50 Dashing Nazi Haircuts – Smart Military Inspired Looks For Guys

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Although the name of this style may be a little controversial. This look is also sometimes referred to as the “slicked back undercut” which was heavily favored by soldiers and officers in Nazi Germany during the war.

There are many variations of this look, but most of them include hairstyles where the sides and back were buzzed short and longer hair was left in the upper section. This hair was sometimes parted, with a middle or side parting) or just brushed back and held in place with the product. Here are 25 smart hairstyles to give you insight into this fashion trend:

# 1 Cantered Undercut

In this style, the hair has been shaved into a rounded undercut along the back and sides while the upper locks have been slicked to the right-hand side, alongside a high parting.

# 2 Back To Vintage

In this picture, the high undercut on either side is covered by the long hair on top, which has been brushed and slicked straight back past the crown. The sides have been trimmed with clippers and are at a stubble length.

# 3 Regulation Crew Cut

Hipsters are reviving all military style haircuts including vintage ones like this. To get this look ask your barber to shave your sides bare and brush cut your top locks. Style it spiky with a little product to finish.

# 4 Officer Style

In this look, the sides have been given a razor fade, with the shortest layer behind the ears. There is a long straight parting to give the look balance and the hair on either side has been combed over.

# 5 Clean And Contoured

Nazi-inspired haircuts are all about those clean, sharp lines. In this look, the graded undercut has been topped with platinum white color on top to emphasize the neat cut on the upper locks. 

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