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50 Chin-Length Haircuts For Men & How to Get Them

Looking for trendy chin length hair for men? Well, there are hundreds of options that you can select from. However, everyone wants the best that will make them stand out from the crowd.

I have a long list of ideas that you will definitely love. But to save time, I have narrowed down my list to the best 50 ideas that are absolutely stunning and elegant. Read more and discover what they are.

# 1 The Cut

This hair provides the elegance of grey highlights that enliven the dark locks. It is swept back for added swag and comes with a side fringe for a more dramatic appeal.


# 2 Curly Blonde

Here, you get a pretty hot look with lots of volume created by the lovely curls. The golden blonde tone has some dark shades that create a contrasting yet sexy look.


# 3 Cut with Lifted Roots

A messy yet perfect look is created by cutting the locks into different lengths. The roots of the front hair are lifted to give them more height. A side swept bang comes in handy to provide a beautiful frame for the face.


# 4 Long Top with Undercut Sides

The top hair is parted into two different sections that are textured and slicked back. The undercut sides connect perfectly to the thick beards.


# 5 Amazing Ginger Hair

The ginger tone and the slicked back style give this hair a more romantic look. The top and the occipital area are highlighted in a vibrant blonde tone that sits well on top of the dark brown base.


# 6 Twisted with Bangs

Here, you get a wild look with the dramatic appeal of side bangs. The top hair is twisted to add more sophistication.


# 7 Voluptuous with Beards

This is a perfect blend of elegance with tons of volume in chin length locks. The golden blonde hair is side parted and allowed to connect to the beard for a more cool look.


# 8 Stylish Concave Waves

Here, you get the best in the world of waves. The ginger hair is textured and styled to create a classic look. Face framing pieces with a part at the top make you even hotter.


# 9 Quiff Pomp

The “messed up” pomp gives you a seductive look that will get the attention of many. The side locks and the crown are pulled back to create a more flattery look.


# 10 Wild with Fringes

This style definitely makes your hair sweet despite its wild look. The front fringes sit well on the face to provide more hideous look.


# 11 Sleek with Side Flip

This hair is textured to provide a sleek look that hugs the head well. The top locks are styled into a pomp and flipped on one side to create a cool gentleman look.


# 12 Highlighted Fringes

The side fringes are highlighted to give this blonde hair the best of looks. They give this style more edge and look cool when combined with a pair of dark sunglasses.


# 13 Blonde Highlights for Dark Base

The nice curly blonde locks add more shine and elegance to the dark shade underneath. They provide a killer look that matches well with the dark beard.


# 14 Perfect Face Framing

This style adds a feminine appeal to your looks. However, the beard comes in handy to help you retain your manly looks. The curled blonde locks transition from the dark shade of ash blonde roots to a lighter blonde tone.


# 15 Curly and Flawless

The curls in this hair are definitely breathtaking. They make the hair loose and give it tons of volume. Highlights of grey and blonde give you a super hot look.


# 16 Sleek and Bearded

The top locks are given a rustic blonde tone and swept to the back. They overlap the short hair on the sides to create a shadowy effect. The rustic blonde beard is left thick and bushy for a more masculine look.


# 17 Side Swept with Framing Piece

The dark brown hair is textured and thinned to perfection. The top is slicked back and the sides swept back to make the face fuller. A single framing piece adds flatter and drama to this hairstyle.


# 18 Slicked Back with Side Fringes

Here, you get a style that is simply elegant. The lovely blonde locks are textured and pulled to the back with the exception of a few side locks that are styled into beautiful face framing fringes.


# 19 Sexy Beard with Killer Hairstyle

The lovely curls do much to provide the hair with lots of movement. A front fringe frames the face well and combines with a thick beard to give you a sexy look.


# 20 Bearded with Bun

The top hair is pulled back and ends in a nice bun that gives you a killer look. A fringe at the front makes this style interesting and more dramatic.


# 21 Elegance of Ginger Hair

The ginger tone used here gives these locks a “wow” look. The locks are parted into separate sections, textured and slicked back to add more formality to this style.


# 22 Side Flip with Fade Cut

Here, you get two different looks in one hairstyle. The left side is given a fade cut that creates a contrasting look to the long layered locks that are flipped to the right. A thick beard with a moustache make the style cool.


# 23 Top Bun with Longer Sides

This is a simple yet elegant style that creates the best look in medium length hair. The top locks are styled into a bun that sits well on the crown. The side locks are swept back to fully expose the face.


# 24 Pomp with Side Bang

The cool look of this sleek pomp provides a more trendy look that will earn you lots of compliments. The pomp extends into a side bang for added elegance.


# 25 Loose Hair with Mustache

This is an iconic style that provides the soft touch of loose hair. A thick moustache with beard connects well to the hair to give you a bold look.


# 26 Nice Front Sweep

Back swept hairstyles have proven to be the most popular. But you can decide to create something different by creating a nice pomp and sweeping the hair to the front. It adds flatter and provides a shadowy effect on the face.


# 27 The Dark Brown Beauty

Here, you get to avoid all the hassles experienced in creating intricate hairstyles. It is a simple and elegant style for pulled-back locks. Blonde highlights are added to give the hair a golden touch.


# 28 Side Flipped Pomp

This is a stunning haircut that provides two different tones for the locks and the beard. The locks come in blonde and styled into a side flip pomp that adorns them in unmatched elegance. The beard is given a dark shade and left thick to provide a “wow” look.


# 29 Rustic with Long Beard

Here, you get a nice updo that no one will see coming. The locks are given a rustic hue that extends to the beard line and moustache. The beard is bushy with plenty of lengths that is hard to go unnoticed.


# 30 Cool Swag for Dark Hair

Desire lots of volume and length? This style offers you a chance to achieve that. The locks are parted and left to fall naturally to the sides. The ends are curled to add more volume and create movement. A thick beard and moustache seal up the whole look.


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Your looks speak so much about your personality. And you can better display your personality with the above ideas on chin length hair for men. Make your selection and achieve the looks you so much desire.