75 Dashing Short On Sides Long On Top Haircuts – Be Creative

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Guys agree on a great haircut when they see it. Short on sides long on top is a more agreeable hairstyle among men due to its class. It would be the easiest task to get one that will go all the way and make you perfect for your routines. Simplicity and flexibility are things that you would want in your new hairstyle and that is a promise you can get if you choose one or two of the 75 hairstyles elaborated here.

# 1 Rock Look & Bangs

You can definitely attest to the fact that any cut with bangs does not disappoint. The top is left long and part of it given a back drag. But the catchy effect is with the bangs that are drawn to one side and they fall to as low as your mustache. For guys with thick beards this is the rocking style you would want.

# 2 Long Wild Curls

Are you noticing the details in every strand you are seeing on this style? The side curvy lines are extremely touching but wait until you get to the long top. The stands are curly and they make an impression that you normally see with celebrities. It is time you go wild and bring life to your style with the long curls.

# 3 Compact & Locks


Cute guys want to bring all the nice looks for the ladies to see. Compact and locks is smoothened at the sides of the long hair but left with shorts locks at the tips. It is a daring style but it gives prominence to your nice looks. This is a look you will not have to think twice to tell you barber to do it. It is the easiest decision you will have to make for a haircut.

# 4 Mini Pony Tail

You are not wrong to think that you can have a pony tail for your short on sides design. Mini pony tail is an answer that comes to you easily. The tail is not that long but it is just enough for the good looks you end up getting. Not much that you have to do to have it, just giving the details to your barber.

# 5 Brown Crown

Guys with brown hair have a variety of choices to make when it comes to your haircut. The brown crown is fetched from the top perk judging it by the stunning looks it gives you. It is tallest at the front hairline and it recedes in size towards the back. The head side bundles of hair are drawn towards the center to make a stout look. 

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