50 Modern Variations of the Mohawk Fade – Be Creative and Have Fun

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Few men if at all any can say no to a Mohawk fade as it gives them an easy way to look handsome. The Mohawk has been around for many decades but it never seems to go out of trend, and this is because of the regular updates with the introduction of a fade design being one of the most recent ones.

Whether you prefer something funky or a conservative gentleman look, you can still achieve it with this fantastic hairdo. And by looking through the gallery below you will get some ideas on how to create this elegant hairstyle.

# 1 The Green Hawk

This hairdo has a beautiful spiky and messy design on the long chunky locks on the crown. These strands also have a beautiful green pastel but the fade on the sides is what makes this a unique haircut.

# 2 Smooth and Stacked Top with Buzzed Sides

There are several ways of fading hair, and if you want to maintain an almost uniform size, then you should go with a buzzed design like the one on the sides of this headdress. And if you combine this with smooth and slightly stacked locks on the crown you will look fantastic.

# 3 Voluminous Pompadour Bangs

A pompadour may be a traditional headdress but if you give it a modern touch by texturizing the top locks and making them appear voluminous you will look very stunning. And for styling you only need to layer the bangs slightly by pushing them to the back and finish it with a high fade on the sides.

# 4 Two Toned Mohawk

Some color can also help you create a refined look like this one. Here you only need a skin fade on the sides and afro textured middle to create a lovely Mohawk. And to finish the style you should introduce a brown shade on the lower section of the hawk.

# 5 Spiky and Fun

Creating this headdress is fun and easy, and any man with a medium length can have it. It only entails leaving some spiky strands in the middle and a zero fade on the sides.

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