45 Exquisite Flat Top Haircut Designs – New Style In 2019

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When the flat top haircut came around, it was such a hit that never has died down for over 3 decades now. Those guys who still flaunt this hairstyle look trendy and it reminds you of the greatness that will never lose its taste many years to come. If you still hold some great memories of this legendary style, here are 25 types that will give you a standing ovation where you go.

# 1 Wide High Top with Faded Sides

The sides faded to the skin, the high end begins immediately after the fade and then it widens as it goes up. It is such a lofty look combed to a refined smoothness.

# 2 Medium Brown Flat Top

Expertly trimmed to a medium size, this style is a catch with many men today. With clean faded sides, it is a stunning appearance. The sleekness starts from the front and drops to the back in nice straightness.

# 3 Wavy Hawk

It is styled with waves on the sides with a black bottom and brown top. It is long and contrasted with the bare sides. You’ll get the look of a star with this haircut.

# 4 Tapered Slope

The hair is trimmed to a relatively short size and then curled into short stub-like appearance. With cleared sides and a short straight parting line it is what you would want for easy maintenance.

# 5 Side Groove

The top section is separated from the sides by a grooving line. At the high end, the hair is left with its tips and then given an intended slight side sweep. It is a great finish that gives a new dimension to the flattened landing haircut.

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