70 Classic Professional Hairstyles for Men – Do Your Best

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In the business world, it is important to have a neat professional hairstyle. You want to look trustworthy and palatable to all tastes. The way you cut and style your hair is crucial to making good first impressions and messy hair is just not acceptable. But workplace ready hair need not be boring – take a look at some of these corporate styles.

# 1 Sleek Shadow Colored Hairdo

Professional doesn’t need to mean flat – here we see neatly brushed sable locks, with a side parting, that have been blow dried to have created lift over the forehead.

# 2 Man Bun is Ready for Business

This guy has long hair, which can sometimes be difficult to style for the workplace. However by sweeping the hair away from his face, combing it back and securing it in a loose man bun he has managed to look smart and ready for business!

# 3 High Projections

Here the shiny biscuit brown hair has been blow dried and then lifted straight up from the face using the product. The result is a bold style, perfect for downtime or work.

# 4 Golden Brown with Neat Clipped Side

In this picture, we see short razor trimmed sides with longer hair on top. This shiny hair has been combed back with a slight lift to fall naturally.

# 5 Sleek Copper Colored Look

The color of this hair is eye-catching but it is balanced well by the “no nonsense” styling. Here the sides are just slightly shorter than the top hair, which has been sleeked back.

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