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50+ Exquisite Goatee Designs – Improve Your Looks

Who would not concur that a well groomed goatee is an excellent style for the guys?

You thought the same and that is why it would be injustice not to your attention on all the styles you can choose from for your new guy look.

Sometimes dubbed as the Billy goat style, it is a popular cut you should consider having one on you today. But where would you begin? Here are 50+ styles that would be an excellent choice for modern trendiness.

# 1 Trimmed Sides

goatee beard

This goatee design looks amazing with neatly trimmed hair. The way the hair are trimmed gives you a horseshoe goatee look. These is small soul patch as well under the lower lip and above the chin to complete your goatee look.


# 2 Salt and Pepper Look

vintage goatee beard

This goatee style is for the ones who want to look chic and glamorous. The major volume of hair is focused on the chin while thin line of hair connects the moustache with the chin hair. The salt and pepper hair makes your goatee very classy.

# 3 Connected Goatee

goatee design

For a neat look, you can go with this goatee design. The painter’s brush moustache connects with the goatee with a thin line of hair. The hair on the chin are thicker but neatly shaped with a thin soul patch.


# 4 Egyptian

goatee design

This goatee look is ideal if you are not fond of a lot of facial hair. The moustache, beard, and soul patch are completely shaved while the chin has some hair that gives you an Egyptian goatee look.


# 5 Anchor Goatee

men's goatee

This goatee look is really cool with neatly trimmed facial hair. The pencil moustache adds a classic look to your goatee and is disconnected from the hair on the chin. The soul patch connects with the chin hair to form anchor goatee.

# 6 Soft Van Dyke

This style is tailored in a short fashion but nothing misses in every detail. It is some sort of a brush that clings onto the chin.

It is not extensive as it only ends within the mouth space and leaves the cheeks and face bare to create a striking contrast.


# 7 Wide Chin

A medium sized beard is an excellent match for your bear head (if this is your favorite hairstyle). It is thick and covers the entire chin hence the name wide.

The barber makes sure that it does not interfere with lower lip and it leaves space for your kissing and eating. You would love the easiness that comes with such a bristle.


# 8 Red & Classy

Classic styles are attractive but they are even more formidable if you add some color into it.

A red dye will give it the treacherous appearance and it may be something you want for your trendy appearance. Just crafted to cover the chin, it is stunning and you do not need any sideburns to make it outstanding.


# 9 Precise White

Many guys would cherish a peach fuzz facial hair. Precise white is short and classy to meet any of your wishes nicely covered chin.

It is drawn towards the front but it does not go far from the source and the precision is what you will want to have such a great look.


# 10 Petit Tuft

For those who want chin tuft growing an inch or more from the lower jaw, petit is the way to go. It is not so much inclined to the name ‘petit’ since it is longer than most other shorter styles.

It makes some good waves with each strand and it is not combed to leave it roughed but there is decency in every way.


# 11 Black Textured

You would not notice that the beard is soft unless you actually touched it. It seems rough as it makes a close groove around the chin.

As it makes a joining with the sideburns, you can see what a master piece this one is. You are looking exactly how celebrities would want to be but this time you did not have such a hassle to acquire it.


# 12 Extremely Short

You may be the type that never has adequate time in their hands to tend to a long beard. If that is your concern you have a perfect answer in extreme short.

It is trimmed to acute shortness that makes the chin astounding and a lady would love the touch of it.


# 13 Stubble

Another one from the short beaucatcher styles, stubble is the eye-turner you have never had for this long.

It is refreshing and you do not have to dedicate much time to keep it in place. It is great in its simplicity and that is what the original idea was all about.


# 14 Barely Visible

You cannot see the beard without a close look, right? You would not without stressing your eyesight and that is the genius creativity with this close shave.

The short stubble exposes the chin flesh but you are mistaken if you think that there is no hair there. It is simple and you would not have any problem for your formal look.


# 15 Sly Guy Appearance

It may not be your nature to be sly but facial hair would tell much of your story than you would do with your actions.

This is a notorious look with a sparse appeal. For the guys who do not have much hair around their chin this would make up for all of that.


# 16 White Beauty

Yes the beauty is here and it is all in white for you to see. A white cilia is for you if you like more attention around your beard. It is exotic and unique such that the next guy would wish to have one of their own.


# 17 Sensual Look

A real guy would not want a messed up beard to spoil a first date. Sensual look would be for your taking.

It is short and flexible that you will only need a hands swipe around the chin and you are ready for the day. It is a promise of simplicity but more of it can be seen by whoever you want to meet.


# 18 Scruffy


A medium look would not be such a bad idea. Scruffy will be the best bet for you if you are the kind of a guy who does not want a complicated facial hairs.

It is a master piece and you would not complain for the looks that guys go wild for.


# 19 Admiral Style

You want to be an admiral of styles but not the badges? You have that in this white beard that originates from the fall of the lower lip.

