100 Trendy Fade Haircut For Men – Nice 2019 Looks

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The fade haircut is undoubtedly a timeless and a unique hairstyle that has never run out of fashion for decades on end. Typically, it is for the most part characterized by the hair at the back and sides of the head been artfully tapered in length until no more hair is left on the skin.

Unlike most other popular male hairstyles globally, this one does not in any way need a specific length at the top of the head. This can present a lot of creativity into the barbering process. Below are some of the top 100 fade hairstyle versions that are currently trending among many male circles. This list is composed of some of the top styles therein.

# 1 High Fade

In the high fade, the hair tends to be cut in an ever gradual manner at a two-inch height at the top of the head. It normally necessitates the scalp to be in possession of a natural texture and color as that of the facial skin. These go very well when it comes to creating the ideal look.

# 2 Low Fade

The low fade is highly acclaimed in the way it can effortlessly bring about an illusion of invisibility. The hair is cut to fade gradually towards the ear line.

# 3 Temple Fade

This fade hairstyle integrates a slight tapering fade effect that has made it extremely popular with a wide variety of men from different backgrounds. This particular fade effect can vary from one centimeter to two centimeters in length around the temples, while the rest of the hair is left untouched at the same length.

# 4 Caesar Fade

The Caesar fade is very identical to the temple fade. The hair at the sides and back of the head is usually kept short, and that of the top is shaved slightly longer and combed at the front.

# 5 Fauxhawk Fade

This hairstyle is characterized by a sharp fade that is effected between the hair at the top and sides of the head. However, the hair at the top of the head tends to be much longer, and if needed can be lifted in a spiked manner.

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