60 Effortless Slicked Back Undercut Styles – Easy to Create

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A slicked back undercut is a modern haircut that combines short tapered or faded sides with some brushed back strands on the crown. You can add some texture or color to the strands on the top to spice them up or also some razor line and pattern on the undercut section. This funky hairdo works for all face shapes and hair types. Below is a picture gallery of 35 variations of this amazing style.

# 1 Neat and Tapered

Any man that can replicate this haircut and styling can be sure of a top notch and refined look. It entails leaving some smooth and chic strands on the crown that you should style with an upsweep at the front and brush back. You should then finish the look with a simple skin taper on the sides.

# 2 Textured Blonde Bangs

The blonde shade of the bangs at the top is the highlight of this look. They also have an inventive styling that does not just sweep them back but also gives them a slight side sweep.

# 3 Layered Locks with Side Part

Your layered bangs on the crown may look beautiful especially if your strands have a lovely volume and texture but if you give them a side part and a nice fade on the sides you can be sure of an exquisite appearance.

# 4 Gorgeous Mane and Beard

There is nothing fancy about this haircut because it is a simple slick back with an undercut. However, the skin fade on the sides creates an excellent disconnection with the facial strands to create an appealing overall appearance.

# 5 Finger Combed Layers

If you are not sure what to do with your long, voluminous and dark toned hair then just give them a high taper on the sides and leave some long locks on the crown. And to finish the look you only need to finger comb the strands on the top and push them back in layers.

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