60 Gorgeous Male Haircuts For Round Faces – Be Unique

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As a man, you don’t just walk to the barber for good looks. There are great haircuts for round faces and getting one is not just that simple. Not that it is a bad face by any means, but it is trickier than the rest to suit to any hairstyle out there. If you are always with one kind of a cut, there is a way you can refresh it every other time you want with something different. Read here and make a few picks that will work for you.

# 1 Thick-Short Haircut

Thick-Short Haircut

Some men like when their hair is short. No one can blame them since it is easy to maintain that kind of locks. If this is your liking, the thick short haircut is your game. You just trim your hair uniformly and then comb the sides downwards. You can groom the top to get the impression of lying flat but with a blunt tip on the front. Any men will get a super look with this kind of style for a round face.

# 2 Striped Pullback

Striped Pullback

This is one of the greatest hairstyles for men. It dims the roundness of their faces and directs attention to a good sense of the image. The sides are shaven clean and a single stripe carved on one of the sides from the front to the back. The top hair is a part of couples of inches which is combed back to form a smooth wave towards the back of the head.

# 3 Slanting Top Cut

Slanting Top Cut

This is one of the looks that can take away your round face and leave people guessing what kind of shape your face is. The sides are shaven clean or to an inch-length, the top is reduced to a medium size but with a slanting effect from the front to the back. The final impression is that the front seems to be higher than any other part. It would trick someone that you have an oval face. It is a great cut that will turn heads once you pass by.

# 4 Simple Side Part

Simple Side Part

This is one of the most flexible haircuts for men. It complements your round features as well as giving a timeless handsomeness that would earn the first date from a lady you may have been chasing for years. One of the lower sides is shaved clean and followed by a layer of longer strands and a long stripe where the part that falls on the other side begins. It is a fabulous look that you can have for any event you may be attending.

# 5 Half-Side Part

Half-Side Part

This is another of the part side family, and you will love it for its simplicity. Both of the lower sides are shaven clean followed by a layer longer by an inch or so. A stripe ending mid-way of the head is carved on the side that the part will originate. The part begins from this line and falls onto the opposite side and extends to cover the second layer leaving the clear shaven area exposed. It is a simple style, but that will give you a fresh look every time you want to go out. 

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