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Top 60 Mohawk Fade Haircuts to Try in 2024

Few men if at all any can say no to a Mohawk fade as it gives them an easy way to look handsome. The Mohawk has been around for many decades but it never seems to go out of trend, and this is because of the regular updates with the introduction of a fade design being one of the most recent ones.

Whether you prefer something funky or a conservative gentleman look, you can still achieve it with this fantastic hairdo. And by looking through the gallery below you will get some ideas on how to create this elegant hairstyle.

# 1 Classy & Classic

mohawk fade for men

This is classic, sharp mohawk style looks edgy until you add the fade. The thick hair quickly fading to skin adds maturity to the look. Of course, the beard adds to that classy vibe, too.


# 2 Textured Thick Mohawk to Skin Fade

mohawk with faded sides

The fade here is subtle enough to miss. Instead of on the sides, the fade is at the back of the head. The mohawk is thick and textured, drawing the eye, but at the back it slips into a short, flat trail of hair.


# 3 Volume, Scruff & Minor Fade

mohawk fade for bearded men

This scruffy beard and voluminous hawk grab your attention. However, there’s just a hint of a fade along the edge of the mohawk that goes rapidly to skin. Great for softening the edges of the handsome, fluffy mohawk here.


# 4 Sharp Uniform Fade

faded mohawk style

Everything about this mohawk is chic. It’s perfectly sleek and skinny, the hair tapering smoothly in a luxurious curve as it shortens and ends in a tail. There’s a sharp line buzzed beside the mohawk, a patch of dyed stubble, and a thicker buzzed line that fades to gentle natural stubble.


# 5 Tatted Hawk

skin faded mohawk

Instead of a hair fade, this smooth, thick, swooping mohawk is set off by a head full of tattoos. As the hair starts back up again near the ears, the beard fades from thin to thick.


# 6 Bristly Hawk & Fade

men's short mohawk fade cut

This mohawk is kept bristle-short, and the fade matches.  It’s so subtle you barely notice the stubble turn to skin.


# 7 Squared Off Fade

The mohawk takes center stage here,  perfectly styled with waves as it swoops and cascades down the back of the head. It has a squared angle, matched by a square-shaped fade to skin.


# 8 Curved Fade & Bleached Hawk

The dark, curved high fade here brings out the highly textured bleached mohawk. It’s a simple hawk with the focus on the front, fading to dark and short at the back.


# 9 Texted Hawk & Sharp Design

A great mohawk for kids, this hawk is gentle, low and textured. The real intricacy comes in with the sharp, wavy design buzzed into the fade.


# 10 Afro Hawk & Square Fade

Afro-textured hair stands well on its own. A little separation on some curl tendrils, and you’ve got the perfect look. This curving high fade really emphasizes the hawk, on the front and the sides.


# 11 The Green Hawk

This hairdo has a beautiful spiky and messy design on the long chunky locks on the crown. These strands also have a beautiful green pastel but the fade on the sides is what makes this a unique haircut.


# 12 Smooth and Stacked Top with Buzzed Sides

There are several ways of fading hair, and if you want to maintain an almost uniform size, then you should go with a buzzed design like the one on the sides of this headdress.

And if you combine this with smooth and slightly stacked locks on the crown you will look fantastic.


# 13 Voluminous Pompadour Bangs

A pompadour may be a traditional headdress but if you give it a modern touch by texturizing the top locks and making them appear voluminous you will look very stunning.

And for styling you only need to layer the bangs slightly by pushing them to the back and finish it with a high fade on the sides.


# 14 Two Toned Mohawk

Some color can also help you create a refined look like this one. Here you only need a skin fade on the sides and afro textured middle to create a lovely Mohawk.

And to finish the style you should introduce a brown shade on the lower section of the hawk.


# 15 Spiky and Fun

Creating this headdress is fun and easy, and any man with a medium length can have it. It only entails leaving some spiky strands in the middle and a zero fade on the sides.


# 16 Faded and Lined Up Curls

If you have a naturally curly hair and would like to wear a beautiful Mohawk, then you should try this popular one.

And to create it you only need to have the curls in the middle of the head, fading on the sides and then finish with a regular line-up.


