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60 Manly Slicked Back Haircut Ideas For 2024 (with Pictures)

The slicked back hair has been very popular. It is a style that several celebrities like actors normally rock with. This has led to their fans also wearing this kind of style.

It can be considered as one of the easiest coiffures to make. However, for the first-timers, it may be a challenge to get that perfect look. In this article, we shall be discussing the various slicked back cuts that you can try.

# 1 Slick Center

slick back haircut for men

For a slick look with minimal effort, cut the sides of your hair short but keep the top middle long. Slick it back for an easy, trendy look that works with any outfit or event.


# 2 Smooth Waves

slick back haircut for black men

For wavy afro-textured hair, or any small curls, it’s not impossible to achieve a slicked-back look. Brush the sides backwards and add some product to the top of the hair for a shiny look that stays in place.


# 3 Sleek Man Bun

long slicked back haircut

Keep the sides of the hair short with a hard part between the length on the top. Smooth it back and secure it in a man bun for a modern look that makes you look cool and desirable.


# 4 Older but Still Sharp

slick back haircut for older men

Who said your look would turn rough when you hit your older years? Gentlemen entering their twilight years can still look sharp with a gentle side-slanting slicked-back look. The side parting makes it timeless.


# 5 Classy Curving Sweep

hipster man with slicked back hair

This look reminiscent of the 40s has the hair slick and sweeping back, but with a slight curve to it. The top is thicker than the sides and the bushy beard brings the look into the 21st century.


# 6 Long Top with Fade

slick back haircut for men

The thin but long top is the centerpiece of the hairdo. Meanwhile, the sides are cut into a high fade letting you pay more attention to the stylish beard and mustache.


# 7 Long Sleek ‘Do

men's slicked back hairstyle

For guys who like their hair longer, cut it all to one length and push it behind your ears, out of your face.  It looks clean and frames your jawline from the back.


# 8 Wide Sleek Sweep

slicked back pompadour

Here the sides are almost non-existent, and the top sweeps wide across the top of the head,  slicked back, shining and golden.


# 9 Parted Slick

slick back haircut for guys

There’s some texture to this long top slicked back over short sides. It features a slight middle parting and is fit for casually running your fingers through.


# 10 Slicked Back Quiff

slick back haircut with beard

Though short, even the sides are pushed back, while the top is pushed back and to the side. There’s some volume to it, reminiscent of a classic quiff.


# 11 Classic Slick Back

This is a style that one can try if you have sideburns and beards. The look is done by shaving at the back and at the sides of the head to a small height. The part on top of the head is left longer. To get that perfect look out of it, one needs to have a shock close to the forehead.

A sideline is made to make the head appear divided into two parts. The shaved part on the side is swept sideways downwards while the long one on top is swept in the opposite direction. The part close to the forehead is swept backward forming a neat curve.

The rest of it is then swept backward. The sideburns are cut uniformly while the lower beards are cut to about half an inch long. The hair from the top of the head is swept backward thus giving a perfect look.


# 12 With French Mustache

This is another interesting design whereby a top part of the head is shaven lesser than the sides. It is then swept backward from all the front sides. Its smoothness is enhanced using natural products.

A special thing about this style is the mustache. It is left to look shaggy in a way and the ends of it are twisted to appear like horns below the nose. This is what is referred to as a french mustache.


# 13 Fade It

Fade it cut is done by having hair on the sides cut short in layers. One at the extreme sides is cut very short. Top of the head is left with long and dense curls which are enhanced using natural products and then swept backward.

Since hair in front is longer than that at the back, a small quiff is formed. Dying should then be done to bring out the fade effect. A beard and mustache are also dyed hence the name fade it.


# 14 Perfect Slickness

This is ideal for people with rounded head at the back. It is done by blow drying and then applying enhancing products to make it smooth. At the lower back, it is cut short to about two millimeters long.

Hair is swept back such that there is a smooth transition between long one and short one at the back. It should be black so that the perfect slickness appears good.


# 15 Shaved Side Line

This style is very similar to a classic slick back but a quiff in this cut is taller. However, shaved sideline is more wide since it is about half a centimeter wide or more. The top of the head is left to have long hair so that it can form a longer peak.

A part below the sideline is cut in layers. The one closer is longer than that at the edges. However, curls are swept backwards like all the other slicked back hair.


# 16 Slick Back for Receding Hairline

To achieve this look, it is good to consider if your head is boxed on top. A boxed head makes this design look good since hair is cut short on the edges of the head in boxed manner.

One on top is left long which is then swept backward bringing out the receding pattern. The fur like left on the edges should be the size of about two millimeters.


# 17 Voluminous Cut

This type favors those men with dense hair. To form a voluminous cut, a dense head is needed. Hair should be left to grow to middle length size of about four inch. It should first be blow dried and then enhanced with natural products so that it can maintain any position it is kept.

One close to the forehead is combed backward at the edges. The rest of it is combed towards the middle of the head and the rest towards the back to increase the density in the middle. By doing so, you create a voluminous slick.


# 18 Swept to the Side

This is done by creating a line on one side of the head. A cut is done on the sides in different sizes descending in height from the part line to the edges .The one close to the side line is left taller than the one at the edges.

The part on the other side is left long and swept in opposite directions. In general, if you wear this design, the hair will be side swept.


# 19 Slick with an Arc

This is a style that appears best to those people with rounded heads. Instead of having a straight sideline, an arc one is made whereby the curls on one side are swept along it. The one on the other side is cut short just like the other styles.


