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50 Tasteful Crew Cut Hairstyles – Trendy Highlights

Do you admire the navy boys when they flaunt their really close cuts? The crew cut bears origin to the armed forces and it has since found a formidable place among the modern man.

Cut close or long at times, it brings out masculinity in its finest form. If you have been wondering what would be the best style for you, here are 50 of the best and you will not miss one that works for you.

# 1 Scrunched Hair

men's crew cut

While most of the hair on this crew cut is the same short length, there is a small section up front at the hairline that is slightly longer and given a scrunched texture.


# 2 Receding Hairline

buzz crew cut

For older men who find themselves with a receding hairline, a crew cut can be quite flattering. It makes your hair’s shape look purposeful and draws attention to your gorgeous eyes.


# 3 Rounded Crew Cut

caesar cut

A notable characteristic of the crew cut is its pointed shape at the hairline, but this one features a faded and a rounded hairline great for men with square or round faces.


# 4 Long with Fade

crew cut for men

To get this suave crew cut, ask your stylist for a fade on one side to separate the opposite long hair. Smooth it over with gel and you’ll get a handsome wavy lift.


# 5 Natural Black Hair

crew cur for black guys

For an easy hairstyle that takes literally no time to style, go for a super short crew cut on your natural black hair. It’s the same length all over and the lineup is precise for fresh vibes.


# 6 Midget Front Sweep

Midget Front Sweep

Typically, the sides are faded while the upper patch is trimmed and combed forwards. A small portion of the front is parted and given a side sweep.


# 7 Close Cut

Close Cut

The crew is meant to be close to the skin. This look here keeps that tradition as the top patch is only insignificantly longer than the side buzz cut. For the guys who do not have the time to maintain their hair here is their perfect match.


# 8 Thick & Medium

If you have a thick side and an under-chin beard you would need a head cut that will match it. The sides shaved clean lead to a thickness on the middle high of the head.


# 9 Long Waves

Long Waves

It does not have to be short because of its origin. The sides are combed downwards and the upper portion styled to slightly face towards the back in a long decorative appearance.


# 10 Compact Side Sweep

You can never dismiss the impressive scene of what you are seeing here. Long middle section is swept to one side and then combed to a scenic smoothness.


# 11 Smooth Turbulence

The hair is making tidal impressions but at the same time, it is combed to a natural smooth finesse. The front makes a wavy groove that will keep eyes on your head.


# 12 Classical Flattop

The flatbed head style makes its way into this military cut and it is all greatness in every strand. It is combed into extreme smoothness and the short sides brushed to a flawless low-lying mat.


# 13 Spiky Look

Spiky Look

The cliff on the middle center section is spiked into an excellent appearance and fades into smooth sides. Adjoined with sideburns and thick under the chin, it is such a scenic appearance that spells your trendiness in boldness.


# 14 Hawk Finesse

It is long but there is an effort to make it lie towards the back forming a cliff from the front. Sides are shorted and brushed towards the back and it is a complete beauty.


# 15 Slanting Crown

Slanting Crown

It is high at the forehead line but then drops in attitude as it goes to the back. It then fades into acute shortness at the sides and the nape.


# 16 Long Slide Back

This is popular with guys as the hair is drawn from the front line to a long back run. It ends at the fall of the back head. At the sides and back, it is surrounded by bareness.


# 17 Thick, High & Compacted

Coming from the 70s, the hair is shaved to a flat thickness that is compacted at the sides. It is high from all sides and what a good way to look ready for the party.


# 18 Faux Hawk with Line Part

The original hawk look has found its way into the crew style. The sides are thinned and decorated with 2 short straight lines. The middle part is left long but brought to a canopy formation at the top.


# 19 Wavy Partition

Wavy Partition

Left wavy and combed to the back, here is a drizzling creation that you would want on your head. It is parted at the corner of the front hairline to add attractiveness. The forehead is left in the clear showing great cheekbones and jaws.


# 20 Classic Guy

Classic Guy

Not wanting the long and wild styles, this is for the classic guy who wants it short. The top is short and finely combed and succeeded by clean shaven back and sides.


# 21 True Military

It is the reality of the boys in uniform to keep it short and modest. Short on the upper end and combed to flatness, you get a military look. The sides are clean to the skin.


# 22 Side Part ‘Mohawk’

It may not be a true Mohawk but you can tell the intention for it. It is left long in the middle but then combed to a side mild fall parted on one end by a clear groovy line.


# 23 Broad & Flat

Broad & Flat

It is thick and trimmed in the midway to a touching flatness. It is then surrounded by bareness at all corners and there you have the trendy man appearance.


# 24 Mid-Coiffeur

The strands at the middle are drawn to the center to form the flat mat. At the front, it is given a little rising bump and the rest is shaved to the skin.


# 25 Ram Mop

It is thick, long and wavy at the middle and lessens towards the back. The sides are trimmed to less than an inch length and then decorated with a contouring line. It is a show of creativity and deserves attention.


# 26 Thorny Back Flow

This is a slide back but comes with a thorny effect around the middle patch. It flows to the back in not a so-smooth-flow. The sides have a fade that is moving downwards and get cleaned out near the ear level.


# 27 Deceiving Undercut

This is a deception into an undercut. The fall begins at the front making a backward move as well as dropping to the sides. It wanes as it goes down creating an impression of an undercut.


# 28 Thick on the Nape

It is only the sides that are cleared at the middle top and the nape is left thick. Trimmed to medium length, the hair is combed but all the roughness is not taken away.


# 29 Forwards Bloom

It is combed forwards into a smooth finish and waned at the lower areas around the ears. For the cool guy, you cannot deny you want this.


# 30 Smooth Side Sweep

The hair is parted with a clear straight line drawn back and then swept to the side. It is combed to a fine look and you are ready to go anywhere.


Idea # 31

Crew Cut 26


Idea # 32

Crew Cut 27


Idea # 33

Crew Cut 28


Idea # 34


Idea # 35

Crew Cut 30


Idea # 36


Idea # 37


Idea # 38

Crew Cut 33


Idea # 39


Idea # 40

Crew Cut 35


Idea # 41

Crew Cut 36


Idea # 42

Crew Cut 37


Idea # 43


Idea # 44


Idea # 45


Idea # 46


Idea # 47


Idea # 48


Idea # 49


Idea # 50


Well done because you can show off you newest hairstyle addition but this time from the crew cut. It is simple and exudes your manly confidence. You can never miss a thing on fashion and style because here is where your tomorrow’s trends come today.