65 Fabulous Rockabilly Hair For Men – Epochal Tradition

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Rockabilly hair refers to styles made popular during the advent of rock and roll music. These were greased styles with high volume that generally looked very neat and polished. Modern rockabilly hair draws inspiration from these retro styles and has created a host of hairstyles – ranging from the classic pompadours and jelly rolls to more trendy takes on these styles. These pictures show some of the most sought after looks – prepare to be inspired!

# 1 Pomp It Up

Here an undercut has been performed that has been gently tapered. The long hair on top has been slicked back and given volume in the pompadour style.

# 2 Endless Moves

In this very chic rock and roll inspired style the hair has been styled into a rounded wave that curves on the head. His locks are slicked back, adding precision and shine to this look.

# 3 Straight Out Rock

In this picture, we see an undercut that runs along the nape of the neck. The rest of the hair is long and has been brushed up from the neck, bring all the hair forward. The hair has then been fixed in place with the product.

# 4 Rockabilly Spin

Quite a singular look has been created here with the hair being pulled into two long fold-overs at the back. These fall forward – creating a high volume look in front.

# 5 Concert Hair

Heading to a music concert? Try this simple 50’s look! Here medium length locks have been combed back severely, having just the slightest light in front. Complete the look by adding some grease to hold it in place.

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