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45 Smart Reasons To Wear Chinstrap Beard – Be Sexy

A chinstrap beard defines masculinity without a struggle and does it well. Once you have decided you want a style on your facial hair, you have to keep it in shape to make a great statement.

Here are 45 reasons why you should have one of the chinstrap kinds of stubble, and they would be worth your sampling.

# 1 Old Fashioned Strap & ‘Stache

chinstrap beard style

Starting off with a classic look, the rockabilly hair takes us back to the 50s while the chin strap beard shows off chiseled features. It pairs wonderfully with a similarly shaped mustache.


# 2 Thick Around the Chin

slick back hair with chinstrap beard

This chin strap beard brings out the shape of the face but hides the shape of the chin as it grows thicker and closer to the mouth. It’s disconnected from a light mustache that completes the look.


# 3 Minimalistic Strap

classic chinstrap beard

Here’s a great look for youthful guys who want to look older without the hassle of a full beard. The thin, basic strap runs around the jaw and extends along the chin towards the lip.


# 4 Patterned Strap

funky chinstrap bearded guy

Here’s a twist on the classic chin strap. It runs the length of the jaw and chin but with strips of bare face in between square patches of hair. Perfect for an eye-catching look.


# 5 Thick and Curly

chinstrap beard for black guys

This style suits guys who have thick but short facial hair. The chin strap extends from ear to ear around the jawline, tight to the face but wonderfully dense. It emphasizes the shape of a soft face.


  # 6 Low Strap and Goatee

chinstrap beard

This strap starts along the bottom jaw, not by the ears. It pairs with a goatee and soul patch for a neat, put-together look that draws the eyes to your lips – this is one girls will adore.


# 7 Scruffy Strap

handsome guy with chinstrap beard

This is a scruffy chin strap, a little jagged, getting thicker around the chin. It goes effortlessly with a similarly textured mustache and minor soul patch to tie the look together.


# 8 Stubbly Strap

hipster style chinstrap beard

This chin strap is a little taller than most. The strap goes from ear to ear thickly, but thinner stubble extends upwards from it all along the face. The mustache is the same thickness as the initial strap for a put-together appearance.


# 9 Simple Fuzzy Strap

chinstrap beard for men

Here’s another look for guys with a softer jawline. A thick chin strap from ear to ear brings out the shape, hiding the softness beneath the beard.


# 10 Ultra Thin with Thicker Mustache

classic chinstrap

This chin strap is barely there, a clean line of hair with stubble surrounding it. The mustache that meets it is far thicker, square with rounded corners, for a sharp look that doesn’t look too unnatural.


# 11 Short Trim Full Beard

The fall begins at the earlobes and makes way to the under chin. It is accompanied by a decently trimmed mustache and the small part  of it under the lower lip.

This is beauty at its best and you would want to have such a modest appearance.


# 12 Wide & Close Swing

The top of the sideburns make a connection with the lower hair sides and drops through the cheeks to the underside of the lower jaw.

It maintains a length close to the skin but try not to expose it. It gets wider at the bottom thus forming a swing-like appearance.


# 13 Balbo Goatee with a Strap

At the tip of the chin, it gets relatively thick and spreads upwards. It then sinks in the thick long mane that falls to the sides from the top of the head.

The mustache is faded to nothingness and this is a style you can go everywhere you wish to even for formal functions.


# 14 True Strapping Beard

True Strapping Beard


To create the strap, this cut does not need the mustache hence it is completely running from the sides to the under jaw.

It’s not long in length but it is given a deserving thickness that leaves it rich in black. The only addition is the small portion that protrudes under the tiny hole on the lower lip.


# 15 Aligned to the Jawlines

Here is the beard for the guy who does not want it long and covering most of his face.

The sparse trim is only at the jawlines and it leaves a good emphasis on the jaw bones and at the same time leaving the face to show its attractiveness.


# 16 Thin Sideburns & Thick Chin

You can see the skin through the sideburns. The thickness comes from the lower jaw underside and the region around the jowl.

The sideburns are linked to the lower ends of the head hairstyle and a trimmed mustache adds the glitter to entire visage. It is simple but one that will be an eye-catching creation.


# 17 White Short & Thick Stubble

White is such a color that never escapes attention. Giving it the strapping appearance is even better to give your style a new lease of beauty. The whiteness begins at the sideburns and drops towards the jaw where it gets thick and long.

The small patch at the lower lip also makes a contribution to the collection and it ends in a scenic grooming that you would not think twice to decide whether you want it or not.


# 18 Acute Trim Strap with Mustache

You can tell how intense the barber was with the blades from the sideburns. It is close and leaves the hair patch outstanding.

Just like most of other strapping styles, the beard gets thick at around the chin and its underbelly. The mustache is left thin and makes this a trending beard style for those who want to define their looks with a touch of modernity.


# 19 Clear & Thin

For the guy who wants to make a statement of boldness, this is how close and thin the strap can get. It starts at the confluence with the head’s hair and drops through the sideburns in a thick but noticeable line.

It grows long and thick at the tip of the jowl. The mustache is also thin to be in sync with the mood set by the rest of the parts.


Trim & Grow the Beard to Perfection

It does not matter whether you want to keep a full beard or a smaller section of it, you have to keep it trimmed at the right places.

Here are ways that will ensure that you give your mane a deserving trim from time to time;

# 20 Trimming Tools

Trimming Tools

The first thing you need is a reliable, high-quality trimmer. This will make the work easy on your part and achieve desirable results.


# 21 Thorough Washing

Washing your beard before a trim is always advisable for it to grow to perfection. It keeps it moist and in good condition even after a close trim.


# 22 Dealing with the Mustache

Dealing with the Mustache

For your mustache, comb it downwards before a trim and ensure that you get it right with the edges. Having every strand in its place gives you a deserving outlook.


# 23 Mirror is Essential

A mirror is a crucial tool that will give you an assessment on where to trim and where to leave for a gorgeous finish.


# 24 Handling Intense & Close Trims

Handling Intense & Close Trims

Ensure that you get it right with the intense of the trim. A good and easy to handle beard shapelier will ensure that you have an even finish.


# 25 Keep True to Your Kind of Beard

Keep True to Your Kind of Beard


If you want to have a refined and defining strap beard then you have to stick to your kind of beard. Give it a trim along its natural contours and you will always achieve desirable end results.


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Quick Tips to Maintaining Chinstrap Beard

Tips to Maintaining Chinstrap Beard

Maintaining a nice look with your mane will vary from one person to another. There are those who only need a simple trim and they will be an attraction that the girls cannot resist. For others, it will be a process that takes time. But for the general handsome appeal, here quick tips to keep your beard appearance on the check:

  • Before you give your beard a trim or a shave, let it grow to almost 1cm outwards. For some, it may take weeks before reaching such a length but be patient.
  • A good trim should go close to the skin as it leaves a clear demarcation between the shaved and non-shave areas.
  • Tidying up the edges after you are done is crucial to the overall good impression. It clears any flaws you may have made with the razor and give your beard a professional finesse.
  • Do not try to copy others, since your style, type of beard and shapes of jaws are not the same in every person.


Now you have a chance to refine your chin hair and keep it in oozing dalliance. It can’t be as easy as it gets here and the promise of beauty and trendiness is at your hands.

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