45 Charming Comb Over Haircuts – Be Creative

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During a visit to your barber, giving a detailed description of the hairstyle you require is important. With the many hairstyles trending today, choosing one that fits to one’s hair type and head shape is paramount. Comb over haircuts provide with perfect choices that are fit for different hair types and options for varying occasions. Common comb over looks feature a faded sides where the style can be short, curled, wild or straight. A parting line is also incorporated alongside hair treatment and styling options to give the desired and projected results. Here is a list of 50 leading styles that you can choose.

# 1 Sexy Side Part with A Sculpt

An ideal style for almost any face type, Sexy side part with a sculpt style features a sculpted front hence naming of the style. Fading may be applied to the sides and the back where a clear cut marks the edge of the hair. Applicable to all face types it is more appropriate for those with long faces where the option not to wear a long style is used.

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