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60 of The Coolest Military Haircuts to Try in 2024

Military haircut looks great on men and boys of all ages, and this perhaps explains their widespread popularity.

These styles are called so because they have their origins in the military where they are the standard cuts that any person serving in the military should wear.

They are short, simple and clean. This makes them very easy to maintain as with most of them there is almost nothing else you need to do except to apply a quality hair product.

Although any short haircut can be categorized as a military hairdo, there are some particular types of cuts that are often classified under this category and below are 60 of them.

# 1 Faded Buzz

military haircut

A play on the totally buzzed military haircut, here’s one for men who want their hair super-short, but don’t think they’d look good bald. The sides are left stubbly with slightly thicker growth on top for a minimalistic look.


# 2 Uniform Buzz Cut

military cut

Going more classic, here the hair is fully buzzed to about a number 2. No fade, nothing fancy, easy to maintain simplicity.


# 3 Short and Bristly

haircut for military men

Here’s a military cut for men who want some hair on top, but nothing long enough to style. The top is a bristly number 4, fading down to a 1 on the sides. Very macho, and quite youthful.


# 4 Long Buzzcut

military style buzz cut

For guys who want equally think hair and beard, go for a soft, number 3 buzz for a short and sexy look with a slight fade on the sides.


# 5 Stylish Quiff with Shorter Sides

military butch cut

If you desire a slightly longer military hairstyle, go short on the sides and gradually longer on top, but with a curving lock by the forehead in a mini-quiff. It’s a simple but smoldering look for busy guys who like a little style.


# 6 Messy Top with Shaved Sides

caesar haircut for military guys

If you don’t love the neat uniform style of the military cut, consider this variation. The sides are buzzed down to a 2, leaving some decent length on top to muss, which the ladies will love.


# 7 All Over Number 3

military crew cut

Contrasting the last style, if you prefer a uniform look, go for a full coverage number 3. It’s enough to feel soft, but not long enough to require styling.


# 8 Spiked Top and Shaved Sides

military haircut

To achieve this playful look, go short on the sides but leave some fuzz. Grow the top longer, with enough at the front for some fun spikes.


# 9 Layered On Top with Forehead Coverage

military men's haircut

Another style that clips the sides pretty short, it’s a gentle 3-0 fade. On top, the hair is cut in layers leaving the front long enough to brush some onto the forehead.


# 10 Tall On Top

To achieve this military cut, buzz to a 0 on the sides and keep it longer on top. Fade from long to short as you go back from the forehead, creating a gentle, stylish slope.


# 11 High and Flat Top

This style is for men who would like to have themselves a neat military style but do not wish to cut their hair very short.

This cut is made of a slightly high, 2 to 3 inches, top that is flattened to complete the look. Although it is a military cut, you would hardly see this in junior officers, but it is popular with senior members of the military.


# 12 High and Spiky Cut

Naturally spiky hair can also make an incredible military style if you know how to cut it. If you cut the hair very short like in other military cuts, your natural spikes will not be visible.

And so you should leave a longer hair at the top part of the head to show off your spikes and then shave or trim the sides and back to ensure that all the attention remains on the spiky hair at the top.


# 13 Crew Cut with a Side Brush

In the crew haircut, enough hair is left at the top so that it can be combed or brushed to one side. The sides and back are cleanly shaved, and there is a shorter hair that is left immediately after the top section.

This style is most suitable for men with a round or oval face shape, but the best thing about it that it can look good on almost any type of hair except thin locks.

The side brush in this cut helps to decrease the level of the hair, and so it is important to have it to complete this look.


# 14 The Regulation Cut

The regulation cut is a standard hairstyle for highly ranked military officers, but not all of them wear this cut.

It involves leaving, at least, two inches of hair at the top section that is then side parted and brushed to one side of the head.

The hairs on the sides are then reduced rapidly with scissors then finished with the Clippers to make the sides and back very short as you approach the ears and neck. It’s a fresh haircut for men who want to feel classy with a major military cut.


# 15 Side Parted High Top

This one is quite similar to the regulation cut, but the main difference is that in this particular style the sides are not trimmed very short.

Although the hairs on the sides and back are still shorter than the top, they are quite long and need to be brushed back to make the side parting, and the side swept top more visible.

It’s an ideal cut for men who like the regulation style but do not wish to have closely shaved sides.


# 16 Side Swept with a Base Hair

This variation of the regular cut adds a twist to this famous haircut by adding a base hair on one side.

To get this style start with two or three inches of strands at the top and then create a side part. After the side part, you should then create the base hair that should be about an inch in width and length.

You should then shave the hairs below the baseline short to complete this hairdo. Note that you can brush the top hairs to one side or style it into a pomp.


# 17 High and Tight-Extra Long

High and tight military hairstyles combine very closely shaved sides and a longer top.

In this cut, the top is longer than in other hairdos. The top should be long enough such that it is possible to comb it forward towards the forehead.


# 18 The Vintage Military Cut

Men who like classic or old school cuts can try the vintage military hairstyle as it fits perfectly with this description.

In the vintage haircut, the top is quite high and styled in a way that makes it look like it’s tucked in. The rest of the mane is then reduced starting with a slightly longer locks just after the top hair to an almost bald cut at the back.


# 19 The Bald High and Tight

The high and tight military cut comes in many variations, and this simple one that involves smooth shaved sides and back is one of them.

In this cut, a small neatly trimmed hair is left at the top then relaxed with some quality hair product. The sides and back are then shaved bald then combined with small and neat facial hairs.


