35 Smart Reasons To Wear Chinstrap Beard – Be Sexy

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A chinstrap beard defines masculinity without a struggle and does it well. Once you have decided you want a style on your facial hair, you have to keep it in shape to make a great statement. Here are 35 reasons why you should have one of the chinstrap kinds of stubble, and they would be worth your sampling.

# 1 Short Trim Full Beard

The fall begins at the earlobes and makes way to the under chin. It is accompanied by a decently trimmed mustache and the small part  of it under the lower lip. This is beauty at its best and you would want to have such a modest appearance.

# 2 Wide & Close Swing

The top of the sideburns make a connection with the lower hair sides and drops through the cheeks to the underside of the lower jaw. It maintains a length close to the skin but try not to expose it. It gets wider at the bottom thus forming a swing-like appearance.

# 3 Balbo Goatee with a Strap

At the tip of the chin, it gets relatively thick and spreads upwards. It then sinks in the thick long mane that falls to the sides from the top of the head. The mustache is faded to nothingness and this is a style you can go everywhere you wish to even for formal functions.

# 4 True Strapping Beard

True Strapping Beard


To create the strap, this cut does not need the mustache hence it is completely running from the sides to the under jaw. It not long in length but it is given a deserving thickness that leaves it rich in black. The only addition is the small portion that protrudes under the tiny hole on the lower lip.

# 5 Aligned to the Jawlines

Here is the beard for the guy who does not want it long and covering most of his face. The sparse trim is only at the jawlines and it leaves a good emphasis on the jaw bones and at the same time leaving the face to show its attractiveness.

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