# 17 Textured Hawk with Zero Fade

The volume and texture of the long locks on the crown are the first things that will catch your attention. However, the style would not be complete without the zero fade undercuts on the sides and the messy styling of the strands on top.


# 18 Mohawk with Sponge Curls

Sponge curls are perfect for African American hair due to its texture. Although they are charming, you still need a good cut to look trendy and in this style, this comes from fading the sides to create a polished Mohawk.


# 19 Edgy and Tapered Cut

The short and upswept bangs in the middle of the head have an amazing texture that makes them look lovely, and if you pair them with some tapered sides, then you will look stunning.


# 20 Mid Fade Elegance

Although this design has some beautiful natural textured curly strands in the middle, the mid fade on the sides is what makes it look adorable because it helps create a very fashionable Mohawk.


# 21 High and Neat

This hairdo is a modern variation the traditional high and tight haircut. It entails making the sides short and leaving a tall and neat hair in the middle. And to spice up things further, you should also have a zero fade on the sides.


# 22 Fantastic Front Sweep and Tapering

A head-turning hairdo like this one will make a man stand out everywhere he goes. The style entails leaving some long textured and spiky strands on the crown and tapering the sides.

You should then style by sweeping the long strands frontwards.


# 23 Classic Tapered Fade

The elegance of this beautiful haircut is in the amazing taper fade on the sides that finishes with an excellent line-up.

However, the silky strands in the middle are also gorgeous thanks to their front-sweep styling and dazzling dark tone.


# 24 Punk Spikes and Tapering

If you are looking for a unique and punk look, then you should try these spikes, but you will need a skilled barber to get them right. And if you finish them with tapering on the sides you will look magnificent.


# 25 Modern Pompadour Fade Cut

A pompadour can also give you a polished Mohawk fade, and it is perfect when you want to maintain a gentleman look. This one also has two part lines on the sides, but the highlight of the design is still the fade.


# 26 Silky Copper Brown Hairs with Undercut

Silky hair like this one will make a man feel great, and you can be sure that you will be the center of attraction everywhere you go.

Apart from the stylish copper brown strands the design also has a beautiful and smooth fade on the sides that makes it a gorgeous Mohawk.


# 27 Exotic Frohawk

This style starts with an afro textured hair and to create this look you should give the strands a classic tapering on the sides and finish by making the long top messy.


# 28 Short Fancy Mohawk with a Sharp Fade

The shine on this hairdo is amazing, and you can have it by using the right hair products. Apart from this the design also has some elaborate short spikes and a sharp fade on the sides that helps to create a beautiful Mohawk.


# 29 Blonde Hawk with Side Designs

This design entails leaving some long feathered blonde locks in the middle of the head. You should then buzz the sides and finish the style by introducing some fancy razor lines.


# 30 Crispy and Curly Two Toned Mohawk

Nothing beats natural hair as you can never go wrong with any haircut provided you keep things simple. This style entails introducing a smooth fade on the sides of some full two-toned curly strands to create a startling punk appearance.


# 31 Textured V-Line with Zero Fade

Cutting your strands right is the only way you can create a fancy hairdo like this one. This style entails creating a v-line shape at the back and then giving the sides a beautiful zero fading.


# 32 Viking Look with Intricate Razor Lines

Viking looks are not just about having a massive beard because you can still make an adorable one with a beautiful Mohawk like this one.

And to make your hairdo trendy you only need to introduce some intricate razor line patterns on the sides.


# 33 Side Swept Band and Undercut

How you style the long strands in the middle will also determine how refined you will look. This design has some long textured bangs that you should style by side sweeping them over the smoothly faded undercut.


# 34 Wavy and Tapered Hawk

The feather light locks on the top section of this hairdo have an amazing texture and a blonde shade that creates a beautiful contrast with the natural black shade.

Apart from this the style also has an undercut on the side and a beautifully tapered cut that makes it look fabulous.


# 35 Short Natural Curls with Fade

The central section of this beautiful haircut maintains natural curls that are less than an inch long. These curls are all the way from the nape of the neck to the hairline and to create the lovely Mohawk you only need a skin fade on the sides.


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A Mohawk fade is the perfect haircut to turn to when you want something that will make you look trendy and elegant.

There are limitless styles that you can have, and they work for all hair types and if you are not sure of what to try out you should look through the above gallery of 60 hairdos for some inspiration.