55 Fine-Looking Stubble Beards – It’s The Look You Have To Try

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Stubble beards started to trend in 2015 and have only grown in popularity since then. For many men growing and shaping short, medium or long stubble is a good way to try out bearded looks before they take the time to grow their facial hair fully. Other men prefer to keep their facial hair at stubble length as it suits their lifestyle better. We’ve collected 25 pictures of men with fantastic stubble beards:

# 1 Soften Hard Lines

A little bit of facial hair can go a long way to help soften long and angular faces. This model is wearing a medium length stubble beard and moustache as well as a small soul patch.

# 2 Short Sides With Medium Length In Front

Feel free to mix up different lengths in your beard to add depth and contrast. This guy is keeping the sides of beard short to feed into his undercut on top. Over the chin, the hair is longer and has been trimmed into a pleasing round shape.

# 3 Character Beard

This model has teamed four-day growth with an established bushy moustache. If you want to replicate this style make sure you keep the neck clean and the moustache clipped just above the lip.

# 4 Clean Lines

A stubble beard may look easy, but it does require upkeep. Make sure you keep the sides and neck clean and neatly shaped like this guy and use good beard oil.

# 5 Narrow Beard

In this picture, the short beard is being maintained in a thin passage from sideburn to sideburn. He’s added a handlebar moustache to balance this look. 

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