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60 Fresh Medium Fade Haircuts to Amp Up Your Style

There are many different ways in which you can upgrade your medium fade haircut to match those special moments and events in your life.

I have done my best to search for the most stunning styles that will look absolutely good on you. Take a moment and let me introduce you to the 60 best styles that will create a “wow” look in the face of many.

# 1 Hair Tattoo

men's medium fade

If you want to look stylish and smart then, this haircut is just for you. It features a medium fade so that you can flaunt your tattoos as well as a nice haircut. The middle hair are kept short and pushed backwards for style.


# 2 With Beard

medium fade with low top hair

If you are fond of this haircut, you would need to have your hair cut short. The sides are trimmed to give you a middle fade and the top hair are pushed to the side to complete the look.


# 3 Drop Fade

medium drop fade

For this haircut, the top hair are kept slightly longer than the rest of the hair. The hair on the sides are given a clean trim to give you a middle fade. The front hair are pushed forward to add to your style.


# 4 Side Part

asian guy with medium fade haircut

In case you are not a fan of lots of hair bouncing here and there then you should go for this haircut. It gives you a middle fade that looks very smart and keeps the top hair longer. The top hair are then side parted and slicked backwards for added style.


# 5 Messy Top

medium faded haircut for men

This haircut gives you a messy look in the front and a clean look on the sides to make you look chic. The sides are trimmed down for a middle fade while the top hair are given a messy look with front fringes sitting on the forehead.


# 6 Very Short Hair

black men's medium temp fade

If you are tired of managing your thick and curly hair and would want to go with something different this time, then this haircut is ideal for you. It features a middle fade and neatly trimmed hair on top to complete your look.


# 7  Temp Fade

medium fade

This haircut looks marvelous with a middle fade neatly trimmed into the side hair. The top hair are thick and long and pushed to the side to add more grace to your overall look.


# 8 Messy Quiff

men's medium fade cut

If you are looking for some style then, look no further because this haircut fulfill your requirements. It includes a middle fade while the top hair are pushed upwards to complete the look.


# 9 The Hawk

medium fade

This haircut makes you look stunning with a neatly trimmed middle fade and longer hair in the middle. The long hair are then pushed upwards for a top fringe look.


# 10 Hard Part Fade

medium fade with hard part

This haircut is ideal for those who like short hair but cannot let go of their long hair either. It incorporates a middle fade and then longer hair in the middle. There is also some color to the long hair that are side parted and slicked to the side.

# 11 Textured Top

The top hair is textured and given a perfect trim that creates a stylish shape up haircut. The faded cut extends to the beard lineup only leaving a small trace of beard on the chin.


# 12 Short Buzz Cut on Top

The well-defined outlines and the clean buzz cut on top give you a pretty cool look. The beard is cut down to the skin to create an amazing fresh look. It is a perfect style for everyday wear.


# 13 Slicked Back Top

This styled sports longer hair on top that is textured to create a soft feel. The hair is pulled back terminating at the crown. The faded sides match well with the bald fade given just below the nape of the neck.


# 14 Razor Fades

Here, you get a faded hairstyle that is pretty cool. The top of this Asian hair is textured and given some lift at the roots. A razor fade lines the sides and the back for added elegance.


# 15 Blow-dried on Top

The elegance of blow-dried hair combined with a perfect faded cut on the sides and back is simply amazing. Some jewelry added to the ears add a little sparkle to this haircut.


# 16 Tapered Fade

The tapered sides and back are definitely a cool take on this side part pomp haircut. The temple and the nape of the neck are given a bald fade that creates a vintage look in this style.


# 17 Straight Razor Part

This style sports a low bald fade on the back and sides. The left side is given a surgical razor part that adds more elegance to this haircut. This is a perfect cut for young boys and provides the benefit of easy maintenance.


# 18 Cool Fade for Asian Hair

The long top of this Asian hair transitions into shorter sides that sport a low bald fade extending from the temple to the back. A fade cut also extends about an inch from the forehead to create a huge contrast with the long top.


