.

The brows should always be groomed to have the best look. It is also an ideal hair style for men with full beard.


# 3 Wheat Blonde Hairstyle

The wheat blonde hairstyle involves having the hair in the color of the wheat. In this case, the hair is casually done falling all over the head.

It requires little effort to come up with this style. However, it looks cool, and many girls love the hair style.


# 4 Racy Waves

This involves having rough waves. However, the waves should have the manly character so that you do not look like a girl.

The hair is styled to fall on the shoulders while at the front side, it is swept to cover one eye. It is a good style for the men with a rounded head.


# 5 Beach Waves Hairstyle

Beach waves hairstyle is mainly associated with vacations. However, this can be done to become a formal style.

The hair with waves is made to fall backwards covering the ears in a tidy way. It works best when done on the natural hair.


# 6 Uneven Curl Pattern Hairstyle

This is another type of men’s hairstyles that rocks. It involves having curls on the hair without a common pattern.

You can have several patterns at the go and blend them to achieve something unique. This has become common, and it is among the treading styles.


# 7 Perm Curl

Unlike the uneven one, the curls in this style follow a specific pattern. The hair is made to cover the ears completely.

It appears better when one have a clean beard shave. Black hair is most suitable for this kind of style. Moisturizing should always be done in this style to maintain it neat.


# 8 Surfer Hairstyle

Any hair done this style appears wet. One needs to have wavy hair so that he can have to do this style. A curl is enhanced on the hair to make it look wet.

The hair should be made to fall on both shoulders and should cover a small section of the face. A clean beard shave should accompany this style. As the name suggests, the style is common among the surfers but not limited to them.


# 9 Breezy and Sun Kissed Hairstyle

The style applies to very long hair falling on the chest on both sides. These long tresses are blown by the wind to give one some air. This style keeps one cool during hot weather.


# 10 Straight Sleek and Ultra Shiny

shoulder length hairstyles


As the name suggest, the hair is made to fall downward in a straight manner on both sides of the head. No waves or twist.

This style is done on sleek hair. An ultra-shiny layer is done on the upper side to add more beauty to the style. Again the style has wispy ends which look good.


# 11 Side Swept Hair style

This is a style applied on a long wavy hair. A short hair cut is done then a blow dryer is used to straighten the hair on one side of the chic. This style is also ideal for rounded heads.


# 12 Harsh and Choppy Hairstyle

The style consists of choppy ends and gives the unkempt look to the hair. The asymmetrical twist is done on one side of the head which falls partly on the face covering part of one eye. This style can only be done for informal occasions.


# 13 Twist in Bun

This is one of the ponytail styles where the hair is divided into two sections.

Each part is twisted loosely and then the parts are joined into a low ponytail which is then twirled to form a quick knot. The style is ideal for men with the long mane.


# 14 The Semi Bun

The semi bun style comprises of a twirled hair, but the unique thing about this style is that the tips of the hair are not twirled inside. The hair on the tip of one side of the head is made to fall on the chic thus making it a semi bun.


# 15 The Dutch Braids

This is one of the unique styles. It involves an under cut, and the remaining long hair is braided.

The hair is divided into many sections, and each section is braided separately. The braids are then united using a hair bud.


# 16 Half up Pony Tail for Curly Hair

This style is only applicable for curly hair. The hair is divided into two sections horizontally. The upper section of the hair is allowed to fall backwards and tied with a hair bud while the hair at the side falls on the ears.


# 17 Braid into Bun Punk Hairstyle

To achieve this kind of a style, one should start by shaving the hair leaving a V – shape.

The remaining hair is braided into an inverted French braid from bottom up. On halfway the head, the braid is tied into a bun. This style is very cool.


# 18 The Loose Bun

This is also a ponytail kind of a style. One is required to make a loose ponytail at the back part of the head.

Then the ponytail should be pulled in an out of the bun and half of it twisted around the bun. The remainder should be left loose at the back.


# 19 Down-Samurai Hairstyle

This style is ideal for those men with long wavy hair. It is achieved by tying the hair into a low side ponytail.

Consequently, as many hair buds as possible are added to the entire length of the ponytail. The ponytail can be positioned on either side of the head either at the front or the back.


# 20 Shaggy Mess and a Single Braid Hairstyle

This is one of the simplest styles to make though not meant for the official occasion. For those who have got long brown hair, they just need to blow dry their hair and sweep it all over the head.

Then, one twist from a small section of the hair mainly at the front should be made.


