45 Exquisite Shaved Head Styles – Bold And Brave

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A shaved head is a perfect haircut for men who do not have a lot of time to spare for their hair. It is a zero maintenance style and contrary to what most people think there are still many ways to enhance its appearance. The most efficient of them all is by having neat and stylish facial strands. And so if you want to get a clean shave below are 25 styles that will give you some ideas on how you can combine it with a beard to create an exquisite appearance.

# 1 Clean with Faded Beard

This round bald head would probably still look good even without the beard. However, the faded beard in this design with sharp lines spices the design up and will make a man look very masculine.

# 2 Extra Short Buzz Cut and Stubble

An extra short buzz cut like this one gives you the opportunity to have some strands on your head and also get the low maintenance of a clean shave. And if you pair it with your short stubble you can be sure of a style that will make you stand out.

# 3 Round Bald Head

If you want to make your round bald head look stylish, you should also have some neat full facial strands like in this design. Apart from this, you should also make the whiskers dark so that they can create a beautiful contrast with your light skin tone.

# 4 Square Head and a Goatee

Shaving your square head is a perfect idea as it will help you show off your symmetrical angles. You should also pair it with a small goatee like in this design as this will draw attention away from the fact that there is no hair in your head.

# 5 Sweet Ginger Look

Full facial whiskers like these will require a lot of patience and attention to grow them out, but once you have them, you will look magnificent. In this style, all that you need is to shave your head bald and then give your whiskers a beautiful ginger hue to create a stylish look.

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