50 Gorgeous Slicked Back Hair Ideas – Express Yourself

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The slicked back hair has been very popular. It is a style that several celebrities like actors normally rock with. This has led to their fans also wearing this kind of style. It can be considered as one of the easiest coiffures to make. However, for the first timers, it may be a challenge to get that perfect look. In this article, we shall be discussing the various slicked back cuts that you can try.

# 1 Classic Slick Back

Classic Slick Back

This is a style that one can try if you have sideburns and beards. The look is done by shaving at the back and at the sides of the head to a small height. The part on top of the head is left longer. To get that perfect look out of it, one needs to have a shock close to the forehead. A sideline is made to make the head appear divided into two parts. Shaved part on the side is swept sideways downwards while the long one on top is swept in the opposite direction. The part close to the forehead is swept backward forming a neat curve. The rest of it is then swept backward. The sideburns are cut uniformly while the lower beards are cut to about half an inch long. The hair from the top of the head is swept backward thus giving a perfect look.

# 2 With French Mustache

With French Mustache

This is another interesting design whereby a top part of the head is shaven lesser than the sides. It is then swept backward from all the front sides. Its smoothness is enhanced using natural products. A special thing about this style is the mustache. It is left to look shaggy in a way and the ends of it are twisted to appear like horns below the nose. This is what is referred to as a french mustache.

# 3 Fade It

Fade It

Fade it cut is done by having hair on the sides cut short in layers. One at the extreme sides is cut very short. Top of the head is left with long and dense curls which are enhanced using natural products and then swept backward. Since hair in front is longer than that at the back, a small quiff is formed. Dying should then be done to bring out the fade effect. A beard and mustache are also dyed hence the name fade it.

# 4 Perfect Slickness

Perfect Slickness

This is ideal for people with rounded head at the back. It is done by blow drying and then applying enhancing products to make it smooth. At the lower back, it is cut short to about two millimeters long. Hair is swept back such that there is a smooth transition between long one and short one at the back. It should be black so that the perfect slickness appears good.

# 5 Shaved Side Line

Shaved Side Line

This style is very similar to a classic slick back but a quiff in this cut is taller. However, shaved sideline is more wide since it is about half a centimeter wide or more. The top of the head is left to have long hair so that it can form a longer peak. A part below the sideline is cut in layers. The one closer is longer than that at the edges. However, curls are swept backwards like all the other slicked back hair.

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