# 21 Half up Pony Hairstyle

This hairstyle is very common. To make this hairstyle, one should pull half of the hair up. The hair should then be tied.

Then the other half should be divided into two sections horizontally and allowed to fall on the shoulders loosely.


# 22 Braided Rows Hairstyle

This is another type of classic men’s shoulder length haircuts. The style is made by dividing the hair into several sections.

A French braid is made from each section running backwards.It is a style that many thought can only be made on woman’s hair, but it has been adopted by men and looks good on them.


# 23 Side Part Men Hairstyle

This is a style that is ideal for a formal event, especially when done by boys. It involves sweeping large amount of hair on one side of the head.

This style can be used in case a person has a section of the head without some hair. The long hair is used to hide the gap without hair. Whenever a boy does this hairstyle, he always looks more mature.


# 24 Back and Side Swept Mane

This is a style that is very easy to maintain because it does not require a lot of maintenance. It favors those men with thick hair. One is only required to wash his hair and wipe it with a towel to dry.

Hair products should be applied to make it shiny. As one applies the products with his fingers, he should create a side part, and the rests should be swept at the back.


# 25 Mid Half Bun with Ombre Effect

This is also another simple style that one can have. The hair is swept towards the back. It is then tied to form a ponytail at the top part of the back.

The main idea in this style is to make the hair appear like one just woke up. The bun color should have the ombre effect.


# 26 Braids Bun

The style is a combination of various styles forming a complex style. To make this style, one should start by having a side undercut.

French braids should then be made from the remaining hair. These braids are then tied at the back –up part of the head to form a classic bun.


# 27 Fish Tail Hair Style

The fish tail hair style requires a specialist for one to achieve it. It is ideal for men with very long hair.

The hair is divided into two parts, and then a braid is made from the back to almost the edge of the hair. A knot is made at the point where the braid ends and the tip of the hair are left without being braided.


# 28 Short Curly Bun

This style is done on the hair with natural curl. The hair is combed backward, and a medium bun is made at the back. The tips of the bun are left loose. This style is good especially when it is too hot.


# 29 Penchant for Asia Hairstyle

This style also involves having a top bun. However, the bun should be bigger than in the styles discussed above.

A pen or a stick is then fixed through the bun. For one to achieve this, you need to have very long hair.


# 30 Double Ponytail Hairstyle

Most of the hair styles with ponytails above have got only one ponytail. However, having two ponytails can also be great and makes one look unique. One just needs to divide his hair into two sections.

One section should be made from the upper hair and the other from the lower hair. For each section, make a ponytail. It is a very simple style to implement.


# 31 Sleek Low Ponytail

Men with very straight hair can also have a unique style on their hair. The sleek and low ponytail is tied at the nape of one’s neck.

Some gel should be applied to the hair to make it shiny and elegant. The hair should be long enough to achieve the best results.


# 32 Braided Hairstyle

This is different from the braided low hairstyle. In this case, the hair ought to be brown or any other color apart from black. The side undercuts should be done, and then the remaining hair is braided downwards.


# 33 Rough and Random Hairstyle

For men who have very dense hair, this is their style. It involves creating rough and random wavy texture on the hair.

Long cuts are done on the hair, and the hair is spread uniformly across the head. This is a very formal hairstyle.


# 34 Dreamer

This style is done on moderate dense hair. The hair is layered, and thorough trims are done at the end.

Some gel is applied on the hair to make it shiny. The hair is then laid back to have a great look. It is also a formal hairstyle.


# 35 Male Pompadour Hairstyle

Male pompadour style has been common over centuries; it is done by teasing the tips of the hair at the top.

Once the tips are at the top, it is then swept back to create an eye-catching look. There are some natural hairs that work best for this style.


# 36 Halo of Curls

The halo of curls is a rounded style whereby wavy and moderate thick hair is curled covering the part of the face. The ears are also covered partly, and the hair is swept uniformly round the head.


# 37 Statement Ponytail

This is also one of the easiest men’s haircuts. To make this hairstyle, one just needs to sweep the hair backward and then make a ponytail with a loop.


# 38 Symmetrical and Freedom

The symmetrical and freedom style is mainly done on straight hair. The hair is trimmed into equal sizes and then laid on the shoulders.

The hair is then laid loose without any bun or ponytail. It looks better if the hair has the hue effect.


# 39 Sleek Glossy and Fringy Hairstyle

This is a style that helps those with long hair look shorter. The hair is straightened then made to fall round the head from the center. It works best for sleek hair.

