45 Astonishing Blonde Beard Styles – No Reasons to Be Shy

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There is a popular myth that blonde men shouldn’t grow beards because apparently a blonde beard doesn’t have the same attractiveness or appeal as one a little darker. This is clearly false, however, as the following twenty-five photos will prove. A blonde beard can be as sexy and attractive as any other if trimmed and groomed in the right way.

# 1 Wild Ginger Beard

More red than blonde, the beard in this photo is a perfect example of a wild, ungroomed style actually looking amazing. Perfectly shaped and not too long, it is complemented perfectly by the unconventional black earring and woollen vest.

# 2 Plain but Effective

Blue eyes, a perfect comb-over, and a trimmed beard. “Perfect” I hear you say? A beard doesn’t have to be excessively styled or groomed to look amazing. When worn the right way, a simple few week growth can be just perfect.

# 3 Golden Highlights

A shirtless man with flawless bronzed skin, a straw sunhat, and black sunnies. The only thing that could make that more attractive would be a great beard, and here it is! Thick and luscious, this manly growth is something that mere mortals can only dream of.

# 4 Perfectly Curled Bleached Moustache

Now here we have a beard (and hairstyle) with a difference! Whether dyed or naturally blonde, this facial hair expresses it all. Styled short on the sides, longer with an orange tinge under the chin, and curled into a great moustache, it takes nothing away from his interesting hairstyle.

# 5 Country Style

Looking at this picture, we can almost imagine the perfect countryman. The short, carefully shaped beard seems to be made for a man with a leather jacket and cowboy hat. 

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