50+ Eye-Catching Greaser Hair Styles – Find Your Fashion

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The greaser hair is from a time when looking good or keeping a beautiful mane was what defined a classy man. In the 1950’s it was all about style, but men were more conservative and would only go for hairdos that were simple but also elegant. The use of a generous amount of gel or pomade on any cut was found to be fashionable, and no look would be complete without this. Over the years, these designs have made a comeback, and the following 51 hairdos are examples of the favorite greaser styles that modern men wear.

# 1 Wavy & Tapered

Tapering helps men avoid cutting their hairs very short on the sides or fading them if they do not like it. In this style a longer top is maintained then the sides tapered to create a receding hair length as you move from the top. Some pomade or gel is then used on the mane and it is combed up and backwards at the top. The sides are also combed back to create a gorgeous wavy and tapered haircut.

# 2 The Side Roll

The side roll is a modern variation of this classic hairdo and demonstrates the less conservative nature of the modern man and the changing tastes and preferences. In this cut the sides are given a beautiful fade and long hair is left in the top and middle section and goes all the way to the back. Some products are used in the longer hair and then it is given a fantastic side roll that also creates a single curl at the front.

# 3 Classic Elvis Presley Greaser

During his reign as the king or rock and roll, Elvis was also a fashion trendsetter especially when it came to the hair. However, his pompadour greaser haircut is his most famous hairstyle, and it is still being worn decades after his death. His rockabilly hairdo was created by leaving a longer top that was then flipped back to form an exaggerated look with the shorter sides also being pushed back. Just like most other styles in this era, a lot of gel or pomade was required.

# 4 Greasy Push Back

Looking at this mane, you would be tempted to think that the wearer intentionally made it into thin locks. But this actually the effect of the hair products used. Here a generous amount of gel is applied then the hair is pushed back to create beautiful bangs that flow to the back. To make the cut more interesting, two of the locks are brought forward over the face.

# 5 Retro Side Part

Side parts can be found in many modern styles, and so it is only fair to have a variation of the greaser with a part. This style keeps the high top and short sides but the maintaining it what makes it fabulous. The introduction of the side part makes all the difference with the extended crown being back and side swept. Shorter hairs below the side part are then also slicked.

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