Hair products should be applied to make the hair shiny. This style covers part of the face, and the ears are fully covered.


# 40 Red Graded Emo Hairstyle

This is also a unique style that is characterized by long asymmetrical bangs. The hair is styled to have a feathery effect.

A section of the hair is swept to cover one eye. Contour like a pattern is also evident in this style and some hue effect.


# 41 Shaggy Hairstyle

Though Shaggy, this hairstyle looks great. The hair is layered to form a bang on top and tresses.

The layering is done up to the middle ear level, and then the razor cuts edges stick out in an asymmetrical form. The hair should be shinny and black in color so that it appears neat.


# 42 Neat Dreads

This is also a common style to people with lengthy hair. Deadlocks are made and then are layered towards the back and some towards the sides thereby falling on the shoulders. It has no complicated procedures of making it.


# 43 Sharp Spiky Look with Highlights

This hairstyle is done by first having fine graded spiky cuts. The hair is then layered towards one side and another section towards the back.

Some of it are made to cover part of the forehead. The highlight is achieved by having hair have some hue effect.


# 44 Sultry Curls

Sultry curls look good when done on hair with natural curls. The hair should also be dark and lengthy.

A layered hair cut is first done then curls are enhanced using curl enhancing products. The layered hair should drop up to the ear level.


# 45 Rough Blow Dry Style

This is a style applicable to dense and thick hair. Rough blow dry is done on the hair, and then the hair is combed towards the side.

A small section of the hair is swept towards the face to cut across and fall between the two eyes. A hue effect is also evident in this kind of style.


# 46 Random Wavy Texture Hair Style

This is another type of men’s hairstyles that requires a layered haircut. The bangs on top should be swept backwards, and products should be used to achieve the shiny effect on the tresses. The style has a wavy pattern and hence good for men with wavy hair.


# 47 Added Movement and Asymmetrical Hairstyle

This style is done by sweeping the front tresses off the forehead toward one side. The remaining section of the hair is then swept on the other side and some towards the back. The hair should have hue highlights and should be shiny.


# 48 Choppy Straight Style

shoulder length hairstyles


This is a style suitable for men with heart shaped face. The hair is swept towards the sides, and the back and the ends should have rough, choppy finish.


# 49 Sleek Side Swept Hair

This style can be worn when one wants to look gloomy especially when attending a certain event. The hair is swept towards one side, and the forehead is partly covered. The hair should also be sleek and shiny.


# 50 Messy Half up Hairdo

The Mess half up hair style is good for men with long hair. The style is made by separating the hair into two sections. One section from the top and the other section should be from the ears moving downward.

The top section is used to create a mini bun, and the other is left loose. This is also suitable for elderly men with grey hair.


# 51 Swept-Back Hair Style

It is one of the simplest and common hairstyle. One just needs to sweep his long hair back and then ensure blow dry has been done on the hair. Some gel should also be applied to maintain the hair clean and attractive.


# 52 Voluminous Waves Hairstyle

This style involves having a large volume of hair around the cheek. This is done by using a volume boosting shampoo.

A blow dry should also be done on the hair. A silicone hair spray is used to keep the hair in place so that it can be concentrated on the cheek.


# 53 Long Tousled Waves Hairstyle

This is a longhair style with tousled waves combined with a long fridge. This is made by using wide toothed comb, and some gel should first be applied to the hair.

The hair is divided into two sections whereby one section is swept towards the back, and the other makes the side fridge.


# 54 Thick and Curly Hairstyle

This style involves having thick curls on the head, and a side swept fridge. The thick curls make the head look bulky and gives a good look at it.

This style should not be exposed to excessive blow drying because it can destroy the style.


# 55 Super Long Fridge Hairstyle

This is a style that fits well those men with long faces. It is done by having long bangs that conceal the forehead. The thick hair should first be made thin for it to be styled in this manner.

A hue effect should also be applied on this style. The fridge should always be cut short once in a while to avoid obscuring one from seeing.

Idea # 56


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Idea # 75


Therefore, having understood the 75 shoulder length hairstyles above, one can be able to choose one that fits him. It is evident from every style that one needs to consider the nature of his head and the nature of his hair to come up with the best hairstyle.

It is always good to be creative. You can experiment a few of the above, and you will surely find one that gives you that superb and unique look.

When the hair is done in a perfect way, it gives you confidence and makes you look honorable. Hope you get your perfect style.