20+ Best 90s Hairstyles For Men – Back to the Future

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Men hairstyles keep changing with time and seasons. Sometimes it is for identity, affiliation, sheer expression of fanatic and just a way of fashion. There was a time when long hair was the trend of the day. That passed and then came weaving, and the trends keep changing. But a keen look at past and present hairstyles shows that there are cuts which have never been discarded. They persist, and if necessary, a few remodeling is done to suit necessary changes. Men mostly use hairstyles to define their persona. 90s hairstyles were revolutionary regarding fashion because it was the time when hip hop culture was gaining ground. Men are still enthusiasts of short hair styles which took root in the 90s.

To take you back into the days, here are top 25 men hairstyles that rocked in the 90s. they ranged from teens to music stars and other celebrities.

# 1 The Front Curtained Hairstyle

90s hairstyles

Nicknamed “Young Leo” and the “Nazi Haircut” by its enthusiasts, this hairstyle was a hit among young men and celebrities of the 90s. Brad Pitt and David Beckham well represented this swag among celebrities, but no one donned this hair swag better than the Titanic maestro, Leonardo DiCaprio. But why this famous? Besides the cool aura this hairstyle gave men, it could be worn by both long haired and short haired dudes, thus a good hairstyle choice for many.

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