45 Amazing Undercut Hairstyles for Men – Unique & Special

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The classic undercut that men used to wear many decades ago has now transformed and evolved into many different undercut styles. Although the idea behind the undercut remains the same, this famous haircut is so versatile and flexible today because you can even come up with your unique variation. Undercut hairstyles for men can be the dominant style of a man’s hair, or they can form part of a different. Regardless of how you would wish to have your undercut, the options are unlimited. Below are 45 different undercut hairstyles for men that you can try out or use to come up with your unique style.

# 1 Pompadour Style With Undercuts

Any pompadour style will always give a man a touch of class and make him look trendy but when you add undercuts to the style things become even much better. In this style, the undercut has high clipped sections that start at the corners of the forehead. The lengths are not tapered smoothly, and so the elongated top will appear more allocated. You should style your hair back as pompadour using wax to finish the style.

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