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90 Trendy Men’s Hairstyles For Long Hair In 2024

Long men hairstyles are often thought to represent the kind of lifestyle that one lives, and so you can never afford to go wrong with your signature hairstyle.

Although there are many long hairstyles to choose from not all of them are suitable for you because what looks good on a friend will not necessarily look nice on you.

Before choosing a long hairstyle, it is important to understand some of the available types, how to wear and the kind of people that suit most.

There are dozens or even hundreds of men’s long hairstyles and new ones are always coming up almost every single day.


Due to this, it is practically impossible to sum up all the styles into a few of them or give them a specific number. However, the following 90 are some of the most popular and widespread men’s long hairstyles.

# 1 Straight Ponytail

ponytail for men with long hair

Ponytails are not only great options for women but also for men who want a long hairstyle that keeps their strands pinned in one place, away from the face.

It can also be a professional hairdo when you need to look presentable at the office.


# 2 Cornrow Braids + Ombre

man braids for long hair

Cornrows look fabulous on both black and white guys.

You can create an ombre that keeps your upper part in a sandy brown color while the tips are black and secured with thin hair elastics.


# 3 Long Wavy Hairstyle + Middle Part

long blonde hairstyle for guys

Women adore men with long hair that look masculine, and you can too sport such an appearance with a middle part and wavy hair.

If you want to give your tresses a mind-blowing color, opt for a blonde peach ombre.


# 4 Layered Hair + Gray Hairs

long layered haircut for men

If you have green eyes, your dark hair will make them stand out even more.

Sport a layered haircut and let your strands reach the shoulder level. If you can already spot some gray threads, don’t dye them because you will get amazing texture for your whole mane.


# 5 Man Bun for Long Hair

man bun for long hair

Man bun hairstyles will reveal your face and will certainly make you look fashionable.

This hairstyle for long hair is perfect for men who want a hairdo that matches on most occasions.


# 6 Long Layered Asian Hair

Asian man with long hair

Create a great contour for your face with a long layered hairstyle.

Opt for a middle part that will gorgeously elongate your face. If you want a flawless look, use a straightening iron to make your Asian tresses look perfect.


# 7 Silver Dreadlocks

long dreads for men

When you have Afro American hair, there are so many hairstyles that you can sport.

One of the best ones involves dreadlocks that have silver Jumbo hair wrapped around them.

Wear the top locks on one side to build a voluminous bump.


# 8 Wavy Layered Haircut

men's long hair with middle part

Sombres will give your long hairstyle texture, while the long bangs provide such good framing.

Opt for a mild brown hair dye with blonde reflexes, and you’ll have a mindblowing surfer sun-kissed look.


# 9 Comb Over for Older Men

long hairstyle for older men

When you are an older man and your hair already lost its pigment, a comb-over will fabulously match your beard.

You can let the tresses loose on the back or tie them in a low ponytail.


# 10 Long Hairstyle with Side Part

Hipster man with long hair

Rebellious guys that want to pull off a badass look that wins any girl’s heart can sport a long mane with subtle waves.

Wear the top tossed on one side and complete your look with a pair of sunglasses. Women will adore that mysterious touch-up!


# 11 Long Curls

If you have long hair with a lot of curls, you can combine them and create a unique hairstyle.

To create this style you only need to apply a small amount of gel to your wet hair and give it some time to dry. This style is suitable for all hair densities and face shapes.


# 12 The Distinguished Man

This style is better suited to the distinguished gentleman or men of advanced age. To get the distinguished man look, you should apply pomade to wet hair and let it dry.

Although this style is suitable for all face shapes, it only works well with medium or thick hair densities.


# 13 Rock Star

Rock Star is a long hairstyle for men that will give you an opportunity to look like your favorite rock idol.

To wear this look, you should start by the flat ironing air dry hair and then apply a texturing crème at the ends of your hair to finish the style. What makes this style special is that it can be worn by people from all types of face shapes and hair densities.


# 14 The Man Tail

Pulling your hair back into a smooth man tail will not only help keep hair out f your face but is also very stylish.

All you need to do for this hairstyle is to apply a small amount of gel on your damp hair then brush it back into a ponytail and secure the ponytail with elastic. The Man Tail is perfect for all hair densities and face shapes.


# 15 Skate Boy Look

hairstyles for long hair


This is a popular style with skateboarders, and it is shaggy on the ends and has a deep side part.

Anybody can look great in this style regardless of the density of their hair and face shape. All you need to pull this look is some good texture lotion.


# 16 Beachcomber

The Beachcomber is a style for anyone who cherishes to play in the sand or surf, and they can wear this style to the office or formal functions.

