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Beard Fade: Top 85 Styling Ideas for 2024

A well-groomed beard provides a cool touch on the overall appearance of any man. A beard fade is one of the best ways of achieving a perfect tamed look that will make you the envy of your fellow men.

It comes in many different styles to match a variety of tastes and budget. In this article, I’m going to look at 85 best ideas that have proven to be more trendy and a favorite among men.

Join me and let’s journey through what might be the perfect styles you ever dreamt of.

# 1 Faded Full Beard

beard fade style for guys

Full beards can obscure your facial features. Keep your beard long and lush but with a fade under your cheekbones that shows off their shape.


# 2 Low Side Fade

men's beard fade

To emphasize your jawline, have a full beard and show off your face all at once, this is a good style for you. The beard is kept thick and full around the jaw and chin, thinner near the ears and there’s a skin fade below the cheekbones.


# 3 Low and Trim Stubble Fade

faded beard style

For guys who want stubble but not full coverage, consider this fade. It’s low on the face so the stubble doesn’t obscure the entire cheek. The fade line is sharp, but not unnaturally straight.


# 4 Side Stubble with Bearded Chin

faded chinstrap beard

Here the chin is covered by a thicker scruff while the stubble along the jaw and sides of the face is barely there. The jaw and side stubble fade is excellent so the chin beard doesn’t look out of place.


# 5 Fade By Your Ears

hipster guy's beard fade style

Consider this alternative fade to give your full, lush beard a crisp look. Have the beard sprouting from near the bottom of your ears. It gives a solid starting line for the hair across your cheeks.


# 6 Clean Line Full Beard Fade

beard fade style for older men

Similar to the one above, this is a full beard starting lower down the ear, except it’s a far cleaner line and cut in a diagonal to the low end of the mustache. Wonderful for a crisp look.


# 7 Gentle High to Low Fade

faded beard style

With this fade, most of the hair is concentrated on the jaw and chin, with a slanted high to low fade under the cheekbone. It’s a subtle and semi-natural look.


# 8 Cheeks to Chin Fade

beard fade

This one is good for men who are self-conscious about their chin. The beard covers the chin and the surrounding areas of the jaw, thick and coarse after a gentle stubbly fade on the cheeks.


# 9 Medium Skin Fade

low faded beard

If you like a textured look, consider a medium fade; the beard fades to skin mid-way down the cheek, in a steady diagonal line. The beard is thinner towards the ears, too.


# 10 Subtle Stubble Fade

beard fade style

If you want a subtle but sharp look, grow your facial hair for a few days and trim the edges. Here we can see the sharp line alone the jaw, diagonally down the face, and in the mustache area.


# 11 Masterfully Groomed Beard

This beard is perfectly groomed to give it that solid look. Lots of thickness is given on the chin with a fade cut providing a cool touch around the jaws.

It is definitely a masterpiece in the world of beards and will ensure that you get all the attention you desire.


# 12 Thinned

This beard is given lots of texture and thinned to give it a shiny look. It has a fade cut on the line that connects to the hair. It is a cool take on thinned beards and will take your masculinity to a whole new level.


# 13 Fresh Bald Fade

Here, you get added elegance of a mustache. The beard has more length around the chin and beneath the jaw. The jaws are cut short and end in a bald fade that provides a fresh and clean finish.

It creates a formal look making you the perfect gentleman in any given occasion.


# 14 Pure Fades

The precise outline incorporated in this beard gives it a unique and cool touch. The area beneath the jaw is given a bald fade that makes the style virtually maintenance free.

This is an intricate style that requires lots of skills to achieve.


# 15 Low Beard Fade

The disconnected beard matches well with the bald fade given on the hair. It has a low fade on the jaws with gray highlights that create a granny look. This is a perfect match for those that desire to add more life to the dark beard.


# 16 Tapered Cut

Here, the volume of the beard decreases progressively from the chin towards the jaws creating a stylish tapered finish. The edgy look on the chin makes it a cool style that takes the elegance of your beards a level further.


# 17 Bald Fade Bottom

This beard is thinned and given a bald fade at the bottom and along the beard outline that connects to the hair. It provides a soft touch around the neck area with the stylish appeal of a bald fade.


# 18 Black Beard

Here is a chance to experiment with the black African beard. The jaws are given a fade cut that disconnects it from the hair. If you have natural black African hair, then this style is worth trying out.


# 19 Leveled with Hair

Leveled with Hair

This fade cut creates a perfect level with the hair length. The chin area is left long and thick to create a sharp contrast in length. It is a style that sits well on black African hair.


