70 Extra Chic Sponge Curls Ideas for Men – Easy and Funky

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Sponge curls are little dread like locks that any man who wants to keep up with the trend should try out. However, they work best for African Americans due to the natural texture and thickness of their hair. They are a very easy hairstyle to create, and you can either do it with bare hands or use a modern dread sponge if you want them to look uniform. And if you combine them with a fade or undercut on the sides you will look stunning. Below are 30 different variations of this funky style.

# 1 Thick Afro Curls with Zero Fade

Thick Afro Curls with Zero

This is exactly how it actually works. In this style, the sponge swirls come from a neat afro that is also very thick. The design is also slightly messy, and you should accentuate it with a zero fade on the sides.

# 2 Short and Naturally Kinky

Short and Naturally Kinky

Sponges can also work for short hair, and this particular style proves this. To create if you should leave about an inch of hair, curl it with your hand and then finish with a fade on the sides to create a disconnection with the massive facial whiskers.

# 3 Natural Messy Curls

Natural Messy curls

You need not do much with this hair because it is naturally curly and so a moderate trim and a line-up on the sides is enough to create a refined look.

# 4 High and Thick Kinky Afro

High and Thick Kinky Afro

Here is another take of the afro and it entails leaving a high and thick hair that is also slightly messy and fading a small section on the sides just above the ears.

# 5 Sexy with High Fade

Sexy with High Fade

A fade will always help to spice up your haircut, and the high one on this design contributes to enhancing the appearance of the sexy and neat curls on the crown.

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