Beachcomber is suitable for anybody with a long thick hair, but it looks better on curly hairs.


# 17 Middle Part

hairstyles for long hair

Trying a new look with your locks is a good idea and one way to do this is trying to part it in the middle. Just like most other long hairstyles, it is suitable for all face shapes and hair densities.

To wear this look, you should use a small amount of grooming cream and part the hair with your fingers before air drying it.


# 18 New Heights

The New Heights is a simple style that lets your natural hair shine without any complications. New Heights is a suitable hairstyle for men with curly hair and can be worn by people of face shapes and color.


# 19 Model Locks

Few other long hairstyles catch the attention of ladies like the sleek and stylish Model Locks. Model Locks is a polished style that is worn using a relaxed undertone.

It is suitable for all hair densities and light skinned men with oval or round shaped faces.


# 20 Long Texture

This is a bohemian hairstyle that lets you play with the texture of your hair.

To wear this style you should apply a leave in conditioner in your wet air, twist curls and then let your hair air dry before lastly fluffing curls into the desired shape. This style is suitable for African Americans with curly hair.


# 21 Artist Within

The Artist Within is a low maintenance style is suitable for musicians, photographers and artists as it helps them bring out their artistic side.

Applying a grooming crème from the ends of your damp hair and living your hair to dry is all you need to get this style


# 22 The Professional Look

If you are afraid that your long locks will look inappropriate in the office, then you should try an extra polished look.

This look may take up more of your time in the morning, but at least, you will be able to maintain a professional look. For this look, you have to comb the hair neatly after creating the part.


# 23 Modern Bun Long hairstyle

A bun is always a welcome idea for men with long hair but not all buns look great. The modern bun is as simple as it gets and very easy to maintain provided you use quality hair products.

How attractive the bun looks will depend on how keenly you put it together. A bun is suitable for all face shapes and hair density.


# 24 Long Wavy Style

The Long Wavy Style is best suited for men with natural long wavy hair, but some skilled hair stylists can give you this look even if your hair is not wavy. Light skinned people with thick hair density will look the best in this style.


# 25 Twist-In Bun

Twist-In Bun is a long hair styled for men with a shorter mane or those who are just about to work their hair into a ponytail.

This style is made of two sections that are divided and twisted loosely then joined into a low pony. The hair is also twirled in a quick sloppy knot to finish the look.


# 26 Half Up Pony

As the name suggests, this is a semi-bun that requires you to pull up half your hair. All you need to pull this look is to divide your hair into two parts horizontally then tie the upper section with a hairband.

This type of hairstyle is suitable for all hair types and face shapes.


# 27 Braided Rows

Braided rows are interesting and cool in equal proportions, and this is perhaps what makes them popular with men with long hairs.

However, this look may not be appealing to everyone, and so it will take some courage to wear it. Braided Rows go well with a large and well-kept beard.


# 28 Dutch Braids

This is one of the more complicated long hairstyles in this list as it involves undercuts and long hair braided in Dutch rows.

To wear this style divide the hair into as many sections as you want, braid them, combine them into one then tie them with a hairband at the end. This style is suitable for medium and high-density hairs.


# 29 Shoulder Length Side Part

Shoulder Length Side Apart is a style that will add some maturity to a carefree vibe.

This style is often used to style boy’s long hairs, and it involves an indistinct side part with most of the hair being swept over to one side. It is a good style even for formal events.


# 30 The Loose Bun

The Loose Bun is won in two easy steps. The first step is to pull your hair back and up into a simple ponytail, but the knot should not be too tight.

The second step is to pull the ponytail end in an out of the bun, and then twist half of it around your bun and leave the remaining hair loose at the back.


# 31 Down-Samurai

Down-Samurai is a long men hairstyle that is suitable for people who have long wavy hair and a somewhat oval or round face.

To wear this style all you need to do is to tie your hair into a low side ponytail then add as many hairbands as you like or see fit down your hair’s entire length.


# 32 Mid Half-Bun

hairstyles for long hair

The point of this style is to create a bohemian look, and so you will not need to have a perfect bun.

Pull the hair back and a little bit up then tie it in a sloppy knot letting the ends stick out. The point is to make it look as if you work up like this, and so you should not look for perfection.


# 33 Bun, Braids and a Side Undercut

For men with long hair and undercuts, this style gives them the opportunity to stand out.

To pull off this look, you should French braid different sections of your hair and make sure to work close to the scalp. Complete the look with a classic high bun.


