60 Fashionable Full Beard Looks – Join The Beard Gang

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A full beard refers to facial hair that covers the bottom portion of the face and includes well-defined sides and shaping. A full beard can be any length – from long stubble to chest length. You may think that full beards are always bushy, but there are many styles that look neat and polished as well, making it easier than ever to sport a full beard look. Here are 35 fashionable looks to get you inspired:

# 1 Clipped And Clean

For a full beard look that doesn’t look untidy take care to keep your neck clear. Let your beard just curl over the jaw line, then keep it neatly clipped in a rounded shape like this model. He’s wearing his facial hair with natural lines over the cheeks and a full moustache.

# 2 Soft And Full

In this picture, the model has a full beard at a medium length together with a moustache. The moustache just hugs the top lip and the texture of the hair seems soft and well cared for.

# 3 Hot Handlebars

Instead of brushing the tips of his moustache into his beard this model has styled his handlebars to sleek straight out over the facial hair. He’s wearing a medium long beard, which has been expertly shaped.

# 4 Red Beard

Men with red hair often have striking shades in their facial hair – another good reason to grow one! This model has shaved some of the hair below and around the lips to create a soul patch and separate the ginger moustache.

# 5 Straight Cut Moustache

See how the moustache has been trimmed to have a straight line just above the lips? This type of moustache looks great with his neatly trimmed ginger beard and soul patch. 

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