75 Awe-Inspiring Shaved Side Hairstyles – The Hottest Trends

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Shaved side hairstyles are very popular with men as they make them look trendy, presentable, cool and stylish. They are also very easy to achieve because you only need to shave clean, taper or fade the sides. However, the style on your crown also determines how adorable you will look in this modern design. And if you are thinking of trying it out the haircuts below will give you some ideas on how you will look.

# 1 Side Part and Skin Fade

Side Part and Skin Fade

This hairdo shows that you should not just make the sides short, but you should instead give them a fashionable style like a side part and a smooth skin fade. And if you pair this with some upswept textured bangs you will look incredible.

# 2 Intricate Razor Patterns

Intricate Razor Patterns

The fancy razor patterns on the sides make this haircut look very classy, and it is hard to believe that it is a traditional Caesar cut.

# 3 Vintage Double Lines

Vintage Double Lines

Some short upswept bangs on the crown are lovely, but you can still enhance its appearance with two double lines on the side and a classic high fade design.

# 4 Clean and Neat

Clean and Neat

Shaved side hairstyles do not have to complicate because if you keep things simple and neat like in this style, you will still look outstanding. However, you should also have a fancy design on the crown as this also enhances the overall appearance.

# 5 Thick Wave and Blurry Fade

Thick Wave and Blurry Fade

The thick waves on the top in this hairdo are amazing, and they help to make the face appear longer than it is. This style also has an amazing blurry fade that spices up the look and gives it some class.

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