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60 Excellent Pompadour Fade Ideas – Fresh Looks For 2024

Ran out of ideas regarding the best pompadour fade? Well, pomades have become the hairstyle of choice for many men across the world. They create a pretty cool look that will definitely make you rock wherever you go.

There are many versions when it comes to pomade fades. In this article, I’m going to look at the 60 best styles that have topped the chart in the world of pomades. Read more and decide on the style that will make you stand out.

# 1 Sharp Edge Pompadour

men's pompadour fade

This pompadour is sharp in every manner of the word. Rising high and rolled to one side, the other side is left with a gradual fade to a sharp line cut into the hair. When the fade continues, it edges quickly to bald.


# 2 Classic Backsweep

faded pompadour hairstyle

This is a subtle pompadour for easy-going guys. It’s swept back simply with a gradual fade to skin on the sides.


# 3 Tapered Pompadour

men's pompadour fade

For guys who want something chic and clever, this pompadour is highest in the middle and tapers off as it lowers on the sides. It blends in well with the sharp sides of the hair, which fade to skin drastically around the mid-forehead.


# 4 Fluffy Pompadour

men's side parted pompadour fade

If you like a textured look, this is a shorer-hair pompadour with a fluffy, spiked appearance. It’s a drastic change from thick to skin around the mid-forehead, making the hair look fluffier than it is.


# 5 Long Haired Pompadour

slick back pompadour with fade

Who said guys with long hair couldn’t pompadour too? A little short hair that quickly fades to stubble, and you can let the lengthy locks sweep back freely on top, gelled in place with the rest flowing down the back of the head.


# 6 High Fade Pomp

This pomp provides the elegance of sleek hair that is textured to create more visual appeal. It sports skin fade sides that disconnect the hair from the beards. It is a cool haircut that is definitely worth a try.


# 7 Low Skin Fade Pomp

This is a slopped pomp that slants from the front to the back. The sides feature a low skin fade that extends to the nape. Disconnected beards come in handy to take your hot looks to a whole new level.


# 8 Sharp Fade

Lots of texture is given to this pomp. It is a style that takes sleek hair to the limits. The pomp sports undercut sides that transition into a sharp low fade. The undercut forms a cool V-shape on the nape.


# 9 Medium Fade Pomp

This pomp sports lots of volume on top. The hair is textured to add to its elegant appeal. It sports medium fade sides and back that create the illusion of an undercut. This allows the hair to connect well with the beard.


# 10 Drop Fade with Side Part

Here is a cool high top pomp that matches those formal events. It has a side part with a drop fade that covers the temple region. The back sports an undercut. The beard is trimmed to well-defined lines that give you a pretty cool look.


# 11 Temple Fade

This is a classic haircut that will make your admirers go crazy. The pomp is given a side sleek with a comb part. A fade cut on the temple gives you a cool look that will definitely rock wherever you go.


# 12 Blonde Pomp with Skin Fade

This is a pretty nice way of styling your textured blonde hair. It sports a layered pomp on top. A low skin fade stretches from the temple to the nape to provide the elegance of disconnected beard.


# 13 Hipster Pomade

This pomp sports a hard part that looks good with the sleek hair. Tapered sides connect well with the beard and match well with the dark skin. It is definitely a nice take on semi-fade pomp.


# 14 Gentlemen Cut

Want to bring out the gentleman look in you? Well, this fade cut is definitely worth giving a try. It sports a sleek pomp with a semi-fade that creates a fresh and neat finish.


# 15 Short Pomp

This is a very popular style that features a clipper over comb. It sports short even layers that get a little longer toward the front. The hair is blow dried to give it some volume. This style has a sharp edgy look that is simply amazing.


# 16 Mid-Skin Fade

This is a cool take on a faded haircut. The sides sport a mid-skin fade. They are cut and left heavy on top. The hair is further styled with cement to add a cool touch to your looks.


# 17 Combed Pomade

This pomade is styled to form a perfect shape up haircut. It is a classic style that adds more swag to your looks. The sides are given an upper cut that looks great when paired with sunglasses.


# 18 Razor Fade

This dry styled pomp sports a high-top that gives so much volume. Boost powder is used to spice up the whole look. A low razor fade extends from the temple to the nape to create the best look in a pomade.


# 19 High Front Pomade

This style sports more volume at the front that drastically reduces towards the back. The sides and back are given a skin fade that creates a perfect shape up haircut. It is a cool style that will get you lots of attention.


# 20 Quiff Pomade

Here you get the elegance of a low skin fade. The front is given plenty of height to create a cool quiff. The hair is styled dry with some little powder and spray to up your looks. It is a fresh trim designed for the bold.


# 21 Disconnected Undercut

The disconnected hair makes this style unique. It sports a wavy top that is pulled back to add a cool touch. The hair has a dark shade that is highlighted with a blonde tone to give it more life.


# 22 Scruff Pomade

This pomp has plenty of length that is pulled back to create a perfect overlap with the undercut at the back. The sides have a blurry fade that takes the crazy look of this haircut a notch higher.


# 23 Voluptuous Pomade

If you desire tons of volume in a pomp, then this is the perfect style to go for. It features a stylish comb part that blends well with the disconnected undercut on the sides. It is an elegant style that looks particularly good on young men.


# 24 Wavy Pomp

Here you get the best in the world of waves. The pomade is styled into separate layers that make it unique and sophisticated.

A high fade is given on the sides to create a perfect connection to the beard. It is a brilliant idea for those that want something to show off.


# 25 Mohawk Pomp

This style creates the illusion of a Mohawk. It sports a skin fade on the sides with a buzz cut on the back. A hard razor part borders the wavy top that is textured to give it more visual volume and shine.


# 26 Balayage Pomade

Here you get the elegance of balayage highlights of blonde that spice up the looks of this half pomade.

The pomp spots tons of volume that creates a nice visual appeal. The sides are given a tapered cut to create an elegant shape up haircut.


# 27 Sloppy Cut

This style creates the illusion of a half Mohawk. The top is textured into a spiked look that is pulled back. The hair is given a low undercut on the sides that make it simply amazing.


# 28 Highlighted Top

This is a messy pomade that provides the sparkle of silver highlights. The hair has flyaways that give it a soft and delicate touch. A skin fade is given on the sides and the back to create one neat finish.


# 29 A Rebel with Style

The messed up top combined with some texturing creates the perfect rebel look. A tapered fade is given on the temple and extends right to the back.

It is one of the coolest street styles that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd.


# 30 V-Shaped Back

This pomp sports lots of elegance at the back. It has plenty of volume at the top that transitions into a V-shaped undercut at the back.

The nape has a bald fade that extends from the lower temple. It is a cool style that will get you the attention you desire.


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These versions of pompadour fade are worth putting into consideration. They provide a cool touch that gives you something to show off. Contact your stylist and discuss what style might look good on you.