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70 Effortless Slicked Back Undercut and How to Get Them

A slicked back undercut is a modern haircut that combines short tapered or faded sides with some brushed back strands on the crown. You can add some texture or color to the strands on the top to spice them up or also some razor line and pattern on the undercut section.

This funky hairdo works for all face shapes and hair types. Below is a picture gallery of 70 variations of this amazing style.

# 1 Comb Over + Undercut

undercut with slick back hair

Go for an undercut with a comb-over and get a pointy shape for your beard. Even Jason Momoa will be jealous of your look sleek back undercut, and you’ll get to win the queen’s heart!


# 2 Side Comb Over

slicked back undercut for guys

A sharp-dressed man needs a sleek matching hairstyle, and you can achieve that with a low-maintenance undercut with a comb-over.

The haircut is ideal for men with V hairlines and will look fabulous if the long hair is slightly swooped on one side.


  # 3 Sleek Comb Over + Beard

hipster guy with slicked back undercut

Keep your undercut connected with your long beard and style a short trim with a long sleek comb-over.

You can also get a mustache and round the rips for a more fashionable, elegant look.


# 4 Disconnected Undercut

slicked back mohawk with undercut

Disconnected undercuts create a great contrast between the shortly trimmed sides and back and that long, dense, sleek top.

Complete the look by growing a long beard that has a clear outline.


# 5 Taper Fade +Sleek Comb Over

slicked back undercut fade

When you have thick, dense hair, please take advantage of it and lift your roots a little. Then comb the hair on the back to obtain hight and volume.

A taper fade on the sides will draw all the attention on that sleek back undercut.


# 6 Undercut Blowout

slicked back undercut for guys

To obtain that fabulous sleek look, you can go for a medium undercut and a rich top that you can comb-over.

By using hair gel, you’ll get that stunning wet look that will fabulously work with your long beard.


# 7 Ginger Blonde Undercut

slicked back undercut with beard

A sleek comb over with an undercut will transform you into a stylish, sexy man in a matter of minutes.

The hairstyle is relatively low maintenance; all you have to do is use a wide-tooth comb to style your hair and a quality wax or gel product.


# 8 Undercut for Older Men

A sleek comb over hairstyle with an undercut is ageless and is a proper fit for older men that want to look modern and well-groomed.

You can also grow a pointy beard, and don’t worry about those white threads; they will make you look even more ravishing. Such a perfect fit for a sleek long undercut!


# 9 Low Undercut + Man Bun

A temple and back undercut will fabulously accompany that right-on-top man bun.

Grow a beard, and you’ll certainly pull off a state of the art hipster look.


# 10 Combed Over Mohawk

Style a wide mohawk and create an undercut for both sides.

The hairstyle is quite versatile in terms of dyeing because you can opt for a natural shade or create a contrast by changing its color into a vibrant nuance.


# 11 Neat and Tapered

Any man that can replicate this haircut and styling can be sure of a top notch and refined look.

It entails leaving some smooth and chic strands on the crown that you should style with an upsweep at the front and brush back. You should then finish the look with a simple skin taper on the sides.


# 12 Textured Blonde Bangs

The blonde shade of the bangs at the top is the highlight of this look. They also have an inventive styling that does not just sweep them back but also gives them a slight side sweep.


# 13 Layered Locks with Side Part

Your layered bangs on the crown may look beautiful especially if your strands have a lovely volume and texture but if you give them a side part and a nice fade on the sides you can be sure of an exquisite appearance.


# 14 Gorgeous Mane and Beard

There is nothing fancy about this haircut because it is a simple slick back with an undercut. However, the skin fade on the sides creates an excellent disconnection with the facial strands to create an appealing overall appearance.


# 15 Finger Combed Layers

If you are not sure what to do with your long, voluminous and dark toned hair then just give them a high taper on the sides and leave some long locks on the crown. And to finish the look you only need to finger comb the strands on the top and push them back in layers.


# 16 Golden Slick Back

Color can also make a huge difference on your headdress, and this style proves this beyond any doubt.

Here the design maintains some wavy strands on the crown and an undercut on the sides. The introduction of a dazzling golden brown shade to the strands makes the haircut look very adorable.


# 17 Feathered Clipper Cut

An undercut always makes any hairstyle look stunning and in this design it has a beautiful skin fade and a hard part line. And if you combine this with the feathered clipper cut bangs on the crown you will have a fantastic headdress.


# 18 Gelled and Slicked

The quality gel on this hair makes all the difference as it makes it easy to sweep back the strands diagonally and neatly. This haircut also has some tapered sides that combine with the brushed top to create a lovely design.


# 19 Effortless Faux Hawk

You do not need to do much to create this beautiful faux hawk hairdo. A simple undercut in a small portion on each side and leaving some long strands in the middle is enough. However, you also need to style the long strands with a simple brush back.


# 20 Wavy Top and Tapered Sides

The upswept wavy locks at the front of this haircut look incredible. However, the style would not be complete without the side parts and the skillful tapering on the sides.


# 21 Undercut Blonde Bangs

You can never go wrong with blonde locks and in this design they have a beautiful faded undercut and some textured bangs on the crown that you should style by sweeping back in messy layers.


# 22 Fancy Brush Back Undercut

The fade on this undercut is amazing, and it combines with the feathered bangs on the crown to form a very adorable haircut.


