50 Exquisite Ways To Wear Caesar Haircut – In 2019

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Have you ever heard of Caesar haircut? Julio Caesar was a Roman emperor more than 2000 years, but his reputation still lives on. Besides from having a calendar month and many other important things named after him many still envy his leadership and it has also been a popular subject of study for many centuries. However, Caesar was also very fashion conscious, especially with his hairstyle. He used to keep an equal length hair throughout the head that was then styled forward. It was more popular in the 1990’s but is slowly making a comeback, and as it is getting back in trend, many variations have come up. There are now many Caesar haircut variations that you can choose from and provided you keep the right length and do the correct styling you have the freedom to experiment with different styles.

# 1 Wavy Bangs & Razor Fade Sides

Wavy Bangs & Razor Fade Sides

This style is a modern variation of the emperor’s hairdo, and it is a good example of how an ancient look has undergone a tremendous transformation over the years. A long top is maintained while the sides and back are razor faded. The long wavy top bangs are then styled forward to give the characteristic Caesar look. Although the haircut looks good like this, it will look even better when paired with a long beard.

# 2 Short Caesar Cut

Short Caesar Cut

The traditional emperor’s cut involves hair that is anywhere between one and three inches long, but the modern cuts are not bound by this rule. In this particular do, the top hairs that are styled forwards to give the Caesar appearance are less than an inch long, and the sides and back are closely shaved using a clipper. Since hair is very short, one should not maintain any facial hairs so as to ensure that all the attention remains on the current hairstyle.

# 3 Classic Fringe with Fade

Classic Fringe with Fade

A top section fringe can still form an amazing Caesar cut when styled correctly. Although they are simple and natural in this hairdo, the way they are styled forward towards the forehead is what makes them an emperor’s hairstyle. The nicely done fringes are then combined with a high fade on the sides.

# 4 Angular Short

Angular Short

Angular cuts may be tricky to shave because only skilled barbers can be able to get the angles right. However, if the angles are done accurately and neatly, they can enhance any haircut and make it look outstanding. In this style a short hair is maintained at the top then it is combed forward into a Caesar style with the sides and back closely shaved. To finish the look sharp right angles and curved lines are shaved on the hairline.

# 5 Medium Length Bangs with Undercuts

Medium Length Bangs with Undercuts

Very little is done on this mane to give it the emperor’s look like most of it is natural hair. Apart from maintaining long bangs, hair is given some undercuts and then styled forward to cover about an inch of a forehead. Note that only the hairs up to the crown are pushed forward while the rest of the hair is styled to the back.

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