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100+ Fade Haircuts For Men To Rock In 2024

The fade haircut is undoubtedly a timeless and unique hairstyle that has never run out of fashion for decades on end.

Typically, it is for the most part characterized by the hair at the back and sides of the head been artfully tapered in length until no more hair is left on the skin.

Unlike most other popular male hairstyles globally, this one does not in any way need a specific length at the top of the head. This can present a lot of creativity in the barbering process.

Below are some of the top 110 fade hairstyle versions that are currently trending among many male circles. This list is composed of some of the top styles therein.

# 1 Straight Hair

men's drop fade haircut

A bare neck and a gradual fade do wonders for a man with straight hair. Keep it to below three inches in length and brush it back with just a little gel for styling.


# 2 Older Men Fade

faded hairstyle for older men

Just in case you’re under the impression that fade haircuts are only for men under 40, this look above shows how handsome they can be on older men. For instance, comb long white hair back and smooth for a sleek result.


# 3 Buzzed Fade

crew cut with fade

Much shorter than the crew cut is a buzz cut. With a fade, it’s as low maintenance of a hairstyle you can get without going completely bald and also flatters a variety of face shapes.


# 4 Connected Fade

fade haircut for men

Do you tend to sport a beard? Then you’ll love how a fade can connect with your sideburns for a seamless look. Try it on a hairstyle that has a longer front with texture.


# 5 Widow’s Peak

men's fade haircut

On young men with a prevalent widow’s peak, a fade haircut is perfect for accentuating it in a good way. Notice how the dark hair stands out when the sides are shaved short.


# 6 Natural Curly Hair

black men's fade hairstyle

Why wear a shapeless afro for your natural black hair when a fade will not only help with face framing, but make your hair more manageable? Give it a lineup around temples for even more detail.


# 7 Long Spiked Hair

fade haircut for men

To narrow a round face, work your long hair into a spiky shape and add a fade. Fade haircuts are well known for slimming round faces.


# 8 Hard Part

side part fade hairstyle

Why style a fade haircut with just a small subtle part that is barely noticeable when a hard part works better for a prominent detail of separation? Smooth your hair down for a dapper look you can wear to work or special occasions!


# 9 Rocker Vibes

hipster men's temp fade haircut

With or without the handlebar mustache and scruffy beard, a gradual fade haircut can look very rock and edgy with slicked, overlapping long hair and a hard part.


# 10 Wavy Hair Fade

men's fade haircut

Your sharp cheekbones and dark eyes deserve some attention – highlight them and your wavy hair with a fade haircut that flatters wavy hair.


# 11 High Fade

In the high fade, the hair tends to be cut in an ever gradual manner at a two-inch height at the top of the head.

It normally necessitates the scalp to be in possession of a natural texture and color as that of the facial skin. These go very well when it comes to creating the ideal look.


# 12 Low Fade

The low fade is highly acclaimed in the way it can effortlessly bring about an illusion of invisibility. The hair is cut to fade gradually towards the ear line.


# 13 Temple Fade

This fade hairstyle integrates a slight tapering fade effect that has made it extremely popular with a wide variety of men from different backgrounds.

This particular fade effect can vary from one centimeter to two centimeters in length around the temples, while the rest of the hair is left untouched at the same length.


# 14 Caesar Fade

The Caesar fade is very identical to the temple fade. The hair at the sides and back of the head is usually kept short, and that of the top is shaved slightly longer and combed at the front.


# 15 Fauxhawk Fade

This hairstyle is characterized by a sharp fade that is effected between the hair at the top and sides of the head.

However, the hair at the top of the head tends to be much longer, and if needed can be lifted in a spiked manner.


# 16 Princeton Fade

The Princeton fade is essentially what is known as a crew cut. In this fade hairdo, the hair at the top of the head can be from one inch to two inches longer than the rest of the head, and is gradually decreased at the sides and back.


# 17 High and Tight Fade

This fade hairstyle is commonly referred to as the “bald face” haircut. It is also one of the very best instances of martial hairstyles due to its short nature and low maintenance attributes.

The hair at the back of the head as well as the sides are normally left clean shaven, while that at the top can be buzzed.


# 18 Comb Over Fade

In the comb over fade, the hair at the top of the head tends to be grown much longer in length, while that which is found on both the sides and back is gradually shaved into near invisibility.


# 19 Curly Afro Fade

This hairstyle is especially excellent for black males who may be blessed with thick curly hair.

The expression of the hair at the top of the head can be suitably pronounced through appropriate texturing. It is also important to note that the curly Afro fade can blend well with a finely trimmed beard.


