50 Fresh Medium Fade Haircuts – New Ways to Amp Up the Style

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There are many different ways in which you can upgrade your medium fade haircut to match those special moments and events in your life. I have done my best to search for the most stunning styles that will look absolutely good on you. Take a moment and let me introduce you to the 25 best styles that will create a “wow” look in the face of many.

# 1 Textured Top

Textured Top

The top hair is textured and given a perfect trim that creates a stylish shape up haircut. The faded cut extends to the beard lineup only leaving a small trace of beard on the chin.

# 2 Short Buzz Cut on Top

Short Buzz Cut on Top

The well-defined outlines and the clean buzz cut on top give you a pretty cool look. The beard is cut down to the skin to create an amazing fresh look. It is a perfect style for everyday wear.

# 3 Slicked Back Top

Slicked Back Top

This styled sports longer hair on top that is textured to create a soft feel. The hair is pulled back terminating at the crown. The faded sides match well with the bald fade given just below the nape of the neck.

# 4 Razor Fades

Razor Fades

Here, you get a faded hairstyle that is pretty cool. The top of this Asian hair is textured and given some lift at the roots. A razor fade lines the sides and the back for added elegance.

# 5 Blow-dried on Top

Blow Dried on Top

The elegance of blow-dried hair combined with a perfect faded cut on the sides and back is simply amazing. Some jewelry added to the ears add a little sparkle to this haircut.

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