# 34 Men’s Fishtail

hairstyles for long hair


Braiding a Fishtail requires some skills and it might even be necessary to visit a professional hairstylist to get this style, but it is worth the effort. Men’s Fishtail will look more spectacular on men with a long straight hair.


# 35 Double Ponytail

hairstyles for long hair


hairstyles for long hair


Divide your hair into two sections using your fingers and tie each of the sections into a separate ponytail.

This style is fun and appropriate when you want to keep your mid length hairs of your face and is better suited for people with a shorter and low or medium density hair.


# 36 Low Ponytail

hairstyles for long hair


hairstyles for long hair


The sleek low ponytail is a simple, elegant men long hairstyle that only works well for very straight long hair. Tie your hair into a low ponytail (tie it at the nape of your neck) and add a small amount of gel to smooth things out.


# 37 Braid Into Bun

This is a highly complex style that will require some personality to get it right. First, you have to shave your hair into a V-shape.

The hair is then worked into what looks like an inverted French braid from bottom up. Finally, it is tied back into a bun halfway up the head.


# 38 Male Pompadour

The Male Pompadour sis not a reserve of people with short hair as you can pull it off with your long hair.

This style can be achieved by teasing for hair roots on top of your head so that you can create the volume that will be further swept back and sideways.


# 39 The Short Curly Bun

hairstyles for long hair

For the men whose hair has natural curls, this will be a good style to try out. It is a medium height bun with the tips of the hair left out.

This style not only adds a cute touch to this classic look but also helps you stay cool in hot weather.


# 40 Side and Back Swept mane

hairstyles for long hair


hairstyles for long hair


Guys with thick hair will find it very easy to pull this style off. Simply wash your hair and once it is dry use your fingers to part it sideways without combing and sweep large portions of the hair to one side.


# 41 Rough and Random

Rough and Random is one of the “shortest” long hairstyles for men and is suitable for men with denser hairs.

The tops of the hair are left longer than the back and sides with the bangs. This style features a rough and random wavy texture with few and strategically placed highlights.


# 42 Symmetry Hairstyle

A straight, shiny and healthy hair is very attractive, and it can boost the confidence of any man. This style looks great when cut in one length, center parted and grazing the shoulders. However, this style looks the best when worn loose.


# 43 Polished Bohemian

hairstyles for long hair


The polished bohemian is a style that is loved by actors, photographers and artists.

This style involves natural-settled and glossy locks, long bangs and subtle parting. The nonchalant laid-back look created by this look is what people love most.


# 44 Layering Hairstyle

hairstyles for long hair


hairstyles for long hair


This shaggy and sexy style involves layering hair down the mid-ear point. Let that rough razor cut ends stick out randomly.

Also makes sure that your top tresses and the bangs remain under control, and there are styled correctly.


# 45 Shaggy Mess With a Single Braid

hairstyles for long hair


hairstyles for long hair


If you want a long men hairstyle that requires almost zero maintenance and no fuss, then this is an ideal choice for you.

All you need to do to this style is to wash and dry your hair then take the small section of the hair and twist it into a simple single wispy braid. This style will look great even on low-density hair.


# 46 Beach Waves

hairstyles for long hair


hairstyles for long hair

This long hairstyle was initially used for rough texture hair, but anyone can pull this natural looking style if they know how to play with their hairs. However, things will be easier for you if you have wavy or curly hair.


# 47 Racy Waves

Men with wavy hair can get creative with their hair by trying out the Racy Waves. The rough waves have a unique manly character that shapes the ends of this style.

Add this to the subtle highlights and you have yourself a perfect style for your long hair.


# 48 Perm Curl

Perm is unmatched when it comes to the styling of black hair, and so if you are having trouble choosing a style for your black hair, you should choose perm curls because you can never go wrong with this.

However, a moderate hair volume is necessary to get this style.


# 49 Man Bob

hairstyles for long hair


hairstyles for long hair

The Man Bob is a hairstyle for long hair and is suitable for hair that is almost the same length, For this style the length of your hair should be anywhere between ear-length and shoulder length.

You can part the hair in the middle for a classic look or part it to one side to get a modern look.


# 50 Subtle layers

hairstyles for long hair


hairstyles for long hair

Subtle layers work well for most types of hair, but the frequency and length of the layers depend on the shape of your face. More layers are more flattering for a rounder shape while few are ideal for men with an angular shape.


# 51 Wet-Look Waves

hairstyles for long hair


The wet-look is currently one of the most popular hairstyles for men with long hair. To create this look, you only need a comb and a hair gel that dries looking wet.

However, you should choose a high-quality wet-look gel that does not stick and does not feel wet.