# 20 360 Degrees Waves and Beard Fade

This haircut integrates a low fade at the top of the head that is noted for featuring 360 degrees waves. The latter of which often presents a thick facial hair appearance that contrasts well with the texture at the top.


# 21 Geometric Fade

The geometric fade utilizes imaginative geometric shapes that are usually blended with accurate lines running from the back and sides of the head.

All of which, when viewed together, lend a stunning, and some might say gorgeous male facial appearance.


# 22 Curly Top Fade

This fade is noted for integrating a gradual fade effect on both the sides and the back of the head. At the same time, the top is normally characterized by thick curls that can also be spiked.


# 23 High Top Fade

In this hairdo, the hair at the back and sides of the head are shaved in a short length at the hairline and then tapered gradually in an upward direction.

As the name suggests, this fade hairstyle is one of the numerous variations of the high fade.


# 24 Wave Fade

This haircut is characterized by a simplistic wavy lie that runs on both the sides and back of the head. This usually goes a long way in presenting an infinitely multidimensional male hairdo.


# 25 Natural Twist Fade

Natural hair does not always have to be full for it to be gorgeous. The natural twist fade integrates a low fading effect with the hair at the sides and back of the head been noted for gradually thinning.

This quite often facilitates for a laidback appearance that most men adore.


# 26 Razor Fade Pompadour

This is a classic mid-low razor fade that has never run out of fashion. Its versatility is also highly acclaimed and can look good on both men of ethnicity and Caucasians.


# 27 Disconnected Fade

The disconnect fade happens to be a mid-tier haircut that is frankly not suitable for everyone. It tends to blend well with outrageously loud tattooing, especially those found in the back and neck.


# 28 The Classic Fade

The classic fade is undeniably the “father” of all fade hairstyles. It particularly looks good on school going children, but its grown up version also has the punch.

Its appearance is simplistic in nature and is also noted for requiring very minimal maintenance to keep it in its best condition.


# 29 The Comb Over Waving Fade

This happens to be an excellent variation of the classic comb-over fade haircut that has proven to be very popular with a wide variety of men.

The hair found on top of the head is left long, while that at the sides and back of the head can be moussed or even spiked depending on your distinct requirements.

The wavy uppercut is shaved to rest on one end in painstakingly effected layers. This can effortlessly outline the low and fading undercut.


# 30 The Take a Stand Fade

The take a stand fade is a trendy version of the classic high fade. The hair at the top of the head is gelled and can, therefore, stand out conspicuously from that of the sides and back.

The fade effect is noticeable at the forehead area and proceeds to roll gradually into the unique positioning of the crown of the head.

This hairstyle can easily set off the facial features as its distinctive structure effortlessly aligns itself to the outline of the face.


# 31 The Symmetrical Spiked Fade

Unlike the popular comb over fade hairdo, the symmetrical spiked fade can work well with even men who have straight and coarse hair.

The uppercut of this hairstyle compliments the fading effect that is visible at the sides and back of the head. In these two areas, the hair is meticulously trimmed along the hairline.


# 32 The Clipped Fade

The clipped fade is noted for been one of the most subtle hairstyles for men. It integrates a remarkably short uppercut, which ultimately fades away in both the upward and downward directions.

This haircut seamlessly blends with pronounced sideburns and even a thick well trimmed full beard.


# 33 The Trailblazer Fade

This hairstyle features an exceptionally trailing uppercut, and it is an excellent variation to the timeless comb over fade.

The hair at the sides and back of the head are clipped in a smooth manner and gradually disappear into the long and sweeping hair at the top.


# 34 The Top Story Fade

The top story fade integrates thinly shaved hair at the sides and back of the head through a unique technique that is noted for emphasizing the gelled and brushed to one side top.


# 35 The Artistic Fade

This hairdo is very finely tuned and comes with a short cropped undercut that can effortlessly blend well with distinctively styled sideburns or a full beard.

It is a common choice for many who wish to stand out as much as possible.


# 36 The Radical Comb Over Fade

The radical comb over fade is another popular instance of the classic comb-over fade hairstyle. In this particular case, the hair found at the back, and both sides of the head are suitably tapered.

Hair at the top of the head is parted at one end. This haircut is in an excellent position of effecting a distinctive primal masculine facial appearance that is extremely popular with quite a large number of men.


# 37 The Comb Over Flip Fade

Again this is another type of the comb over fade hairstyle that is highly noted for its vigorous and dashing attributes.

The hair found on the sides and back of the head is loosely clipped, while that at the top is delightfully gelled into eye catchy, tossed peaks.


