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70 Top-Notch Comb Over Taper Haircuts – The Immortal Trend

The comb over taper is very common, and this is because it gives a man an unmatched elegance and also the freedom to maintain any length of hair that he wishes. This modern haircut also comes in many shapes, and so it will work for any man regardless of his head shape or hair type.

This style has been around for many years, but it evolved from combining various types of haircuts, but it is now a distinct hairstyle that will always create an elegant look.

Look through the gallery below for some ideas on the various combed over taper design that you can try out.

# 1 Stacked Sweep Back

The taper on this haircut is fantastic, and it shows a level of detail that only a skilled and experienced barber can create. The design also has some lovely wavy bangs on the crown that you should style by sweeping back in layers.


# 2 Classic Low Tapers

This haircut is as fabulous as it can get and the classic zero taper is one of the things that make it look beautiful. However, it also has a smooth side part and simple comb over design on the top.


# 3 Simple Skin Taper

To create this lovely hairdo you have to maintain a few inches of hair on the crown and make the sides short but also give them a smooth razor skin fade to add some elegance to the look.


# 4 Messy V-Back Design

Apart from the neat tapering on the sides and back this design also has a beautiful V-shape at the back that makes it look trendy. The long strands on the crown also have a messy brush back design that also helps to spice up the appearance.


# 5 Big Pomp Up Front with Graduated Back

It is hard to imagine that the classic pompadour can look this adorable with a slightly modern touch that entails making the front big and up sweeping it. And to enhance the design further, you should also graduate the strands with a taper towards the back.


# 6 Wavy Taper Fade

Modern haircuts are not just about leaving some lovely strands on the crown but also making the sides and back trendy with an innovative cut like this taper fade. The strands on top also have some beautiful waves that you can spice up by brushing them back.


# 7 Hard Part and Taper Elegance

A simple hard side part can make a huge different in your haircut, and it is what allows you to comb over the strands to the sides. This haircut also has a lovely tapering on the sides that also adds to the overall elegance.


# 8 Thick and Sexy

Your thick strands will always make things easy for you because they will look good in any cut. The ones on this design have a typical upswept top and tapered sides, but the introduction of the side part makes the look very fashionable.


# 9 Neat Side Sweep

This Justin Timberlake haircut shows how a stylish modern man should look like, and it is also very easy to achieve.

To replicate it you should leave some long strands on the crown and taper the rest of the head. You should then introduce a side part and use it to sweep your strands to the sides.


# 10 Funky Side part and Taper Fade

Here is another take of the taper fade but this one also includes a side part that gives the wavy dark toned strands at the top a nice flow.


# 11 Classic and Clean Brush Back

It is almost impossible to notice the taper cut on this hairdo because of the styling. However, it is what makes this style look adorable and to create this look you only need to sweep back your short strands to create the clean look.


# 12 Fantastic Wavy Look

If you do not like the regular short sides and a long top, then you should try this design. It maintains some smooth and wavy locks on the crown and very moderate tapering on the sides. You should then finish the look with a simple brush back.


# 13 The Flawless Flow

It is impossible to see any flow in this haircut because everything from the nice comb-over at the front that creates a beautiful roll to the smooth flowing strands is perfect.


# 14 Feathered and Tapered

The bangs on this haircut may be very thick, but their comb over style from the side part makes them look and feel very light. This design also has a smooth taper on the sides and back that makes the headdress look magnificent.


# 15 Wavy and Messy Layered Bangs

The bangs on this design may be very short, but the beauty that they create is hard to match. They also have a fantastic fade on the sides and to style then you only need to push them back in layers and make them messy.


# 16 Brushed Back Bangs

This style is also about leaving some bangs on the crown, but they are longer than what you would expect to see in most styles. They also have a nice fade on then sides, and brush back is enough to make them look refined.


# 17 Chic Comb Over

A classic cut like this one is the perfect example of a well-groomed gentleman. It entails leaving some extra-long strands in the crown and then doing some smooth tapering on the sides. And for styling you only need to comb over the long locks over the forehead.


# 18 Excellent Grooming

You do not always have to chop your strands very short to create a refined gentleman look. This style proves this because it not only maintains some long side-swept strands on the crown but the sides also have a proper and moderate taper that leaves more than an inch of hair.


# 19 Fresh and Smooth

This haircut is very easy to create, and you will only need to use some gel on your longer strands on the crown before slicking them back. The only other thing that you will need is a smooth taper fade on the sides.


# 20 Sculpted Pompadour

A sleek short pompadour like this will require keen attention when creating, but it is worth all the effort. You also need to use a quality product to give it the smooth comb over and brush back design.


# 21 Fancy Chop and Styling

A classic taper on the sides and back and some textured locks on the crown are all that you need to create this sassy hairdo. You also need a side part and an inventive styling that also entails up sweeping the long strands on the crown.


# 22 Vintage Summer Cut

A vintage look like this one will still make you look charming. It is a relaxed cut that you can create with a taper fade on the sides and some smooth brushed back wavy strands on the crown.


# 23 Tapered Side Sweep

A neat hairdo like this is not only attention-grabbing, but it will also set a man apart from the crowd. It has a smooth tapering on the sides, a side-part line and a smooth side sweep of the soft strands on top.


# 24 Combed Over Fine Strands

Thin hair is sometimes hard to cut, and style but this simple comb over taper makes things easy for you. All that you need for this style is to reduce the side gradually while leaving some longer fine strands on the crown that you should finish with a side sweep.


# 25 Bold and Impeccable Bangs

This cut is ideal for a conservative man who does not wish to do a lot with his hair but would still love to get a bold and stylish look. It is a very straightforward design that entails leaving a pompadour-like crown and tapering the sides smoothly.


# 26 Pretty Cool Taper Fade

There are limitless ways of creating a comb over taper, and this is one of the easiest ones. To create this look, you only need a taper fade on the sides and some simple bangs on top with a slightly messy side sweep.


# 27 Blended and Slicked Back Razor Cut

A magical haircut like this can only be possible with a skilled use of a razor. The design entails chopping your strands short to create a blended cut with a skin fade on the sides. And for styling you should gel the strands and brush them back smoothly.


# 28 High and Voluminous

The volume of the strands on the top of this haircut is enough to convince you to try this fabulous headdress. To copy this look, you should have some full strands and leave them long and high on the crown before finishing with a nice fade on the sides.


# 29 Classy Layered Brush Back

Such elegance can only come from a top notch cut and styling. The good thing about it is that it is not very hard because you only need some textured bangs on the crown and skin taper on the sides and back.

And for styling you should lift the bangs at the front and sweep them back in layers.


# 30 Tousled Slick Back

Smooth and long layered locks like these will give your hair a gentle movement and a refined appearance. The haircut is also very straightforward because it is a typical long top with tapered sides.


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Idea # 70

The picture gallery above shows that you can wear a refined comb over headdress with any hair length and type, and so you just need a little creativity in cutting and styling your strands.

And so if you want to upgrade your appearance you should choose and wear one of these stylish hairdos.