# 52 Shaggy With Long Bangs

hairstyles for long hair


The long shaggy hair is an attractive hairstyle for men and is full of sex appeal. The long hair also has long bangs and curls and is suitable for most face shapes.

However, this hairstyle will only work well with thin/fine hair as the hair should be enough so as to move around with you.


# 53 Uneven Curls Pattern

Uneven curl pattern is a fun and beautiful hairstyle for men with long hair. This style gives your hair the trendy chic disheveled finish. For this style, you also have the freedom to choose whether to use highlights or not.


# 54 Straight and Sleek

The straight and sleek hairstyle looks great with long hair if done correctly. A slight of center parting and straight hairs tucked behind the ears are two way to complete this look.

To wear this style you should use a mini hair straightener to smooth your locks and apply pomade to slick the hair back.`


# 55 Neat Dreads

Some neat permanent or semi-permanent dreadlocks can be all you need to make your long hair look more stylish.

There is a misconception that dreadlocks can only be worn to communicate a carefree feel, but neat ones can even be used to portray a formal look. The trick behind goof dreadlocks is keeping them healthy and making them match your look.


# 56 Sharp Spiky Look

hairstyles for long hair

This is a flattering look for men with fine straight hair. The Sharp Spiky style is also tinted with some warm tones for an added texture and to give the hair some dimension.

Sharp Spikes are a little bit hard to maintain and so in most cases it is worn as a temporary hairstyle.


# 57 The Rough Blow Dry

hairstyles for long hair


Men often have to use many tricks to maintain their longer locks and to prevent them from looking overly groomed.

Side parting your hair and giving it a rough blow dry will give your hair a natural looking chic side swept appearance.

This style also accentuates your hair texture, and it is suitable for all types of hair including very porous ones.


# 58 Sultry Curls

For men with medium lengths black natural and somewhat messy curls are the best. If you are blessed with a perfect hair texture, then you can make the sultry curls even much better by asking your stylist for a neatly layered haircut and then using some quality products on your hair.


# 59 Straight Choppy Style

hairstyles for long hair


hairstyles for long hair

The Straight Choppy Style is flattering and ideal for any person with a heart-shaped face and medium thick hair. This style looks more amazing when you add some color or fade to your hair.

The good idea is to use Ombre, but you have the option to use anything similar provided you do not overdo things. This style is eye catching and a man wearing it always looks sweet.


# 60 Random Wavy Texture

This style is specifically for people with thick wavy texture because this type of hair settles well in a layered haircut.

There is pretty nothing much to d to get this hairstyle since your thick natural hair is enough, but you can sweep the bangs from the forehead using a comb or your hands and then apply a good styling product to bring out the natural shine of your cool black hair.


# 61 Voluminous Waves

hairstyles for long hair


hairstyles for long hair

Voluminous hair is easier to style, and it looks perfectly with any style, but it will look way much better with the Voluminous Waves.

This style concentrates the volume of the hair at cheek level, and the hair is tapered from the cheek level downwards.

Even if you do not have very voluminous hair, you can use conditioner and a volume boosting shampoos to make your hair more volume so that you can wear this style as it works well for all face shapes.


# 62 Thick Curls

hairstyles for long hair


Thick Curls is quite a unique long hairstyle for men and is popular with round face shape men who have a curly and voluminous hair.

This is because this style is all about volume and so if you want to wear it, and you do not have a voluminous hair you will have to invest in some volume-boosting product.

If you have thick hair, you may not need these products but you should have your hair cut professionally so that it can be styled and shaped correctly.


# 63 Casual Man Bun

The Casual Man Bun is simply the male version of the popular female bun hairstyles. Contrary to what some people may think this style is very masculine and functional for men with medium and very long hair.

To wear this style you should secure your hair with a clear hair tie at the nape of your neck then smoothen it with a non-greasy hair gel.


# 64 Long Ombre Waves

This style works best with fine and thins hair that is also relatively straight because it needs to look sleek and smooth for a maximum impact.

Ombre fade is a relatively new hair color that is popular with celebrities, and it is the key element in rocking this hairstyle. For a perfect look, you should keep the fade subtle to get a more natural look.


# 65 Chin-Length Waves

If your hair is medium length and you are looking for a simple style that you can easily wear then, you should consider the Chin-length Waves.

For this style, you need a side parting and tuck your hairs behind the ear to make your locks look sleek. This style is best suited for people with thick blonde hair.


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Besides the above 90 mentioned hairstyles, there are many more men’s long hairstyles available, and you can always come up with your unique style as it all depends on your creativity or that of your hairstylist or barber.

However, when choosing among the many hairstyles for long hair, you should always choose something that makes you feel comfortable and confident.