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30+ Charming Quiff Hairstyle Designs – New In 2024

Quiff hairstyle is becoming a staple for men as more and more discover that they can look incredibly good in this classic haircut.

It is a clean and modern look that you can easily wear at home without necessarily having to visit the salon, but it will require some know-how and also you will probably have to go through some trial and error to get it right.

Whether you plan to put it together at home or have your barber make it, you have to know some of the popular types of this style and how they are made.

There are so many variations, and new ones are always coming up, but if you want something popular or in trend, the following are 32 types that you can choose from.

# 1 Quiff & Pomp

This is a classic hairstyle that brings together the perfect pompadour and quiff. To create a balance to the two almost distinct styles, the longer top that is the center of attraction should not be made as neat as the traditional pomp.

Sides and back are cut to a short length while the long top is styled into a slightly messy and high pompadour.


# 2 Colored Peak

Going out of the norm and trying something creative with your image will always make you stand out like in this particular style. The peak or top hairs are left bigger, and the rest of the head is shaved short.

A quiff is then created at the crown hairs after some coloring to create a distinction with the remainder of the head. Note also that fringe is not as voluminous as in other variations.


# 3 Shaggy and Sexy

Shaggy and Sexy

Neat does not always go with sexy and contrary to what most people think you can still look alluring with messy hair provided you know how to pull it together.

In this haircut, nothing much is done apart from trimming hair to a uniform length throughout. Hair is left in an unkempt look with a slight side part for a shaggy and sexy hairstyle.


# 4 Short & Textured

Natural looking texture on top is what makes this haircut stand out, and the best thing is that this is the work of a skilled barber. Back and sides are given a skin fade to make sure that the perfectly textured top remains the center of attraction.


# 5 Perky Quiff

Some fringes are just too lively, and you would want to wear them even if you do not have a taste for these types of haircuts. This style is a perfect example of it and even though the hair trim and cut are pretty much traditional, the styling of the crown hairs makes all the difference.

Unlike other fringes, most of the crown hairs are pushed forward while a small portion of it in front is styled backward and slightly to the side.


# 6 Bleached Slick-Back

Coloring the hair is perhaps one of the easiest ways to steal the show with your haircut and this look is a good example of this. Hair is long at the top with the rest of the head short, and apart from this, all that is needed is to bleach the hair blond. And to finish the look, the hair is slicked back.


# 7 Wavy Quiff

Nowadays it seems that breaking away from the traditional way of doing these classic haircuts makes them look more appealing than going the conventional way.

In this beautiful style the quiff is not pushed back like in the traditional designs, but rather wavy hair is left to follow its natural flow at the crown.


# 8 The Messy Look

Messy hair is sexy and requires little maintenance but the best thing is that you can have a messy variation of almost any style that you can think of.

In this particular cut, all that is done is to leave the top shaggy while the back and sides are shaved short. A small amount of gel or wax is also needed to give the hair some hold.


# 9 Classic Quiff

It is as simple as they get and contrary to what most people might think there is not too much styling in it and the most notable thing done is trimming the hair.

Hairs are cut to about two or three inches at the top and short on the sides. A part line is then created to separate the two hair levels, and a little amount of gel applied to the hair.


# 10 Comb Back Silver

Comb Back Silver

Some men always seem to get things right with their choice of hair color as it makes them look classy and trendy. The silver color of this hair is amazing, and it has also been applied professionally, and so all that is needed to finish the intended look is a comb back.


# 11 Formal Occasions Cut

Formal looks have to be neat, elegant and also simple to wear and maintain especially for the working class man who has to look sharp daily. This quiff style demonstrates what makes a perfect formal hairdo.

It keeps a longer top that is designed into a quiff and a side part that separates it from the short high fade sides.


# 12 Textured to Perfection

Texture of this hair is amazing, and you will know that it must have taken a lot of work to get it right just by looking at it. Apart from the perfect texture, the wavy bangs created in the process also add some spice to the style.

Add this to the beautiful fade on the sides and back and you have an elegant hairstyle.


# 13 Curled Up

Curly and frizzy hair may be hard to maintain into a fringe but with a little creativity and skills, it is more than possible. In this look, the curls are made at the crown only with the sides and back cut short.

Curly hair is then trimmed to give it some uniformity and then some gel or a curly hair product used to give them some hold.


# 14 Modern Gray

The most surprising thing about this design is that everything is done with the scissors. Even the short uniform sides are scissor cut to perfection. The gray patches or highlights can be from natural hair, or you can use some colors to achieve the same look.


# 15 Perked Side Sweep

Perked Side Sweep

Traditionally the side swept hair is flat or slicked, but this design gives it some height and hence creating a very distinct look. Sides and back are short, but the long side sweep makes this cut attractive enough. Perking of the side swept hair also qualifies this as a hairdo with fringe.


# 16 The Long Quiff

Although the quiff is mostly about the volume giving it some extra length can add a twist to the style. And it can even make it look more exquisite than shorter ones.

In this particular haircut, an extra long height is maintained in the top section while the side and back are neatly scissor trimmed. The lengthy hair is styled high and pushed slightly to the side.