It is petite and you are authoritative in it so to say. Guys want something from the unique slate and here you have all that.


# 20 For Young Boys

Exception in every strand is what a guy would want especially if you are just growing facial hair.

Young boys would want to look like real men and here is a short imperial look that will give you an edge when it comes to chasing the gals.


# 21 Stubble Goatee

It would be right to say that this is the king look of the beavers. Rightly under the chin and lower lip, it is exudes sweetness that any man would be confident in approaching the gorgeous lady you have had a crush on.

Expertly tended, the stubble does not miss the greatness of a star.


# 22 Fashion Icon

What you see is what you get in this type. Here is a style that leads the pack of the best beards to ever grace men’s fashion.

It is no wonder that top celebrities will make the choice easy for such a beard due to its iconic status. You are joining greatness if this is the cut you would want for your chin.


# 23 Full Beard

Full Beard

Here is what the millennial age group would call ‘dopest’ style. It is excellently cut from the ages but you can see that the full beard is left intact.

You may not make a clear distinction from the sections of the facial hairs but it is there to remind you there are excellent barbers who know how to handle your fashion needs.


# 24 Hipster Style

Keeping abreast with the kind of music you love is not a big deal anymore. You can make your statement with your he-goat beard.

The hair at the chin is grooved to give it the ‘hippy’ look and you are right you made such an informed decision. You are at your best for your next performance.


# 25 Black Uniqueness

Most guys do not favor the thick look for a beard. They want their lips left in the clear. Black uniqueness delivers such a look and it is not a hassle for you.

With a short black around the chin, it is the appearance that is not common and you are sure to get admiration from that lady you want to kiss.


# 26 Handlebar

The handlebar look on your chin would be such a refreshed appearance after many years in a style you have not wanted.

It is suitably placed to give your chin the prominence it deserves and for once you will not have to spend so much time before the mirror trying to put each strand in its place.


# 27 White & Thin

Whenever you have the white impression under your lower lip, you are the catch among your friends.

A thin white patch comes down from the lower lip and does not make it to the chin. It is left in an intended suspense and that is a creativity you would appreciate.


# 28 Scattered Chin

You do not need to have a thick grunter on your chin to get noticed. A sparse impression would be just enough to pass for your fashion consciousness.

The hair is left in single strands giving it deserved breathing spaces and you can feel refreshed even in tepid weather. It is simple but does not miss the details for a super appearance.


# 29 With Sideburns

Sideburns are great additions to your facial look. They are even more pronounced if they accompany a less dominant Billy beard.

The sides run all the way form the head sides and end up at the lower chin. It complements any sparse endowment at the chin and you are an eye-catcher in the streets.


# 30 Long Brown

There are a few long styles but when you find one it will be a true stunner that you will instantly want. The hair from the chin is let to grow wild and long.

The mustache is given a nice touch to form a pattern that complements what runs below. For your boldness, you get a present of a lifetime in this look.


# 31 Thick Under Chin

Thick Under Chin


Having hair at the front chin is not your fun, no problem. You can as well have it on the underside.

The hair is trimmed and left to a considerable thickness that goes deeper to the throat level. It is even more justified with thin sideburns that will not take away the attention from it.


# 32 Notorious White

Once more, this is a treat from the white facial hairs. The chin is clean-shaven leaving a small bundle of whiteness that drops an inch or so.

The patch on top lip makes an extension to the sides and looks like the dominating part of the entire ensemble. It is notoriously great and you will be proud to have a taste from ancient cuts.


# 33 Island Chin

All the facial hair except eye lashes and eyebrows is shaved to a sparkle. The top of the chin is left looking like an island.

It is thick and short both of which are intended for a guy who rocks with simplicity. Its flexibility will also be something that will grab your attention and all for the right reasons.


# 34 Petit Billy

The mustache is mopped into a flat bundle contrasting the clean shaved chin. A thin white stout thicket is left at the underside of the lower lip. It does not go beyond the end of the chin.

You need such a cut to keep your lips exposed and you will have the flexibility to have a kiss from all angles.


# 35 Long & Plaited

A plait at the low chin goes way back to ages of facial and hair styling. After an allowance of an inch, the rest is plaited to form a unified extension that is noted at the end. If facial tattoos are your thing here is a style that will go in hand with it.


# 36 Cropped Chin

With the chin covered on the front, sides and underside, you have that just look ladies would wish on their boyfriends. It is simplified since you do not need a cut every other day.

The cropped effect is brought about by the intention to leave the chin and its surroundings covered.


# 37 Short Wide

From the sides, the beard grows towards the chin. Another growing front comes from under the lower lip to form a convergence. With no sideburns, attention is left on the middle bun and you are the top look in your town.


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Idea # 57


Now you have a goatee that you have always wanted. Whether you want it long, short or invisible, you have your wish granted.

Keep watching this space for more of your favorite cuts and beards. It can never get easier than having the hard work done for you and yours is only making the choice on what to pick.