# 20 Hanging Bangs

Hanging bangs type is done on long hair. One of the sides is shaved leaving the top of the head unshaven. Sides are shaved in such a way that the part close to the top is longer than that at the end.

The long mane is dyed at the edges to have brown tips. It is then swept towards one of the sides with short hair forming the hanging bangs.


# 21 Slicked in a Bun

It works well with people with long locks. They should first be blow dried and enhanced. The part at the lower sides is cut short and then remaining hair is swept backwards.

Since the mane is very long, a bun is made at the back so that it does not cover the part with fur like size at the back. On the forehead, some hair is swept to fall down the face.


# 22 Undercut Plus

The undercut plus involves shaving on the sides to about two millimeters long. The rest of the hair is left no more than four inches long.

It is then swept towards the center forming a quiff close to the forehead. It should be enhanced so that it maintains the position kept.


# 23 Bearded Man

This look comprise of a slicked side part and a cut on the beard. In this case, a side part forms a small quiff which is swept sideways. An undercut is done so that hair close to the ears is very short.

Side part should appear loose and shiny, thus products like light wax should be applied. This style is not complete without styling a beard.

The length increases from the sideburns downwards. A mustache should be left long and the cut on sides should form an arc.


# 24 Medium Length Hair

In this case, your hair should be averagely long so that you can achieve the style. An undercut is done leaving only a small height. Every part of the head is then swept backward.

Since a part close to the forehead is more dense, a slick is formed which is more smooth. Hair is dyed to appear faded and the same is done to a beard. It is cut short to about two millimeters long.


# 25 Slicked Short Hair

This is an amazing style for men who like short hair with a long beard. The elements in this style are a side part, a very small quiff and a wide sideline cut.

A mustache is cut short and beard is neatly cut on the sides to form almost a rectangular shape on the side. Facial hair on the chin is left long forming a smooth transition from the sideburns down the chin.

A neat undercut is done in layers such that the length decreases downwards.


# 26 Long Tail

This is another look for long hair. It comprises of an undercut and swept back hair that forms a long tail. It covers short hair at the back. It should be blow dried and enhanced to make it soft.

Some brown dye is also applied to it to make it look fade. The tail formed in this case should be in the shape of an arc at the back and not straight as in most styles.


# 27 Extra Slicked

It makes your head look shaven so that a long and dense beard can be noticed. An undercut is done and the remaining hair is enhanced with natural products so that when swept backwards, the height does not go above one centimeter.

The back swept part looks very fine, smooth and shinny. The beard is kept long with an untidy look. It is a good style for men who like keeping their beards in this manner.


# 28 Top Twirl

This look comprises of an undercut with some hair about an inch long close to the sideline. However, length decreases towards the ears. Top hair is blow dried, enhanced and then swept backward.

It is a top part that gives this style a special look. It is twirled such that hair on the head appears loose and some parts are made to lay on top of the other. If combined with mustache, it gives a better look.


# 29 Spiked Up

Perhaps you have long eyebrows, mustache and beard at your chin. This would be a good style for you. Just like the others above, sides are shaven leaving the top side which is swept back forming a tall quiff.

However, using a fine toothed comb, some spikes are made. Eyebrows, mustache and beard at the chin are swept upwards to form facing spikes.


# 30 V Shape Nape

If your hair is somehow hard and long, this could be the style you are looking for. Sides are shaven to a size less than two millimeters which increases towards the top.

A head part is swept back and bundled in a way where it forms a V shape from the front to the back. Where the two bundled curls meet at the nape, they are bent forward forming a V shape nape.


# 31 Shaved Sides

This is almost similar to the long tail. The top hair is designed into a pony tail and main difference is an undercut.

Sides are shaven almost uniformly leaving a very small height like the size of fur. A beard and the sideburns are also shaven. A smart cut is done on the front of each sides giving it a nice look.


# 32 High Peak

This involves classic styling since different parts of the head are shaven in different sizes. A top part is left with very long hair which decreases in height backwards. One on the sides is also trimmed and completely shaven.

A sideburn height should be similar to the hair next to it forming a neat line downwards. The top is then swept back in a way it forms a high peak close to the forehead.


# 33 Shaved Perfection

This style has the top part combed sideways to form a small bundle on top. A sideline cut is done which is about a centimeter wide.

Beneath it, a small line of hair which is swept backward is left followed by a clean shave. That is the part next to the ears. It can be combined with a french mustache to look better.


# 34 Disconnected Beards

In most of the above styles, a beard is well connected with hair forming a smooth transition. However, in this cut, an undercut is done in such a way that sides are completely shaven.

Sideburns start from the point without hair and their size increases in both height and breadth downwards. A chin has the high volume of beards which is long and curled in a way. A beard is also dyed to have a cream like color.


# 35 Hard Part Line and Beard

A hard part line in this style separates a top part and an undercut. Hair and beard are connected forming a smooth transition.

The beard’s height increases downwards and one thing that is evident in this appearance is the fact that facial hair is kept shaggy unlike the hair. The voluminous shaggy beard gives the style a nice look.


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As per the descriptions above, you can now be able to choose one of the slicked back hair styles of your choice. The size of your hair and beard matters.

It is also good to note that this look can be used by those men who would like to hide a bald spot at the head. Therefore, you should not just try any, evaluate yourself and you will achieve that perfect look which will make people single you out from the rest.