50 Handsome V-Cut Hair Fashions – The New Shape of Style

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Undercuts for men are a look that is here to stay and the very latest fashion is the V-cut hairstyle. These looks mainly feature tapered cuts and pointed patterns at the neckline. This is a very easy style to customise – let’s show you what we mean:

# 1 Duck Tail

For this style, the hair has been carefully graded longer from the edges upwards so that the longest portion on the top flips back like a duck tail. The hair on the bottom is darker while the top layer is copper blonde.

# 2 Subtle Shape

For this look, the locks are uniform length any have been shaped into a squared off shape at the back of the neck with a triangular point right at the bottom.

# 3 Rolling Afro

Here the hair has been shaved bald in a thick layer stretching from above the ears all the way along the bottom in a neat rounded shape. The hair gradually blends longer on top where it has plenty of volume.

# 4 Fade Down

This hair is thickest in the center and has a wavy texture that adds height. At the back, the hair fades shorter and shorter until ending with a stubble layer.

# 5 Dapper Style

A V-style haircut is a dapper look for guys – that’s because of the clean lines like the ones we see here. Add a little pompadour height in front, and you’ll be ready to dazzle!

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