# 17 Tiny Faux Hawk

Most people think that you have to create an enormous faux hawk to look beautiful in this modern style, but this is not necessarily true. Although leaving a longer hair in it will make it more visible, design can still look fabulous with a shorter crown.

Here the crown hair is reduced but is still long enough to create a distinction between the two hair levels. Sides are then given a sharp fade to create a gorgeous hairstyle.


# 18 Black Creativity

Black hair is beautiful and is also one of the easiest colors to get and maintain. In this design, the color of the hair did the trick and enhanced the classic quiff created at the top.

Apart from being simple, it is also smaller and less voluminous than what you would see in others. The rest of the hair is trimmed to create some distinction.


# 19 Quiff with Side Designs

The fringe in this hairstyle is created by some long nicely trimmed and textured bangs. And unlike the conventional style, the bangs are pushed forward, but they are not the only thing that makes this style impeccable as there are also some creatively created side designs.

Razor shaved side designs create a distinct pattern between the crown hairs and the full beard.


# 20 Shaved Sides

Shaved Sides

Fresh shaved sides combine well with a messy top to create a style that a man would want to keep for a long time. Since the top is shaggy, there is little that is needed to make it, and so most of the attention should be focused on the sides.

This is to ensure that they are shaved to a perfect length that is not too short and also not long so that there is a contrast between the sides and top.


# 21 High Top & Angles

This style combines a high top, a perfect fade, and facial angles to create a unique look. High top adopts a Mohawk like appearance and is given the firm extra height through blow drying. Hair below is then given a uniform fade all the way to the facial hairs that are shaped with angles.


# 22 Spiky Quiff

Spiky Quiff

Spiky quiff makes a great haircut, but it should be done correctly by maintaining the proper length. Spikes are kept at the crown hair only while sides and back are tapered for a perfect finish. For an even better look, the spikes should be styled forward.


# 23 Unorganized Long Bangs

Long unorganized bangs in this hairstyle are fantastic and although one may think that they have just been left unkempt there is a distinct style in them.

These long bangs are better suited for men with long hair, and they should trim the sides short and leave the bangs at the crown. Bangs are then pushed forward, but each of them is left to take its natural flow and hence creating the unorganized look.


# 24 Faded Style

This style is simply a short pompadour with high fade sides. Just below the pompadour, some tapering is done to create a distinction between the short pompadour at the top and the high fade below. It’s a simple hairstyle but can still create a classic look if worn neatly.


# 25 The Zayn Malik Look

The Zayn Malik Look

Zayn Malik is by far one of the most famous celebrities with a global fan base that is almost cultic. And so it is only fair to expect most of his fans to copy his dress code and hairstyle.

One of his popular hairstyles is this comb over fringe with undercuts. It’s an amazing haircut that maintains a good length throughout the head and so it is very suitable for men who do not like very short cuts.


# 26 Up & Straight

Up & Straight

Straight hair also makes an amazing quiff especially when given some good undercuts like in this style. A long straight hair is maintained at the top, and it is then pushed back with the fingers so that it can take a slightly messy appearance.

Undercut on the sides and the neat short beard add a touch of class to this fabulous haircut.


# 27 Multi Layers

Multi Layers

Multi layers in this style show the striking effect of scissor work on a thick hair. Getting the layers requires some skills and probably some patience but the outcome is worth it as you will look splendid.

And to finish the look all that you will need to do is to give the sides some undercut or shave them short and then push back the multi-layered top.


# 28 Great Waves

Great Waves

Waves are great for the hair especially if they are natural or created by a pro hair stylist.

For the great waves, they are bigger than in most other conventional wavy hairdos, and they create some nice wavy locks that are then roughly pushed back with bare hands. A generous amount of gel or hold product is also needed to maintain them.


# 29 Simple & Right

Simplicity is perfection in haircuts and hairstyles, and this look proves this beyond any doubt. Hair is a simple short sided and longer crown that creates a short quiff.

Apart from this, there is nothing else fancy with the style and the only other thing done is applying some gel on the hair.


# 30 Curly Mullet

A mullet is one of those classic hairstyles that will always be in trend and as new variations continue to come it is probably going to be around for many more years.

Here it is made from curly hair that is trimmed to a uniform medium length size with little styling done on it. The natural appearance of this curly mullet is one of the things that make it more attractive.


# 31 Modern Quiff

Modern haircuts are more experimental and do not stick to the parameters followed by straight cuts and so they not only look unique but more charming.

The modern cut is an example of this, and it involves undercut sides and a longer crown. Front hairs on the peak are not styled in any particular direction, but the hairs that follow are slicked back.


# 32 Side Parted

Side parted hair looks more stylish and modern even if no other styling is done beyond the part. In this design, a shallow side part is created, and the slightly longer and spiky crown hairs are swept to one side while hairs below the part line are slicked back.

This makes a good hairstyle and is ideal for men that want a quiff without having to cut their hair.


The 32 variations of the modern quiff hairstyle are just a few examples of how you can create different styles based on this, but the options are endless.

If you are not sure which one to try or are not willing to experiment with a couple of them, you should consult your stylist for advice on the best hairdo for your hair type and face shape.

Keep in mind that if you get it right, you will stand out from the crowd and look more charming than ever.