30+ Charming Quiff Hairstyle Designs – New In 2016

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Quiff hairstyle is becoming a staple for men as more and more discover that they can look incredibly good in this classic haircut. It is a clean and modern look that you can easily wear at home without necessarily having to visit the salon, but it will require some know-how and also you will probably have to go through some trial and error to get it right. Whether you plan to put it together at home or have your barber make it, you have to know some of the popular types of this style and how they are made. There are so many variations, and new ones are always coming up, but if you want something popular or in trend, the following are 32 types that you can choose from.

# 1 Quiff & Pomp

Quiff & Pomp

This is a classic hairstyle that brings together the perfect pompadour and quiff. To create a balance to the two almost distinct styles, the longer top that is the center of attraction should not be made as neat as the traditional pomp. Sides and back are cut to a short length while the long top is styled into a slightly messy and high pompadour.

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