50 Classy Military Haircut Styles – Choose Yours

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Military haircut looks great on men and boys of all ages, and this perhaps explains their widespread popularity. These styles are called so because they have their origins in the military where they are the standard cuts that any person serving in the military should wear. They are short, simple and clean. This makes them very easy to maintain as with most of them there is almost nothing else you need to do except to apply a quality hair product. Although any short haircut can be categorized as a military hairdo, there are some particular types of cuts that are often classified under this category and below are 50 of them.

# 1 High and Flat Top

This style is for men who would like to have themselves a neat military style but do not wish to cut their hair very short. This cut is made of a slightly high, 2 to 3 inches, top that is flattened to complete the look. Although it is a military cut, you would hardly see this in junior officers, but it is popular with senior members of the military.

# 2 High and Spiky Cut

Naturally spiky hair can also make an incredible military style if you know how to cut it. If you cut the hair very short like in other military cuts, your natural spikes will not be visible. And so you should leave a longer hair at the top part of the head to show off your spikes and then shave or trim the sides and back to ensure that all the attention remains on the spiky hair at the top.

# 3 Crew Cut with a Side Brush

In the crew haircut, enough hair is left at the top so that it can be combed or brushed to one side. The sides and back are cleanly shaved, and there is a shorter hair that is left immediately after the top section. This style is most suitable for men with a round or oval face shape, but the best thing about it that it can look good on almost any type of hair except thin locks. The side brush in this cut helps to decrease the level of the hair, and so it is important to have it to complete this look.

# 4 The Regulation Cut

The regulation cut is a standard hairstyle for highly ranked military officers, but not all of them wear this cut. It involves leaving, at least, two inches of hair at the top section that is then side parted and brushed to one side of the head. The hairs on the sides are then reduced rapidly with scissors then finished with the Clippers to make the sides and back very short as you approach the ears and neck. It’s a fresh haircut for men who want to feel classy with a major military cut.

# 5 Side Parted High Top

This one is quite similar to the regulation cut, but the main difference is that in this particular style the sides are not trimmed very short. Although the hairs on the sides and back are still shorter than the top, they are quite long and need to be brushed back to make the side parting, and the side swept top more visible. It’s an ideal cut for men who like the regulation style but do not wish to have closely shaved sides.

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