25 Sassy Curly Mohawk Designs – Outlandish Bad-boy Style

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Mohawks are considered outlandish bad-boy hairstyles. They exist in numerous variations that range from straight out flamboyant to more subtle versions that can pass off as quite dapper. Curly Mohawks combine the appeal of faded sides and a thick top with curled or wavy hair.

The look is reserved for the bold and tasteful as it never fails to draw attention. With many different variations to suit different hair types and preferences, curly Mohawks offer a fresh new look for any man who is daring enough to try it.

# 1 Overhanging Curl Mohawk

This edgy hairstyle creates a bold contrast with the closely shaved sides and the full-haired top with luscious curls. The highlight lies in the thick curl that extends over the forehead. The disconnected but shaggy beard is a nice touch as it elicits a rugged appeal that toughens the curly hair on the crown. Admittedly, it takes a lot of guts, and hair, to rock a masterpiece like this.

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