45 Classy Haircuts for “Fat” Faces – Find Your Perfect One

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Contrary to the assumption of most people there are many haircuts for “fat” faces guys. And so this just means that the shape of your face should not limit the types of hairdos that you can wear. If you have a “fat” face, you can wear anything from a messy top to stylish Mohawk, and so you just have to choose what looks best on you. However, you hair type, volume and length will also determine the right hairdo for you. The gallery below contains 25 elegant designs that any man with a “fat” face can try out.

# 1 Curly Drop Fade

A stunning haircut like this one will draw attention away from your face shape. It entails maintaining some chunky curls at the top and giving the sides a lovely drop fade.

# 2 Voluminous Blue

Some color also works for “fat” face men especially those with a voluminous hair. In this style the strands have a dazzling blue shade on the side swept top that creates an amazing contrast with the tapered sides and back.

# 3 Tapered Wavy Top with Side Part

A hard side part line can transform any haircut into something magnificent. However, it is not the sole thing that makes this a top notch hairdo because it also has some beautiful waves on the crown and an adorable taper fade on the sides.

# 4 Bald Head with Faded Beard

Going bald is also an option if you have a “fat” face because it will help you avoid the trouble of looking for fancy haircuts. And if you spice up the look with a faded beard then you will look stunning.

# 5 Front Swept Messy Bangs with Skin Fade

To create this magnificent hairdo, you should leave some long textured bangs on the crown and style by sweeping them to the front and making the bangs messy. To finish the look, you should have a skin fade on the sides.

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