75 Ideas for Low and High Skin Fade – Redefine Elegance and Masculinity

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Any man looking for a haircut that is trendy and up to date should go for a skin fade. It is a fashionable hairdo, and it stands out from the traditional haircuts, and it helps a man keep up with the times. The contrast that the faded sides create with the sleek strands on the crown is attention-grabbing, and it is the real definition of what a stylish and contemporary man should look.

And so if you are looking for something that will make you look elegant below is a gallery of 45 styles with different variations of the classy bald fade.

# 1 Slick Back with Beard

The slick back at the top is amazing, and it will make a man look very fashionable. It also has a smooth taper, but the highlight of the cut is the fading that creates a disconnection with massive facial strands.

# 2 Simple and Buzzed

Some men prefer hairdos that are easy to set up and maintain and so this one will be perfect for them. It entails buzzing the strands on the crown to make them extra short and then finishing with a bald fade on the sides.

# 3 The Faded Hawk

This haircut is a variation of the Mohawk but with a very original cut. And it entails chopping the strands to make them a little spiky and tapering the long hair in the middle towards the back. You should then finish by skin fading the sides and giving them a smooth line up.

# 4 Elegant Curly Bangs

If you have a naturally curly hair, this is one of the most beautiful haircuts that you can wear. It entails chopping the sides short and fading them while leaving some longer curly bangs on the crown and styling by making them slightly messy.

# 5 Hard Part and Slick Back

The hard part line on the side of this haircut makes a huge difference in the style. Apart from this line the strands on top also have an amazing dark tone and texture. You should style the textured strands on the crown with a slick back and finish the look with bald fading on the sides.

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