# 38 The Impeccably Level Fade

The impeccably level fade hairdo is highly acclaimed for coming with smooth and swirling hair at the top, sides and even back of the head.

The top, in particular, is finely shaved and can easily blend well with the skin found on the face and even deftly designed sideburns.


# 39 The Precision Sweep Fade

This sweep fade features a precisely clipped fading effect in the hair found at the sides and back of the head.

The top on its part is highly noted for its sleekness, and it seamlessly disappears in a gradual, downward direction to the undercut.


# 40 The Combed Astern Fade

This also another version of the popular comb over fade hairstyle. The hair that is found at the top of the head is gelled and also swept over in a highly defined progression that moves towards the back of the head.

On the other hand, the hair found on the both sides and back of the head is thinly clipped and gradually becomes invisible when it ultimately merges with the uppercut.


# 41 The Layered Waves Fade

This fade hairdo is noted for been defined by a shock of wavy curls at the top of the head.

While at the same time the hair found on both the sides and back of the head are noted for their uncanny ability to be gradually integrated into the skin found in the face.


# 42 The Combed Apart Fade

The combed apart fade hairdo features a top full of swirling hair that is parted on one end by a clean line.

The hair found on the sides and back of the head are usually thinly clipped and gradually disappear into the luxuriant mane of the uppercut.


# 43 The Stripped Fade

This hairstyle is noted for integrating highly tapered fading effect as well as its unique razored hairline that is very similar to most martial haircuts. The hairline must be distinctively shaved.


# 44 The Highly Coiffed Fade

The highly coiffed fade hairstyle comes with a towering uppercut that blends remarkably well with the short, clipped undercut. Hair at the top can be curly or straight and spiked up.


# 45 The Retro Fade

This hairstyle is primarily inspired by the fade hairdos that were in fashion during the early part of the 20th century, more specifically the 1930s.

The retro fade is highly acclaimed for been in a position of presenting the classic “old Hollywood” appearance of that bygone era.

The hair that is found at the top of the head is parted in a retro manner and can greatly accentuate the well-tapered sides and back of the head.


# 46 The Forward Fade

This happens to be a unique fade haircut that has become popular among most Caucasian males. In a nutshell, the hair at the top of the head is the style to face a forward direction.

While the sides and back of the head are shaved to the skin, and can, therefore, emphasize the height of the uppercut.


# 47 Curls & Fade

This is a cool cut that combines delicate curls at the top with carefully tapered sides to achieve a vanishing fade.

To say the least, this look is adorable, and most men who are looking for that spicy but clean look will go for this one. Some people will add some color to the curls to achieve more edgy curls and fade cut.


# 48 Fade With V-Shaped Forehead

For the most part, this is usually a very polished fade with a distinct difference. It comes with a V-shaped hairline while the hair on top is longer.

It is then coupled with a smooth finish as well as clean lines which give it its full character. It is an impressive do for those who are willing to push the bar. It is also a great look for those whose foreheads are complimented by a V-shape.


# 49 Mohawk With Tapered Sides

This is a very interesting look because it combines both a fade cut and a Mohawk. The top towards the center are relatively raised while the sides are cleanly tapered to preserve the Mohawk with clean sides.

The center and top can be as high as men desire, but the most common is a shorter Mohawk do. This look has been seen to enhance the facial appeal and provide that edgy feel.


# 50 High Fade With Longer Top

This high fade consists of a dramatic style that includes a curly texture to the front while achieving great fade length at the sides.

The curls are very tamed while the tapering extends all the way to the temples to achieve baldness where the ears meet. It is a unique cut that works very well with people who are daring and want to keep it nice and impressive.


# 51 Conservative Fade

This look is loved because it is very versatile. It consists of a very decent fade and an understated front with an even clean crown. It blends very well to go with an office look as well as an entertainment look as desired.

This conservative tapered cut is ideal for men who are between projects and need to retain a certain traditional feel while incorporating a modern addition thanks to the fade cut.


# 52 High-To-Medium Fade For Extra Short Length

This cut is almost understated, and it works very well with men who love accessories and other body art. It consists of a high to medium fade that goes very well with extra short hair.

It is almost the perfect look to divert attention from the head to other places of the body. All in all, it is a clean look for the office or for going out and making a bold statement of simplicity.


# 53 Smooth Temple Fade

This cut achieves a fade only at the temples making it a very clean and neat look. It is for the confident man who is not looking to make a huge statement. In essence, it speaks of elegance and class.

With a simple fade to the temples with the hair remaining short and adorable; this can be one of the most normal or unpretentious looks available for men.