# 19 Fade Cut with Stylish Pomp

This fade cut also gives you the chance to explore the world of pomp haircuts. The shorter sides surround the pomp to create the illusion of a sleek Mohawk style. Some ear piercings come in handy to elevate your elegant looks even further.


# 20 Ultimate Fade

This haircut sports a perfect fade that is more pronounced on the sides. The top is textured to create the illusion of thinned hair. The low bald fade completely disconnects the beard from the hair.


# 21 Longer on Top and Back

This fade cut sports some little creativity that makes it more unique. The top and back hair are left longer and textured to give them a smooth and shiny look. A bald fade covers the sides from the temple to the occipital bone.


# 22 Young Asian Style

The smooth texture given to the top will certainly blow you off. It takes the shiny appeal of dark Asian hair to the extreme.

It is separated into different sections to create an intricate style. A fade cut surrounding the top seals up this sassy haircut.


# 23 Medium Drop Fade

Here is a clean blend of a clipped top and faded sides. The top is styled to create the illusion of a full pomp. A medium drop fade on the sides sits well on the head to give it a blocky shape.


# 24 Skin Fade for Part Style Pomp

This blonde hair is given a stylish look that contrasts well with the dark beard. It sports a part style pomp that transitions into a low skin fade.

The hair is slicked back to reveal the full impact of this haircut on the face.


# 25 Combed Textured Top

Giving the hair some texture can sometimes compromise its length. Here, the length is kept on a check by combing the top to create a straight look. The faded sides blend in to create an amazing shape up haircut.


# 26 High-Low Drop Fade

This style takes the cool look of a fade cut an extra mile. It sports a hard razor part that separates the sleek top from the sides.

The back and sides are given a high-low drop fade that adds sophistication to this style.


# 27 Temple Fade for Golden Top

The elegance of a fade cut can be given a boost by adding some warm tones to the hair. Here, the long top is highlighted with golden blonde tone and extends some few inches past the forehead.

A fade cut is given on the temple and styled to connect to the beard lineup.


# 28 Slicked Back Pomp with Undercut

This is a brilliant way of earning compliments even from the most skeptical persons. The undercut sides sport a bald fade just at the beard lineup and the nape. A sleek pomp sits coolly at the top.


# 29 Blurry Fade

Here is how you can get that “wow” look in the world of faded haircuts. This style sports a clean-cut combined with the elegance of blurry fades on the sides. A hard razor part creates a boundary between the sleek top and the sides.


# 30 Touch of Natural Waves

The sloped blonde top creates the illusion of a slanted haircut that features more height at the front. The tapered cut on the sides transitions into a skin fade that disconnects the thinned beard.


# 31 Pomp on Top with Low Razor Part

This is an intricate style that might require the touch of a professional stylist. It sports an elegant pomp on top with shorter sides that change sharply into a bald fade that covers the occipital bone to the nape.

A hard razor part is given a smooth curve and sits low on one side.


# 32 Nice Touch on African Hair

The flexibility of a faded haircut is quite unmatched. Here is how it can be incorporated on short African hair to give you a more elegant appeal.


# 33 Cool Faded Cut

This style is definitely a masterpiece and takes the cool look of a faded haircut to the limits. It sports a preppy haircut with a cool fade that sits low on the temple.


# 34 Clippers Over Comb

Here, the hair is textured, combed and clipped to create a wavy flat top. It has lots of thickness to it with a wonderful blonde tone to match. The sides have a low bald fade that separates the hair from the thick beard.


# 35 Mohawk

This Mohawk sports some sweet texture that provides a fresh look in this style. There is a sharp fade on the sides traversing from the temple to the back with the exception of a small part on the nape.


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Idea # 60


These are the ultimate examples in the world of a medium fade haircut. They will give you the looks you would never have achieved with other throwaway styles.

Discuss with your stylist and incorporate one of these amazing haircuts into your lifestyle.