# 23 Skillful Tapering and Layering

This haircut is a typical slicked back undercut design, but it looks very distinct. Its distinct look comes from tapering the strands on the sides inventively and leaving some longer ones on the crown that you should style by pushing back in subtle layers.


# 24 Scruffy Brunette Pompadour

It is impossible not to notice a brunette pompadour like this one because it looks majestic. It has a scruffy look that comes from pushing back the long textured bangs on the crown and layering them slightly.

You should also have a smooth fade on the sides as it helps to spice up the overall appearance.


# 25 Soft and Loose Summer Bangs

The golden blonde highlights on this haircut are the first thing that will catch your attention as they give the strands a lovely shade. However, these loose bangs also have an inventive brush back styling and a beautiful fade on the sides that makes them look appealing.


# 26 V-Shape Crop Cut

If you want to replicate this adorable haircut, then you should chop your strand to create a V-shape at the back. You should then brush back the long bangs on the crown and then trim them to form a V-shape and also have a skin fade below them.


# 27 Tidy Skin Fade on a Slick Back

An undercut is not just about chopping the sides short because you also need to give them an inventive fade if you want to look trendy. In this design, it has a skin fade that also supplements the brushed back blonde locks on the crown to create a fantastic hairdo.


# 28 High and Tight Brush Back

Rather than have the traditional high and tight look you can make yours unique by brushing back the strands and spicing them up with a lovely skin fade on the sides.


# 29 Wavy Taper Cut

The best thing about having a long wavy top is that you can style it in many ways. In this particular style, it has a simple brush back design and a smooth taper on the sides that create a very stylish look.


# 30 Zero Fade on a Wavy and Messy Slicked Back Design

A zero fade is easy to achieve, but if you can get it right, it will make a significant difference to your style. In this haircut, it adds some depth to the wavy and messy brushed back strands on the crown.


# 31 Cool Silver Gray Bangs

Silver gray is a fresh and unique color, and it is what makes this hairdo look fantastic. The style consists of a smooth undercut and the silver gray bangs that you should style by sweeping back over the undercut.


# 32 Stylish Slick Back and Taper

This design does not just have brushed back hair, but it also looks very stylish. The sides also have an elegant taper that makes the hairdo look very fashionable.


# 33 Easy Brush Back and Taper

This hairstyle is very easy, and any man can replicate it effortlessly. It entails leaving a patch of long and textured strands on the crown and tapering the sides. And if you pair this with the massive beard then you will look magnificent.


# 34 Light Locks with Buzzed Sides

Instead of giving your undercut the traditional taper or fade you can spice it up with a unique buzz design like in this headdress. The top locks also have a beautiful and light feel and a simple layered brush back.


# 35 Fancy and Modern Pompadour

It is hard to believe that this is a pompadour because it looks nothing like the traditional one. This one has some long textured strands on the crown that you should style with a brush back and finish with a bald fade on the sides and back.


# 36 Fashionable Disconnected Undercut

A slicked back undercut is an easy haircut, and this is one of the main reasons why it is very popular. This particular one entails leaving some lovely blonde locks on the crown and then tapering the sides to create a disconnected look.


# 37 Sexy Blonde Top

The only negative thing about slicking back hair is the fact that most look the same. However, if you spice up yours with a blonde shade on the crown and a smooth tapering on the sides, then you can be sure that you will look unique.


# 38 Classy and Layered V-Cut

V-shape cuts are very adorable, but this one takes things a little further with a simple brush back to create a layered look and by giving the sides a smooth and bald shave.


# 39 Sexy Man Bun

Man buns are as elegant as any hairdo can get, and they will always make you stand out. To create a fancy one like this, you only need to leave some long locks on the crown, pull them to the center of the head and tie them into a tight bun.


# 40 High Bald Fade

Without the high bald fade, this hairdo would be a typical slick back because there is nothing else fancy about it. However, this fade gives it some class and also makes it look very fashionable.


# 41 Undercut and Tuck Back Slick

Modern haircuts for men are all about creativity, and this one is a perfect example of this. It has a smooth undercut, but the highlight of the design is the long straight and brushed back strands that you should style with a simple tuck back.


# 42 Finger Combed Waves

You do not need to use any finishing product if you have a lovely haircut like this one. It entails leaving some wavy locks on the crown and tapering the sides. And to finish the look you only need to finger comb the locks to the back.


# 43 Sleek and Stylish

The wet look of the long locks on the crown makes them look very adorable. They also have an innovative styling that involves sweeping some to the front and the rest to the sides and back.

You should also give the undercut sections clean skin fades to create a disconnection with the facial whiskers.


# 44 Cute Choppy Bangs

The fancy styling pattern of the top locks on this haircut makes them look very adorable. They also have an amazing texture and subtle skin fade on the sides.


# 45 Zero Undercut Swept Back

A zero fade like this one is perfect when you want all the attention to remain on your wavy strands on the crown. The wavy strands at the top also have an excellent hold and brown color that makes them look stunning.


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Idea # 70


You can never go wrong with a slicked back undercut headdress as it is not only easy to create but it also looks good on almost all men.

These haircuts are also very decent, and this makes them ideal for both formal and casual wear. The 70 designs above will give you some inspiration on what you can create.