# 54 Crown Waves + Fade

A high medium crown with waves is impressive. With an addition to side fades that are tapered to the temples, the look achieves a very cool presence, and many men have appreciated this cut a lot.

The waves are delicate and not too pronounced while the fade gradually thins towards the temple. This is also a flexible look for the office and can earn men a lot of respect and admiration. It is both daring and simplistic.


# 55 Fade + Mohawk

This is a hybrid that usually works well to achieve a cool edge. The Mohawk is very pronounced coupled with the eventual fade that attains the side neatness.

The length of the Mohawk will depend on the man, and many have had no problem taking it to the top.

This is the ideal look for people who want to get the best out of both worlds. With a cool texture and striking top, this style seems to never go away or grow old.


# 56 Fade Black Guy Haircut For Low Hairline

A low hairline is one that seems to be coming towards the eyes. In light of this, a cut that will widen the face and achieve a longer facial look is ideal.

The haircut for low hairline is ideal, and it is made up of clean cut and styling towards the temples while achieving the right fade. The rest of the hair is kept trim and medium while the temple fade makes all the difference.


# 57 Almost Complete Baldness

An extra short fade helps men achieve an almost complete baldness. There are hints of hair that are totally faded but well cut at the same time.

This do exudes freedom and confidence. It shows that a man does not have to do so much to look so good.

It is not just versatile, but it also enhances the natural look of the man to appreciate their facial features accordingly. Men have the option to choose the length of the fade which can be classic, low or high.


# 58 Short, Clean And Classy Haircut

This cut consists of extra short hair that is complimented by a very high fade. It is ideal for men who have an excellent head shape and a nice skull to go with it.

It is also excellent for men who are naturally confident and do not care whether their head shape is perfect or not. This look screams low maintenance and keeping it short and clean is always the best way to look classy.


# 59 Statement Fade

A statement fade is created through intricate cut lines that compliment the hairline employing excellent textures and curves. The choice of colors can be varied to make a bold statement.

It is the ultimate cool do that is spiced up with fancy lines and a low fade. This style is for the man who is busy and does not care much about maintenance. It is for men who will not compromise on style as well.


# 60 Blurred Temples

In this style, the temples are clearly blurred to make them merge seamlessly with the rest of the hair. This blurred effect is combined with a classy square fore-line.

It is a timeless look that is ideal for those who are busy but still want to remain relevant with notable fade cuts. It is flexible enough to help people attend to their office work without compromising on their hair style needs.


# 61 Cool High Fade

This fade style comes with a twist that is achieved by the high version which can vary from person to person. The side tapering is done meticulously to deliver that boxy look that makes men look bolder.

It is ideal for certain head shapes or for people who just feel daring enough to go for it. Many men will always have this as a signature look making it an all time favorite.


# 62 Parting & Abrupt Fade Line

This is a very daring do. It is combined with a parting line at the front together with a sudden fade line that can be high or low.

The character of this fade is exciting, to say the least, and it is for men who are not looking for a humble appeal. It is popular with entertainers, and if you have to be at the office, you will have to reconsider this fade cut.


# 63 Classy Fade With Geometric Outlines

When you think of this cut, geometric accuracy and intricate angling and contouring come to mind. The temples are barely visible, and the lines are very striking, to say the least.

The simplicity and taste complete the whole look and makes it overall classy. It shapes the hairline with excellence giving men an air of confidence as they move along.


# 64 Merging Fade Into Facial Hairstyle

This is a fade that connects with facial hair or beard. It is a classic look that makes for a wholesome hairdo. This means that facial hair has to be on point.

It is a classy look that is so common and blends very well with many head shapes. This cut is for the bold man who is not afraid to showcase his manhood.


# 65 Vague Fade Men Haircut

The vague look is somewhat very understated but notable nevertheless. It involves just a light touch of tapering as the rest of the hair seamlessly merges for something decent and cute.

It has also been seen as a cool way to get about; when you are not looking for too much attention in this regard.


# 66 The Corners Fade

This is an interesting look to say the least. It is achieved by just shearing off the corners and leaving the rest of the hair intact.

In this regard, a man can rock an afro or longer hair but with very neat faded corners that are quite cool to look at.

Some men will relax their afro to rock some curls but this all depends on the man’s tastes. All in all, only the very end of corners are faded.


# 67 Smooth Cool Fade

The smooth fade is mainly characterized by the smooth outlines. They are very well crafted while the fade merges at the temples without any major dramatic results.

The crown is kept neat and short but with a darker hair look that is able to achieve this smooth feel.

It works very well for men who want to show off their facial structure and can also be combined with a low beard to achieve an edgy classy look.