# 20 Comb Over Top

Comb over top hairdo takes inspiration from the undercut style. This cut keeps the sides and back short and maintains a comb over in the top part of the head.

The hair at the top should be parted to make the style more interesting. Gel or any other styling product should be applied after that the hair combed over.


# 21 Tight Comb Over

The tight comb over is a haircut that gives a man that serious look associated with men in uniform. It involves nice scissor cut top that is combed frontwards and gradually reduced sides.

This style gives men serious military look as it is very formal and so it is suitable for men looking for a professional haircut.


# 22 Modern Butch Cut

Butch cuts have been part of the military tradition for several years, but nowadays there are many modern variations of this traditional style.

Whereas the original cut keeps the hair uniform through the head, in the current butch hairdo the back and a small portion of the side hairs are more closely shaved.


# 23 The High Regulation Cut

Military cuts do not have to be dull and short. The high regulation cut still makes a military hairstyle even though the strands at the top are longer and more detailed than in other cuts.

In this hairdo besides from just being longer the top hair are styled in a more liberal way unlike in most other military cuts.


# 24 Exquisite Front Sweep

Contrary to what some people think one can still look stylish with a clean military cut. A good example is this exquisite front swept style that maintains the formal military look but with a touch of style.

In this do, the hair is tapered from the front to back with a slightly longer length at the top. The hair is then swept or combed forward towards the forehead to finish the look.


# 25 The Crown Soldier Cut

Just like the front sweep this style maintains the military appeal but introduces some style to the cut.

This is a unique hairdo that is shaved and styled in a manner that makes a man look like he is wearing his hair as a crown or cap. To get this cut right, you have to do an undercut and style the hairs from the center of the head.


# 26 Messed Up Top

The messed up top gives a man a rebel but attractive appearance that soldiers like to wear occasionally.

In this cut, the top part of the head has a longer than usual hair while the rest of the head is cleanly shaved. The long top is then messed up to create a unique military inspired haircut.


# 27 The Military Pomp

Military haircuts take inspiration from other conventional styles but what makes them unique is that they have a way of transforming a simple cut into a top class style.

In this particular hairdo, the center of attraction is the neat pomp-like style at the top of the head. Although the cut plays a significant role in the creation of this style, the most important thing for this look is the styling.

This hairdo cannot be achieved without the use of a quality hair product to smoothen the hair and to hold it in place. Sides and back should also be evenly trimmed to complete the look.


# 28 Smooth Slick Back

The smooth slick back is an impressive hairstyle but is probably not very suitable for people with an extended forehead as it will make it even more visible.

In this cut, the long top hairs extend up to the crown while the sides are trimmed close. The long top hairs should then be made smooth and slicked back.

You can push the hair backwards with your fingers if you prefer it shaggy but for a neat, and decent finish you should use a comb.


# 29 Slick-Back Quiff

Most people seeing this style for the first time would think it’s a Mohawk but it is not. Even though this cut has all the characteristics of a Mohawk, it is a quiff with smooth shaved sides.

It’s an unusual military hairdo that looks more appealing when worn by older men with thinning hair.

To wear this cut starts by shaving the side to a bald level then apply a smoothening hair product on the remaining hairs. Slick the hair back to finish this exquisite look.


# 30 Bald Induction Cut with a Beard

When you enlist in the military, the induction cut without a beard is what you are likely to get. Recruits usually have to shave everything on their head as they are initiated into the army.

However, if you are not planning to enlist you can still wear this cut but with a twist. Pair your bald induction cut with a neatly trimmed beard or moustache for a great military cut.

This style is suitable for men who have a receding hairline or whose hair does not grow uniformly.


# 31 The Forward Motion Cut

Most cuts like pushing the hairs backwards or to the side and so this style is unique as it gives the neatly cut hair a forward motion.

To wear this style you should leave a medium length mane in the top section then closely trim the sides and back.

Bring the hair forward to cover the hairline and to expose the angles in your face and also to show off your facial structure.


# 32 Spiky Flat Top

Short spiky hair looks good on any man, and so does the flat top military style. And so when you combine the two styles into one then you can expect to get a look that will leave people perplexed when they see you.

This cut is very simple to wear especially for men with naturally spiky hair. All they need to do is to cut the upper section hair to medium length and make it flat at the top. The sides and back should then be clean and short shaved.


# 33 Side Parting with Base

Side parting a middle length hair makes it look more voluminous and also makes it easier to style. However, this style adds a twist to this common style by creating a base on one side.

The side part in this cut is used to separate the base, and the side swept front. The hair below the side part should be cleanly shaved with the Clippers at grade zero.


# 34 Clean Razor Buzz

The buzz cut is the most famous military hairdo due to its low maintenance and ease of wearing.

If done right, the buzz can look outstanding but instead of making it plain you can spice it up by shaving the sides and back closely and leaving the buzz cut style at the top section.


# 35 Tapered and Messy

Although tapered hair can look good on any hairstyle if you make it messy it will look way much better. Since most military cuts are professional and formal, you can make yours more casual by making your tapered hair messy.

People with a naturally wavy hair or a slightly curly hair will look best in this style, but any man can wear it with some creativity. However, it will be necessary to use some hair product to style the hair.


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There are still many other types of army hairdos apart from the above 60, and you can also give any style a military look with a little creativity.

The secret behind a perfect military look is getting the cut right. Unlike with other hairdos, you cannot afford to go wrong with the style because your haircut will not look military.

However, these cuts are very common, and so you will have little trouble finding a barber that can give you a perfect military haircut.