50 Exceptional Handlebar Mustache Styles – How to Grow & Care

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Ever heard of the handlebar mustache or the well-known spaghetti mustache? Well, this is a type of mustache that pays close resemblance to the handlebars of a bicycle. It has become a favorite for millions of men across the world. The iconic shape of this mustache has made its popularity grow in leaps and bounds. Despite having a common name, it comes in many different styles. Below I’m going to outline the top 50 inspirational ideas for the handlebar type of mustache.

# 1 The Gentleman Style

The Gentleman Style

This mustache portrays the gentleman in you. The mustache is less thick and comes in blonde. The ends are curved to form a “C” shape. It matches well with short trimmed beards around the chin.

# 2 English Style

English Style

This is among the most famous mustaches. The mustache is of medium thickness and comes in dark color. It is waxed to make it more symmetrical and easy to pull out at the ends to resemble a straight bicycle handlebar.

# 3 Dark Thick Gray Beards

Dark Thick Grey Beards

This mustache creates the illusion of two different faces in one. It is dyed black to create a huge distinction from the thick gray beards. The ends of the mustache thin out to a single strand that curves to create that unique handlebar shape.

# 4 Highlighted Beards

Highlighted Beards

If you desire a blend of two different colors, then this type of mustache will be a brilliant idea. The mustache has dark gray shades that are highlighted with light gray color. The beards and the hair alike come in the same color combination to create uniformity.

# 5 Mustache and Straight Beards on Chin

Mustache and Straight Beards on Chin

This mustache is an ideal choice for those that love to go dark. It provides a black shade that blends in well with a light skin tone. Anyone wearing this mustache needs to have plenty of beard length at the chin. The beard projects horizontally from the chin.

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