# 68 Ultra Short Fade

This ultra look is really like no other. The crown is not too short and it is also not too high. It is kept just right with a bit of a high fade.

A side line is used to accentuate the whole look to make it an ultra-cool short fade. It is a great look to attain a classy image while retaining integrity and simplicity.


# 69 The Sharp Fade

This is a very interesting style where the fade surprises you by being much higher where the sides are shorter. In this regard, it creates a much wider crown giving the man a more dramatic and daring look.

This look fits perfectly for a casual event. Therefore, men who like the casual smart look will not have any problem rocking this fade cut.


# 70 Shapely Fade

Men who spot this look grow a higher top that seems to be sheared into shape. Then, a normal fade is achieved towards the ears.

It will suit men who do not mind having a higher top that can be shaped in a distinct way to make sure that every person notices them.

It is also coupled with some side burn lines and can be used with a little beard. This is definitely a classic style recreated to the delight of many.


# 71 Contour Fade

The main reason why this cut stands out most is that it delivers a fading look just for the contours. The contours are well designed to meet the needs of a head shape.

From the front, it looks very decent and ordinary but looking deeper into the details, the contouring and fading play together to make it flawlessly attractive for any man who wishes to stay on top of his hair game.


# 72 Common Fade

Unlike other styles, there are no quirks for this common style. It just features gradual reduction on the sides making a neat and simple look for every man.

The fact that it is understated makes all the difference to transform one’s look from busy to classy. The common fade may not be as common and this is definitely a good thing.


# 73 Volume On Top And Clean Sides

This is not a classic fade. It is achieved by retaining very high volume at the top and front while keeping the sides clean but not completely shaven.

It is becoming a new alternative to the classic look where more men are willing to grow that high top with a higher front. It is a good look for those who love fun or are just looking for something different to spice up their lives.


# 74 Kinky Coils On Top With Extra Short Sides

This is an almost outrageous style that will definitely command all the attention. It features sides that are well sheared close to the skin.

At the crown, men will wear long kinky coils that stand out in a ragged way. It is a neat look for a man who is pushing the bar to attain the ultimate cool look. It is easy to maintain and will get heads turning as desired.


# 75 Square Forehead Hairstyle

This cut is tricky and depends on the shape of the head to look really good. A square forehead is definitely something good for men because it creates a bold masculine look.

To attain this style, the forehead is squared while the sides are tapered off neatly. The results accentuate the head creating a very thoughtful look as it were. A little mustache and a goatee beard might complete this daring look.


# 76 Artsy Fade

This fade is not just stylish but it is tasteful as well. It is also versatile and can involve different looks that are artsy.

With sheared sides, it can carry side dividers coupled with a high top that is wavy. These are big waves that are incorporated to achieve both a male sense and a sensitive effect.

It is definitely one of the most notable styles and works well with entertainers. It is also a nice do for the casual smart man.


# 77 Vacation Buzz Cut

This is a very causal cut that can have a front line that adds the right buzz. It is not a very neat look but it will suit every man taking a vacation to relax and forget about their hair.

It is kept fairly short at the top and will not involve any major maintenance and this is the idea.

There is no compromise where style is involved but at the same time, it provides the flexibility to go on a vacation in a tasteful manner.


# 78 Sideburns Fading into Beard

This style starts with a short trim that evens out the head. However, the twist comes in when there are long sideburns that are carefully shaped to fade into the beard.

This linear style is ideal for men who have a lot of sideburns that can be evenly shaped to achieve a masterpiece.

The mustache is also shaped to match the sideburns as they all merge with the polished beard. This is a definitely a striking style.


# 79 Grown Out Buzz

This classic look just involves having the hair grow out naturally to achieve a fair length. The sides are trimmed not too close to the skin but to be shorter than the front or the top. The fade effect is not felt as much compared to other styles.

However, the edge is that the sides are relatively shorter; even with a head full of hair. This is both a young and old look that can be rocked by anyone who feels confident enough to be themselves.


# 80 Curvy Braids with Side Fade

Braids can be incorporated with a fade cut to achieve a hybrid that is impressive. This cut consists of a curvy braided top and with tapered sides with a clean fade.

It suits young men perfectly and keeps them in tune with the latest looks. Some people will have faded sides all the way to the beard and in this regard, this is a versatile look.


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There are many other fade cuts for men, and many styles always have a unique twist to give them some extra personality.

Creativity is always the key and in this regard, more and more styles are being created. Variety is the spice of life and going with the trends; there will be no dull moment when it comes to fade cuts for men shortly.