# 20 Perfect Side Fade

This is a gentleman style where the jaws are trimmed shorter to match with a short goatee on the chin. It is a fun and dramatic style for those that desire something that will make them stand out from the crowd.


# 21 Medium Fade

This goatee-like beard has the beard outline cut to medium height to add sophistication and a cool touch to this style. It blends well with the sharp fade on the sides of the head to create the illusion of a disconnected hairstyle.


# 22 Perfect Jaw-Line Fade

The fade on the jaw lines creates an edgy well-defined look. The chin is given a goatee that creates more drama in this style. The fade extends up to the temple to adorn the hair with a cool look.


# 23 Textured

Here is how you can add some texture to your beard and give it an undercut on the jaws that changes sharply to a skin fade at the beard outline. The texture increases the visual appeal that makes the beard easy to spot.


# 24 Taper Fade

The tapered cut on the beard matches well with the curly hair. The front part of the ear is given a sharp fade completely disconnecting the beard from the hair.


# 25 Fresh Skin Fade

This is a great combination of style and texture creating a pretty cool look. The jaw area is thinned and given a fade cut that seamlessly transitions to a skin fade.


# 26 Double Fade

This style combines the two worlds of the fade cut – skin fade and bald fade. The latter is given to the area beneath the jaw. There is a visible connection to the hair that makes the style a lot sexier.


# 27 Perfect Fade for Covered Hair

This style looks great even when the hair is totally covered. It sports the elegance and shiny look of textured hair that is cut short to adorn the jaw area.


# 28 Military Style

You can go a little military in a fade cut to achieve that bold look that speaks much regarding your personality. It is a cut for the serious gentleman.


# 29 Highlighted

A fade cut for the beard might not be enough to get you the looks you desire. Here is a chance to spice things up by adding blonde highlights to match the skin fade.


# 30 Fresh Cut

This is a sharp fresh cut that accentuates your buzz cut. Both the beard and hair are textured and given a medium fade on the jaws.


# 31 Bladed

Here is a great way of achieving a gentleman look that blends well in those formal occasions. The beard lineup is given a sharp fade that extends to the occipital bone creating a look that is clean and stylish.


# 32 Perfect Side Fade to Hair

This fade cut extends from the beard lineup way to the hair. The chin and the jaw areas are left thick to create more contrast in this style.


# 33 Half-Blade Fade

The beauty of this pomade is taken a notch higher by incorporating half-blade fade in the bushy blonde beard. It is a good shot for those with plenty of length and volume on the beard.


# 34 Classic Taper Fade

Here, you get to benefit from lots of elegance added shine. The taper fade lines the sides of the jaw. Layrite is the product used to add shine to the hair for added elegance.


# 35 Thin Beard Trim

This is an excellent choice for those that want to go a little bit sassy. The sides of the jaws are perfectly trimmed down to create the illusion of a tapered cut.


# 36 Thin Razor Fade

This is a signature cut that has become a favorite for millions of men across the world. A razor bald fade is given at the sides of the jaws with a neat trim lining the lower edge.


# 37 Beardzilla

This is a brilliant idea for those with a bald fade haircut. Here you get lots of thickness on the chin with a tapered cut in the beard lineup. Blonde and gray highlights bring more life to the dark shade.


# 38 Simple and Clean

This pulse fade creates a contrasting yet perfect look with blonde highlights to match. The fade ends in an artistic hairstyle that provides that “wow” look.


# 39 Fat Beard Fade

This is a legendary style that provides lots of thickness with a perfect taper fade.


# 40 Musketeer Styling

This fade cut matches perfectly with the iconic handlebar mustache. It creates that vintage look that is hard to resist.


# 41 Fade Game Is On Point

The blurry fade on this beard takes the elegance of this bob style to a whole new level. The mustache comes in handy to provide a cool look.


# 42 Disconnected Fade Cut

A bald fade separates the beard on the jaws and the chin making this style unique in its own way. A pair of shades can be incorporated to give you a cool look.


# 43 Bossy Beard Trim

The bald fade on the neck and hair with a cool trim provide an irresistible bossy look for those that desire a commandeering figure.


# 44 Blended Fade

Blended Fade

The disconnected beard creates a perfect blend that matches well with this Mohawk style. It is a clean shave that provides more swag.


# 45 Artistic

This beard is trimmed to a sharp edgy look. It is thicker on the chin with a slight fade on the jaws.


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These are the hottest ideas for those that desire a beard fade cut. They are simply elegant and don’t require much styling to create the best look for you.

Seek advice from your stylist to decide on the style that will uplift the standards of your haircut and meet your taste in fashion.